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11 Most Common Graphic Design Myths – Debunked!

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 23rd, 2024 11:54 am | 3-min read

Graphic design is a great designing technology that helps businesses translate, communicate, and convert the overall message into a meaningful and engaging story. It takes a lot of patience, experience, determination, creativity, and passion to create an expressive piece of graphic design. Despite the reputation of the industry, graphic design has its myths.

While putting in so many efforts to turn your visualization into reality, why are graphic designers are often misunderstood? In this post, we have listed the nine most common graphic design myths ranging from those outside the field to ones that circulate within the industry.Common graphic design myths debunked - Appy Pie

Graphic Design Myths

Here are a few biggest graphic design myths that people believe in.

Myth 1: Graphic Designing is Cheap

They say, you don’t pay for the final product but for the skill and expertise it takes. Your design piece differentiates and helps you stand out from the competition. It influences the way your audience responds to your brand. Therefore, you need to work with an agency that knows what you need and what they are doing to help you separate your brand from the others. So not paying what the piece is worth won’t get you very far. In the design industry, you get what you pay for.

Myth 2: Having an Adobe Suite Makes You a Designer

Just like having a pen doesn’t make you a writer, having Adobe Photoshop doesn’t make you a graphic designer. There are various Adobe tools and every tool has its own purpose. Even if you have creative tools, they can only help you make things look good. Graphic design is way more than just decorating something. It includes the rule of thirds, the 5 principles of design, tracking, kerning, font families, and much more. Adobe is not the tool that it takes to get us there.

Myth 3: Graphic Design Is Just Decoration

When you design a piece for a business, you first familiarize yourself, research about the industry, check what the audience needs, and the most important thing what the brand stands for. You can’t just decorate the piece as you like and call it graphic design. It should make sense. Let us take an example of a brand logo. A brand logo should visually communicate with the audience. A good graphic designing piece must include vision, design, and strategy. Every aspect of a piece needs to be designed to serve a purpose and follow brand guidelines. About the brand logo, if you want to create one, try using Appy Pie’s Logo Maker tool. It helps you create excellent logos that convey your brand message and attracts the audience.Design My Logo

Myth 4: Ongoing Learning is Not Required

It is required! No matter if you are a magician or a rocket scientist, you need to keep learning and stay on top of trends, updates, and changes taking place in your industry. To make it work, you can register yourself for webinars, subscribe for podcasts, opt-in to receive newsletters and magazines or create an online network with peers so you could be aware of what industry changes could affect your business. When talking about learning, check out this post to know the common graphic design mistakes that you need to avoid - 13 Most Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid.

Myth 5: Graphic Designing is Easy

This is one of the biggest myths about graphic design. You can look at various brand logos, let’s say BMW, Nike, Apple, etc., and simplicity can be seen in all of them. The process of designing a piece and taking it from conception to execution may seem a little straightforward but includes several steps. In the design industry, time rules over everything. If you are unable to deliver what your client wants, you may lose sleep over it. Here is how you can create professional and visually appealing designs for your website and mobile app.

Myth 6: Macs are the Only Computers You Need for Designing

There are always some pros and cons of using a specific operating system. PC and Mac are comparable as per the preferred compatible tools and apps used by graphic designers. One of the most used graphic designing apps – Sketch, is not compatible with Windows or Linux operating systems. However, there are many other apps on PC that offer better pricing and customization options, so you can’t just count it out completely. Graphic designers surely prefer Mac but that doesn’t mean that they can’t build for users in other operating systems. As a graphic designer, the best that you can do is, use online designing tools, for example, Appy Pie Design. This is a great graphic designing software that offers various designing templates, fonts, and colors with amazing customization options. It helps you create excellent images, banners, invitations, wallpapers, infographics, logos, greeting cards, and much more.Get Started

Myth 7: You Must Always Be Discovering

You must be inventing, Yes! But not always. You might want to deliver the next big thing that stays at the forefront of the next trend, but you also need to design. Discovering something new is a time-consuming task and needs a lot of inspiration and commitment. You can’t dedicate all your time to discovering new things, you should keep designing on the other side too.

Myth 8: Graphic Design Is Meant to Be Just Trendy

Trends can help you develop new skills and methods but relying on them completely can suffocate your brand image. Following trends, all the time can trap you in an unresponsive cycle of shallow design. The major component of designing is to create design pieces in your personal style which is next to impossible if you will try to design within trends only.

Myth 9: Graphic Designers Know Everything

When designing a piece, you must express your expectations and vision for the collaboration. The best design comes up when a designer listens to the client and delivers the best solution possible. Communication between both parties ensures that the same vision has been shared for the concept and that no extra rounds of amends are required.

Myth 10: Everyone Can be a Graphic Designer

Playing with a few photoshop entitles is not graphic designing. One needs to be creative to become a graphic designer. It is not just a qualification or a career option but rather a lifestyle that one must adopt.

Myth 11: Total Control Over the Design

It seems like designers do what they want to do but it’s not like that. Designers need to work as per how their clients want them to. Clients can be lenient sometimes, but they don’t give you the full control over the design. This collaboration between client and designer takes them to the desired output.


That was all for today. After going through this article, I hope you won’t believe in such myths of the graphic design industry that make almost all the graphic designers stand misunderstood. Graphic Designing is an excellent career option and becoming one is not a piece of the pie. Converting an image into a GIF doesn’t make you a graphic designer. It takes endless learning and constant practice to become an expert. And if you are a graphic designer already, like I said before, you still need to keep learning. To improve your graphic designing skills, visit our Appy Pie Academy and go through various designing courses. Consider using our design software – Appy Pie Design, to create your graphic design pieces and let us know in comments how it worked for you! Enjoy designing pieces with Appy Pie Design! CitationsHay WireRed Branch MediaBusiness Chic Services

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