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Top 19 Photo Websites That Offer Free Stock Photos

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If you are in the business of design or content creation, then you know how integral photos are to your project, especially if you're considering selling stock photos. They not only add character to your work but also give a fresh perspective and a thoughtful angle, which is crucial in how to sell stock photos effectively. While good photos bring great results, they also cost an arm and a leg, a significant factor if you're looking to sell stock images. Thankfully, there are many new websites that can come to your rescue. They offer an array of high-resolution and royalty-free photos that will suit all purposes, enhance your ability in selling stock images, and make your assignment look more attractive and professional. And, they are absolutely free! So, what are you waiting for? Check out these free photo websites right away, especially if you're interested in how to sell stock photos.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  1. Appy Pie Design
  2. Appy Pie Design offers a diverse range of design templates that seamlessly integrate stock photos, providing users with a rich visual experience, ideal for those looking to sell photos online. These templates are crafted to suit various needs, from business presentations to social media graphics, making it easy to find the perfect design for those interested in sell pictures online. The inclusion of high-quality stock photos in these templates not only enhances their appeal and effectiveness in communication but also offers a platform for photographers to sell photos effectively. Users can easily customize these templates, including the stock photos, to match their specific branding or personal style, making it an excellent tool for those looking to sell stock photos. Appy Pie Design's library of templates with stock photos is continually updated, ensuring fresh and trendy options for all design projects, especially for users interested in the market to sell photos online.

  3. Pexels
  4. Pexels has become one of the most trusted free stock photos websites in the world. It gives you a concisely cataloged and tagged set of top-grade photos that are easily searchable. Pexels holds a Creative Commons Zero license, which means its photos are completely free and you can modify them according to your requirement.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  5. Shopify’s Burst
  6. Burst was launched by the Canadian e-commerce giant, Shopify. Burst was conceived to give marketing campaigns and website designing an edge in this fiercely competitive industry. The USP of Burst's photos is that they are clicked in-house and then categorized into themes that will suit different niches and businesses. But there are plenty of general photos here as well. Most of the photos have a Creative Commons License, while a few are registered under Shopify’s personal photo license.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  7. Unsplash
  8. Unsplash is one of the world’s favorite free stock photos websites. New submissions are added to its catalog almost every day so the ever-expanding database will ensure you never have to use the same photo again. This website is registered under the Unsplash license that makes all the photos completely free.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  10. What makes one of the most popular free photo websites is its supremely effective and user-friendly search feature, which allows you to find just the photo you were looking for among thousands of relevant images. The website will also track the kind of images you usually download to make helpful suggestions when you visit next. This website too, adds hundreds of new high-resolution images to its database every day. And, they are all free under the Creative Commons Zero license.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  11. Reshot
  12. Reshot is a godsend to start-ups and young freelancers with its plethora of vibrant, fun, and evocative images that are handpicked by the owners of the website. It has a massive library of free stock photos you won’t find elsewhere. All photos are completely free for commercial use. Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  13. Pixabay
  14. A goliath among free stock photo sites, it offers not just grade-A photos but also innovative vectors and funky illustrations. Pixabay is suitable for everyone from students, freelancers, small start-ups to blue-chip companies. Besides images, Pixabay also offers a massive collection of free videos to download and use. Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  15. FoodiesFeed
  16. As the name suggests, this website has a collection of food-specific images. If you run a food blog/website or want to design or run advertisements for the food industry, then this should be your go-to platform. There are innumerable categories to choose from, such as fruits, desserts, meat items, pizzas, cakes, etc. And, every image here is free to download.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  18. has a wide array of high-resolution photos and you can use them both in personal and commercial projects. With a no-nonsense search function, finding the right photo is child’s play here. Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  19. Gratisography
  20. Gratisography comprises an artisanal collection of fresh photos all of which are clicked by photographer Ryan McGuire who is a contemporary visual artist and professional photographer. He adds new photos every week, which are all available for free.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  21. Picography
  22. What makes Picography one of the most unique free stock photos websites is its unmatched variety. All the photos are free under the Creative Commons Zero license. Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  23. Picjumbo
  24. Picjumbo is one of the most popular free photo websites among start-ups owing to its quirky and unusual collection of photos that is suitable for both commercial and personal projects. You will also find abstract photos in this collection. The database of free images is expanded with new additions every week.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  25. Foca
  26. Foca is a niche website that is primarily focused on the photos of workplaces and nature. All the photos are submitted by Jeffrey Betts and are completely free because of the Creative Commons Zero license.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  27. Kaboom Pics
  28. Among all the best stock photo sites, no other website offers better quality photos of cityscape, architecture, and landscapes as Kaboom Pics. You will also find an impressive collection of food and fashion pictures. All photos are available in high resolution, they can be used commercially free of charge, but there are restrictions on sharing, selling, or distributing.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  29. Life of Pix
  30. The wittily christened website lets you choose from a large spectrum of photos for all purposes. It is a product of the famous LEEROY agency. The photos do not have any copyright and are free.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  31. Skitterphoto
  32. Skitterphoto is one of the most reliable free stock photo sites. And, here you will find authentic and unique photos, all of which are clicked by the owners of Skitterphoto. The photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero and hence are free for use.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  33. New Old Stock
  34. This website offers high-resolution vintage photos from the annals of history. So, if you run a history blog or encyclopedic, then New Old Stock is everything you need. All the images are in the public domain and so, they are completely free for download. Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  35. Picspree
  36. Picspree operates in collaboration with Getty Images. Naturally, among the many free stock photo websites, it has one of the most extensive collections of photos under different categories. The photos are crisp, attractive, have high resolution, and are royalty-free. So, you can download and use them for free. Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  37. StyledStock
  38. If you are looking for really artistic and feminine photos in soft color palettes, then StyledStock may help. It is perfect for promoting a business or a website aimed at the female clientele. All photos are royalty-free.Top Websites for Free Stock Photos - Appy Pie

  39. Moose
  40. Moose offers not only free stock photos but some easy-to-use options to customize them before downloading. There is a comprehensive collection of high-res images of people, animals, nature, interiors, and many more. You can change the background color of these images if you don’t like the existing ones. You can do it just with one click.Moose stock photos - Appy Pie
Photos and images can liven up any project, be it a blog post, analysis, advertisement, social media promotion, or infographic. The more cleverly you use photos and illustrations, the more eye-grabbing your campaign will be. Fortunately, there are many free photo websites for you to find that perfect photo. If you are looking for something off the beaten track or want to lend a personal touch to your pics, then you can use Appy Pie’s Photo Editor. With a gamut of options, it allows you to create your image from scratch. You can make logos, posters, banners, cards, Facebook cover photos and whatnot. So, go ahead and give it a try!

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