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22 Non Profit Logo Examples for Inspiration

Anupam Tiwari
By Anupam Tiwari | Last Updated on May 19th, 2024 11:03 am

A logo is more than just a visual identifier; it embodies the organizations’s mission, values, and essence. For non-profit organizations, it's the first point of interaction with the audience, volunteers, and potential donors. Hence, the non-profit logo design demands a thoughtful approach, blending aesthetics with meaningful symbolism.

This blog explores the significance of logos for non-profit organizations and showcases 22 exemplary charity logos that stand as beacons of inspiration for anyone looking to convey their non-profit's message powerfully and succinctly.

A compelling logo for a non-profit organization not only captures attention but also communicates the organization's purpose and ethos at a glance. These logos often incorporate elements and non-profit logo colors that evoke emotions, drive engagement and foster recognition. As we discuss more on what makes a non-profit logo effective, we'll uncover the strategic choices behind non-profit symbol designs and color schemes that resonate with audiences and support an organization's branding and fundraising efforts.

What is a Non Profit Logo?

A non-profit logo is a distinctive visual symbol that encapsulates and communicates the essence, objectives, and spirit of a non-profit organization. It's a critical component of a non-profit's brand identity, serving as a visual shorthand for the organization's mission and values. Effective non-profit logo design transcends mere aesthetics; it encapsulates the organization's goals, target audience, and the cause it champions, making it a powerful tool for storytelling and audience engagement.

The best non-profit logos are memorable, versatile, and reflective of the organization's purpose. They utilize non-profit logo colors and designs that convey the right emotions and values, ensuring they resonate with the intended audience. Whether through the use of specific symbols, typography, or color palettes, these logos strive to leave a lasting impression, facilitating brand recognition and fostering a sense of trust and loyalty among supporters and beneficiaries alike.

22 Non Profit Logos for Inspiration

As we explore 22 non-profit logos that have successfully captured the essence of their organizations, we'll see how creativity and strategic design come together to create impactful brand symbols. These examples span a range of causes and missions but share a common goal: to inspire action, promote awareness, and garner support for their respective causes.

  1. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  2. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

    The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo, featuring a distinctive panda, is more than just an emblem for wildlife conservation; it is a universal symbol of environmental preservation efforts worldwide. This iconic logo captures the essence of the organization's mission to protect endangered species and natural habitats.

    The choice of the panda, an endangered species itself, effectively communicates the urgent need for wildlife conservation and draws immediate attention to the cause. Utilizing tools like AI Logo Generator can aid organizations in developing clear and evocative symbols that resonate with their mission and audience.

  3. Amnesty International
  4. Amnesty International

    Amnesty International's logo, featuring a candle wrapped in barbed wire, symbolizes hope and freedom in the face of oppression and injustice. This poignant image serves as a beacon of light, representing the organization's commitment to human rights and the fight against tyranny. The juxtaposition of the candle's gentle glow with the harshness of barbed wire evokes a strong emotional response, emphasizing the organization's role in bringing light to dark places.

    When designing a logo that embodies such powerful concepts, non-profits can benefit from tools like an AI Photo Editor, which enables the fine-tuning of images to achieve the perfect balance between visual appeal and symbolic depth.

  5. Greenpeace
  6. Greenpeace

    Greenpeace's logo, depicting the Earth adorned in green, encapsulates the organization's dedication to environmental activism and peace. The simplicity of the design, with its clear and direct message, makes it an effective tool for mobilization and awareness. The green color not only represents nature but also symbolizes growth, harmony, and renewal, aligning with Greenpeace's goals of protecting the planet.

    For organizations looking to design a logo that communicates their environmental mission, leveraging a natural logo maker can provide inspiration and practical solutions for creating a symbol that truly reflects their commitment to the Earth.


    The UNICEF logo features a mother and child, symbolizing the organization's focus on providing care and support to children worldwide. This emblem embodies UNICEF's core mission to promote the rights and well-being of every child. The imagery of maternal care is universally understood, making the logo instantly recognizable and emotionally compelling. It succinctly communicates the essence of UNICEF's work, drawing attention to the importance of nurturing and protecting the youngest members of our global community.

  9. Red Cross
  10. Red-Cross

    The Red Cross logo is known for its simple yet universally recognized red cross symbol, representing medical aid and relief in times of crisis. This logo's strength lies in its clarity and universality; it transcends language and cultural barriers, making it one of the most identifiable symbols worldwide. The use of the color red signifies love, sacrifice, and emergency assistance, aligning with the organization's humanitarian mission.

    For non-profits seeking to design a logo that needs to be recognized instantly across the globe, exploring brand logo templates can offer a starting point for developing a universally appealing and symbolic design.

  11. Habitat for Humanity
  12. Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity's logo, representing the construction of homes and communities, conveys the organization's mission to build safe and affordable housing. The imagery of a house under construction not only illustrates the tangible aspect of Habitat's work but also symbolizes the broader concept of building hope and community.

    This logo effectively communicates Habitat for Humanity's commitment to bringing people together to create a better future for families in need. Utilizing a logo maker can assist non-profits in visually expressing their foundational goals, ensuring their logo accurately reflects their mission and engages their target audience.

  13. Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)
  14. Doctors Without Borders

    The minimalist logo of Doctors Without Borders, featuring the organization's initials, stands as a testament to the power of simplicity in design. This straightforward approach ensures that the focus remains on the organization's mission to provide medical aid where it's needed most. The logo's simplicity makes it adaptable across various media, ensuring consistent brand identity. For organizations seeking to convey a clear and focused message through their logo, getting inspiration from the most famous logos can provide the necessary features to create a minimalist yet impactful design.

  15. Save the Children
  16. Save the Children

    The Save the Children logo, depicting the figure of a child with a caregiver, powerfully symbolizes protection and care for children globally. This emblem illustrates the organization’s commitment to ensuring every child's safety, health, and education. It resonates deeply, invoking a sense of responsibility and compassion in the viewer.

    For non-profit organizations seeking to convey a similar message of guardianship and support, considering the emotional impact of their imagery is crucial. Utilizing the best creative logos as inspiration can spark ideas on how to visually articulate such profound commitments effectively.

  17. Human Rights Watch
  18. Non Profit Logo

    The logo of Human Rights Watch, featuring an open eye, serves as a symbol of vigilance against injustice and abuse worldwide. This straightforward yet potent imagery conveys the organization’s role in monitoring, reporting, and advocating for human rights. The eye motif emphasizes the importance of observation and awareness, core principles for this group.

    A guide to design a logo can offer valuable insights into choosing elements that resonate with their core values for organizations aiming to project a message of vigilance and advocacy, adopting a clear symbol that communicates their mission is vital.

  19. The Sierra Club
  20. The Sierra Club

    The Sierra Club’s logo, a simple depiction of a tree, reflects the organization’s dedication to environmental conservation and the promotion of sustainable practices. This logo encapsulates the essence of their mission, i.e., to protect natural spaces for future generations.

    The use of a tree not only signifies life and growth but also the interconnectedness of all living things. For non-profits focusing on environmental causes, tutorials on how to create a brand logo that captures the essence of their mission can enhance their message's clarity and reach.

  21. Rotary International
  22. Rotary International

    Rotary International’s wheel logo is more than an emblem; it represents global unity and service towards community improvement and development. The circular motif underscores the cyclical nature of giving and support that Rotary embodies, promoting peace and understanding across borders. Non-profits looking to emphasize themes of global cooperation and service in their logo might explore the best AI logo generator for creating symbols that convey these universal values with clarity and simplicity.

  23. Feeding America
  24. Feeding America

    Feeding America’s logo, depicting America with a fork strikingly highlights their focus on hunger relief across the country. This imagery cleverly combines the map motif with an element representing food, directly pointing to the organization's mission. For organizations aiming to communicate their objectives straightforwardly, logotype vs logomark considerations can guide the decision between using literal imagery or abstract symbols to convey their mission.

  25. National Geographic Society
  26. National Geographic Society

    The iconic yellow frame of the National Geographic Society's logo serves as a window to the world, inviting exploration and discovery. This universally recognized symbol represents the organization's commitment to science, exploration, and storytelling. The border's simplicity and bold color make it one of the most famous logos, signifying quality and adventure. Non-profits seeking to inspire curiosity and awareness about global issues can learn from how National Geographic uses a simple, bold frame to encapsulate its vision.

  27. Make-A-Wish Foundation
  28. Make-A-Wish Foundation

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation logo features a shooting star, perfectly symbolizing hope and the fulfillment of wishes for children facing critical illnesses. This imagery evokes a sense of magic and possibility, central to the foundation's mission of enriching lives with joy and hope. For organizations aiming to evoke feelings of optimism and support in their branding, incorporating symbols that universally signify hope, like stars, can be a powerful choice. Creative logos often use such symbols to connect emotionally with their audience.

  29. World Food Programme
  30. World Food Programme

    The World Food Programme's logo, with a globe encircled by wheat, directly represents its mission to combat global hunger. This emblem efficiently communicates the organization's focus on providing food assistance worldwide, using universally recognized symbols for peace and nourishment. When designing a logo that embodies a global mission, a brand logo that is both simple and meaningful can significantly impact public recognition and support.

  31. ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  32. ASPCA

    The ASPCA features an animal silhouette in its logo, straightforwardly indicating its focus on animal welfare and protection. This logo effectively uses a simple yet powerful image to communicate its mission, appealing directly to animal lovers and advocates. For non-profits in the animal welfare sector, employing an AI Logo Generator can aid in developing a visually compelling and instantly recognizable logo that speaks to their cause.

  33. Planned Parenthood
  34. Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood’s logo, characterized by a double P, subtly conveys its healthcare and education services through a clean, modern design. This minimalistic approach ensures the logo's versatility across various platforms while maintaining its identity. Non-profits in the health and education sectors might consider such logo strategies to achieve a balance between simplicity and expressiveness in their branding efforts.

  35. Alzheimer's Association
  36. Alzheimer's Association

    The Alzheimer's Association logo poignantly incorporates a depiction of the brain, underscoring the organization's dedication to Alzheimer's care, support, and research. This visual element is not only emblematic of their focus on neurological health but also serves as a beacon of hope for those affected by the disease and their families. The inclusion of the organization's name alongside the brain further emphasizes their role as leaders in the fight against Alzheimer's, symbolizing a commitment to advancing understanding, treatment, and eventual eradication of this condition.

  37. The Salvation Army
  38. The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army's shield logo stands as a symbol of protection, offering shelter and support to those in need. This emblem represents the organization's mission to combat poverty, hunger, and despair, providing a haven for the vulnerable. The use of a shield conveys strength and security, reflecting The Salvation Army's role as a steadfast presence in communities worldwide. It's a reminder of their commitment to serving without discrimination, offering hope and practical assistance to millions.

  39. CARE International
  40. CARE International

    CARE International's logo, featuring a stylized representation of global unity, encapsulates the organization's commitment to providing care and emergency relief worldwide. This simple yet powerful symbol serves as a call to action, reminding us of the interconnectedness of humanity and the importance of extending support to those in crisis. The logo's design conveys a sense of solidarity and compassion, core values that drive CARE International's efforts to improve lives through fighting global poverty and aiding in emergencies.

  41. Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  42. Susan G. Komen for the Cure

    The running ribbon of Susan G. Komen for the Cure has become synonymous with the global movement to end breast cancer. This dynamic symbol embodies the organization's proactive approach to research, advocacy, and support services. The ribbon's forward motion suggests progress and hope, rallying individuals and communities to participate in events, advocacy, and fundraising efforts. It's a potent reminder of the ongoing fight against breast cancer and the collective effort required to achieve a cure.

  43. ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
  44. ACLU

The ACLU's logo, featuring a simple scale, captures the essence of the organization's dedication to ensuring justice and equality for all. This classic symbol of balance and fairness reflects the ACLU's role in defending and preserving the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. The logo's simplicity underscores the fundamental nature of the work carried out by the ACLU, advocating for a fair and just society where everyone's rights are protected.


The power of a well-designed non-profit logo cannot be overstated. It's not just a symbol but a visual story that encapsulates the heart and soul of an organization. Through careful consideration of non-profit logo design principles, including the choice of non-profit logo colors and symbols, non-profits can create a lasting bond with their audience. The 22 inspiring logos showcased here underline the importance of thoughtfulness and creativity in crafting a visual identity that speaks volumes. As non-profits continue to play a crucial role in addressing various global challenges, their logos remain at the forefront, symbolizing hope, action, and the drive for positive change.

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