Pipedrive vs Salesmate [The Best CRM in 2023]

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A good CRM software can be the difference between a company that functions smoothly and one that flusters and flounders. By looking into Pipedrive vs Salesmate, and choosing the best suited CRM software, you can improve your lead generation, lead conversion, and customer satisfaction. Both Pipedrive CRM and Salesmate CRM have their own advantages, but you can further enhance the functionality and usability of the two by employing Salesmate and Pipedrive marketing automation, and Appy Pie Connect lets you do it without learning to code.


By the year 2025, CRM is expected to make more than $80 billion in revenue. A good CRM software can benefit you and help you reach your business goals a lot more smoothly. As a small business owner, with limited clients you may be tempted to skip getting a good CRM software and cut corners. But the question you need to ask yourself is - would you always remain this small? Hence, a good CRM software is an essential tool for companies of any size, scale, or scope Though there are multiple great CRM tools available, but for the purpose of this blog, we will compare two popular ones - Pipedrive and Salesmate. We have compared the two platforms on all the criteria that matter, from UI to built-in features, and even pricing. Though, both these platforms are well known for their individual features, there might be times when different teams within the organization or external stakeholders may be using different platforms. In such situations, it is a good idea to look into ways to collaborate by employing Pipedrive integrations and Salesmate integrations, or exploring integrations between the two.

Pipedrive vs. Salesmate - A comparison

Pipedrive offers quite a visual pipeline where you have the option to add activities, contacts or deals. The fun drag and drop interface lets you categorize the deals so that it is in tune with the sales stage of the deal. This is a great option for project managers who need a complete view of the pipelines and activities to keep on top of the large sales volume that comes in. However, if you are a small business looking for an affordable solution that does not compromise on the features, Salesmate is the perfect platform for you. Let's take a deeper look at how they fare against each other.

User Interface

Pipedrive is the clear winner here, as the platform is definitely more intuitive. Yes, the user-friendliness of a platform is subjective, but in this case as we compare the two applications, Pipedrive emerges as the better one. Both Pipedrive and Salesmate offer demos and tutorials for all the activities, but the quality of the tutorials is far more professional in case of Pipedrive, whereas Salesmate has an amateurish look. For example, when you are setting up a password for salesmate, there are no instructions. It simply kept sending an alert that the chosen password was invalid. I had to keep trying out variations before I could figure out what made it an invalid choice. Additionally, Pipedrive offers multiple views including a forecast view, a pipeline view, and a list view which offers the platform users options to play around with and choose the one that works best for them. Though Salesmate also offers you a choice between a list view and a board view, they are not as evolved or visually appealing. The lack of a forecast view means you have to create it before you can see the won deals and in-progress deals displayed side by side. The same trend continues when it comes to the reporting and analytics aspect. Both the platforms offer various formats for reports, but salesmate reports are slightly less visually appealling and user-friendly when compared to Pipedrive.


In this case, there is a complete upturn as Salesmate emerges the winner when it comes to platform features. Let’s take a deeper look.

  1. Reports & Deals
  2. I mentioned earlier that the Pipedrive reports are visually appealing, but you only get 15 in the lower plans and if you are looking for an unlimited reports option, you need to sign up for the enterprise plan. On Salesmate, even on the Starter plan, you get to create an unlimited number of reports. The same happens in ncase of deals as well, there is a cap at 3,000 open deals on Pipedrive base plan, and only when you go for enterprise plan can you get unlimited deals. On Salesmate, again, you get unlimited deals even on the Starter plan.

  3. Workflow automation
  4. Pipedrive offers workflow automation as a feature excllusively in its advanced plans, whereas Salesmate offers workflow automation in all its plans. Though the feature may not be as evolved as the one offered by Pipedrive, but you do get great options for automating campaigns and pipeline management. When you need a more evolved feature, you can opt for the workflow automation add-on that gives you a more evolved and enjoyable experience while building your workflows.

  5. Pipedrive AI assistant
  6. This is where Pipedrive fares above Salesmate. As AI is becoming a widely adopted technology, an AI assistant is definitely a lucrative feature or tool to experience and exploit. The AI assistant can use your past data and draw insights to send you alerts for follow ups or for any other activities that you should consider at any given time. Salesmate does not have an assistant, AI or otherwise. However, it is only logical to think that they must be working on it, considering that the technology is quickly becoming an expectation instead of an exclusive feature.


The lowest Pipedrive plan is available for $14.90 per user per month which is about $3 more than Salesmate’s Starter plan that is available for $12 per user per month. Both have a free trial plan, 14 days for Pipedrive and Salesmate gives you a day extra with their 15 day trial. The table below is a great way to gain an overview of how the two stack up against each other.Now that you have a better understanding of how Pipedrive and Salesmate fare against each other, it is a good idea to explore how you can expand the potential of the platforms by establishing meaningful workflows between your preferred apps and your chosen CRM platform.

Top Pipedrive integrations

  • Integrate Pipedrive with LinkedIn so that whenever a deal matches a Pipedrive data filter, a corresponding new update is created for your company page on LinkedIn.
  • Create a meaningful integration between Pipedrive and Microsoft Teams so that whenever you add a new activity on Pipedrive, a corresponding new message is automatically sent on a Microsoft Teams channel of your choice.
  • Connect Pipedrive with Office 365 so that whenever you create a new deal on Pipedrive, a new email is automatically sent through your Outlook account.
  • Establish an automated workflow between Pipedrive and Squarespace so that whenever you add a new organization on Pipedrive, a corresponding new order is automatically created on Squarespace.
  • Connect Pipedrive with Zoom so that whenever you add a new person on Pipedrive, a corresponding new meeting registrant is created automatically on Zoom.

Top Salesmate integrations

Top integrations between Pipedrive and Salesmate

  • Connect Pipedrive and Salesmate so that whenever you create a new activity on Pipedrive a new activity is automatically created on Salesmate.
  • Integrate Pipedrive with Salesmate so that whenever you create a new organization on Pipedrive, a new company is created automatically on Salesmate.
  • Establish an automated workflow between Pipedrive and Salesmate so that whenever you update a deal on Pipedrive, a corresponding new deal is created automatically on Salesmate


Now that you have gone through the blog and have gotten a fair bit of an idea about the differences and similarities between Pipedrive and Salesmate, you now also have an idea about the value these platforms can bring for your business. Though both are CRM platforms, they seem to have certain differences which make each better suited for different target groups. Equipped with all this information, you can now make an informed choice between the two. It is entirely possible that none of these two satisfy all your specific needs. In that situation, it is a good idea to choose the one that meets most of them, and integrate it with other useful apps and expand its potential and create automated workflows using Appy Pie Connect

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