Appy Pie - How internal communication apps can help small businesses fight COVID-19

How internal communication apps can help small businesses fight COVID-19?

Abhinav Girdhar
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As a small business owner, the biggest challenge today is to continue operating, as the world is going on a collective lockdown. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced everyone to retreat to homes and function (as much as possible) from within that space. Naturally it has brought about a massive shift in the way businesses, particularly small businesses operate. How internal communication apps can help small businesses fight COVID-19 - Appy PieIn smooth functioning of any entity, communication is key. If the internal communication within an organization is flawed, chances of failure in every project and instance are bound to be high. In fact, due to mismanagement in internal communications, small businesses may lose $420,000 a year and bigger businesses up to $62 million! Today, under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic as most people are working remotely, internal communication has become even tougher to maintain. This is where internal communication apps come into the picture.

What is an internal communication app?

An internal communication app or an intranet app is a common platform where all the employees, vendors or any other stakeholders can come together to talk, share and communicate with each other. This serves as a great addition to the already existing, traditional channels of communication like email or phone.

Why should a small business get an internal communications app

Now, internal communications apps are relatively a new type of tool for internal communication. Though most of the people understand superficially that creating an app for employees and other stakeholders is a great idea, but there may arise some questions about the real reasons for getting one.

  1. Real-Time Communication
  2. Pandemic stricken or not, communication is the biggest challenge today, due to the dynamic nature of different job profiles within an organization. Though there is a large number of deskbound employees, there is a huge number that is desk- less or a combination of the two. Emails may seem like a decent way to stay updated, but when you have remote working options or, in current scenario, everyone working from home. An internal communications app makes it possible for everyone to be on the same page reducing the risk of any gaps in communication. Smartphones have made a place in everyone’s hearts and pockets, which means that all your employees have some version of it. This in turn means that they can all install the internal communications app you created and hence never miss an announcement!

  3. File Storage and Sharing
  4. As everyone is working remotely, it is impossible to simply run up to someone’s desk with your laptop and have a quick discussion. Similarly, in a virtual meeting, you can’t have a projector showcasing a presentation. An internal communications app can take care of this issue by simply adding the functionality of sharing and storing files in the cloud. So, whether it is a discussion between two teammates or a presentation to the board, an internal communications app makes it easy to store and share relevant files with great ease.

  5. Easier Project Management
  6. Project management is instrumental in ensuring order and adherence to process. However, as the world is trapped in their homes as the COVID-19 outbreak has turned into a pandemic, it is imperative that we stay even more careful about our project management processes. Internal communications apps can help here in a big way. You can keep a better track on the way a project is moving and be updated with the progress. This can help you manage the to-do lists better, streamline business processes, and adhere to proposed timelines effectively.

  7. Higher Employee Engagement
  8. Let’s face it, emails are boring! Internal messaging apps however bring about an interest as the interaction is more personalized and can be made fun. Just because it is a work stream, doesn’t means you have to keep it strictly business. The best part is that on an internal communications app, you can create a separate chat stream for personal topics. This would ensure that there is no crossover and professional conversations remain completely separated from personal chitchat!

  9. Accurate Performance Tracking
  10. Performance tracking is an essential aspect of running a business. An internal communications app may have an integrated performance tracking system that lets you access all kinds of communication, files, and performance trackers in one place. Team members or managers can assign tasks, set goals, and set other performance markers so that tracking performance and discussing progress is easier and you do not have to keep switching screens to get the big picture.

  11. Enhanced Productivity
  12. This point is a culmination of everything we have stated till now. As the communication improves, projects are managed better, employees are better engaged and the exchange of information is smoother, naturally the overall productivity increases manifold. As per a recent report by McKinsey Global Institute, companies that work towards establishing better connections between employees see a 20-25% improvement in productivity.

  13. Boost loyalty
  14. As employees are better engaged, their feelings and general perception of their company improves too. A good internal communications app lets employees share their experiences at work, exchange photographs, videos, share knowledge, and establish lasting relationships. As the employees establish stronger relationships at work, with colleagues and the company itself, the loyalty towards the employer gets a boost as well.

How Appy Pie can help you establish great internal communication?

Appy Pie is a brilliant no-code platform with unique, affordable, and efficient business solutions. Not only can you create an app for internal communication purposes but can also ensure that all your employees remain invested in their collective goals and objectives as they have a platform to connect them. The enterprise apps built on Appy Pie are secure, feature laden, and designed to add productivity while the world of small businesses is struggling in their battle against the deadly COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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