How to Increase Facebook Business Page Likes – Strategies and Measures

How to Increase Facebook Business Page Likes – Strategies and Measures

Abhinav Girdhar
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Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used online platforms that still reigns as a champ of social media sites. In the past few years, the platform has introduced various features that have made it remunerative for marketers and brands. Talking about marketing, with the huge number of brands flocking to Facebook to sell their products and services, it has become difficult to make your content stand out. There are some major factors that affect the Facebook Marketing Strategy in many ways such as page likes, products promotion, ad quality, timing and many more. Getting started is probably the toughest part for marketing your products on Facebook, in the blog ahead, I will talk about few most effective tactics that help you implement a winning Facebook Marketing Strategy with some easy measures you can take to increase likes on Facebook pages.How to Increase Facebook Business Page Likes – Strategies and Measures

Facebook Business Page and Its Elements

First thing that you need to create in order to market your brand on Facebook is a Facebook Business Page that includes some visual elements such as profile picture, cover page photo, the title of your page, about section (including name and description of the website) and the apps and tabs at the left side of the page. These elements are critical to be applied in order to implement a perfect Facebook Marketing Strategy to your Facebook Business Profile.
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Purpose of Facebook Content

Create your business page and post the content that increases the exposure to maximum number of potential customers. Content on the business page should have the clear alignment with the company goals and objectives. It reaches and encourages the target audience to share their thoughts and be a part of the content chain. Put your efforts on what you know the best! Use Facebook Marketing as a source to enhance your reach. In order to add more value to your business, Facebook nurtures customers, provides more resources to the target audience and improves user awareness in a better way.
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Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook marketing means creating an actively using Facebook page to be used as a communications channel that maintains contact with the customers. By using a well-planned Facebook Marketing Strategy to promote your brand, you can reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently.Facebook Marketing Strategy Some major Facebook Marketing Strategies for the business are mentioned below:
  • Leverage existing traffic to your site by putting various social media icons and provide the direct link to them.
  • Send out e-mails to let the people know that you are on Facebook.
  • Use your e-mail signature in order to display your Fan Page URL, if you are using e-mails as the way of contact.
  • Use the Facebook Plugins to gain more advantages on Facebook such as followers increase and branding awareness.
  • If you have a store and have people coming in, promote Facebook Page in-store as just another way of letting people know about your Facebook Business Page.
  • Check Facebook insights and get to know the time when your fans are online and determine the best day and time to post.
  • Post ads on Facebook Ads and create your campaign, to boost your posts and increase comments, likes, photo views, video plays and shares.
  • Create Facebook contests and perform other engagement activities for the users.
  • Make it easy for the users and visitors to share your website pages by creating integrated social media sharing buttons.
  • Get engaged with your Facebook Pages and Community.
  • Use videos and images to update your content.
Set up your Facebook Marketing Strategy Campaign step-by-step until you get an outstanding relationship established that you wished to have. There are millions of Facebook marketing ideas out there, implement something that does not look alike.

Factors that influence Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook provides improved audience targeting that you can customize as per your needs and preferences. The social media platform has customer base of a massive number of monthly active users that makes it capable of giving users the greater possibilities of conversion of marketing practices.
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  • Set up business goals and marketing objectives

    Make a research and set up your business goals and objectives such as increasing sales, improving quality, adding more value to the brand, tracking progress and many more. Identifying goals should be the initial step to any marketing strategy. Every single piece of your marketing strategy serves the objective you set. Know what you are moving towards! This factor can prove to be an essential reference that makes sure that your Facebook marketing strategy becomes successful.
  • Know your Facebook Audience

    Understanding your current audience is one of the most factors that helps you determine which Facebook Marketing Strategy you are going to employ.Know your Facebook Audience
  • Get Engaged with your audience 

    Be a community for your users. Facebook is an excellent platform to initiate chats, discussions whether it’s your own customers or a different audience. Don’t sit back and wait for the users to interact, keep them engaged proactively. It is not possible to reach every customer but just put some efforts to increase engagement! Reply to user comments, post content, initiate chats, continue with discussions and many other ways that you can apply to keep the users engaged.
  • Schedule your Facebook Content

    The major part of the marketing strategy is to decide what type of content you will be using. There are many choices available on Facebook for the same. Facebook provides both - paid and free options for scheduling the content. Planning and scheduling in the calendar help determine better time, type and frequency for the content to be posted. There are multiple tools online that help schedule the posts and save your time in the long run.
  • Create Facebook Ads Strategy

    It doesn’t make any difference whether you are new to Facebook or you have been there for a while, it is not easy to escape from the brand exposure expenses.
  • Analyze your results

    Always keep a check on the metrics and analytics that you set up earlier. You can measure fan growth, page impressions, number of likes, comments and how your content performs using interactive and intuitive reports available for the stakeholders to download and share in a few seconds.
Facebook provides over 4 million advertisers that help you promote your brand and its products. To advertise on Facebook is simple but not easy. You still need to work on your brand and products to make them showcase in a perfect way.

How to increase likes on Facebook Pages

Number of likes on the Facebook Pages is one of the major elements of the Facebook marketing Strategy. The more likes you have on your page the more people will get to know about your brand. Having likes on the Facebook business page validates that the business offers high-quality products and services. Likes on Facebook Page connect more and more people to your business content and keep them engaged. Previously, users had to connect to the Facebook Page to interact with a post or to leave a comment but that is no longer a requirement, people just like the post and they are good to go. Users can easily search for the brand pages or find them through a share from a friend and be a part of the conversation of their choice.
(Above video is a part of a more elaborate course on Academy by Appy Pie. To access the complete course, please Click Here, or continue reading below.) Some measures that you can take to increase likes on Facebook Business Page are stated below:
  1. Use Strong Images on a regular basis

    Users should always go for strong and good quality images that are interesting, crisp, professional and relevant for the content. For example, if you are selling footwears, make sure you include the variety of footwears in the image. Not only just show footwears in the picture but also portray the items you are selling, in a way that someone is using them, like a student wearing school shoes, a model wearing heels etc.
  2. Connect your Business Page with Other Pages

    Follow pages with the businesses similar as yours. For example, if you’re a writer, engage with other writer pages by commenting and liking their posts using your Facebook business page account. However, be careful not to use so many hashtags or leave irrelevant comments that could be misread as spam. It can always be beneficial for you to get engaged with other similar business pages as they help your business increase the exposure, and also communicate to Facebook for what your page is all about. Commenting on the related posts makes Facebook more likely to show your page to the users who already follow the related posts.
  3. Add a “Like” Button to your Website

    Visitors of your business website are the great target audience to gain Facebook page likes, as they have already shown interests in your business. Including the ‘Like’ button plugin to your business website makes it easy for the users to read your blog or browse your products and they can non-intrusively like your page.
  4. Fill in the About Section

    Put in all the information in the About section and fill it in completely. Enter the business address, link, the year your company was founded. The about section surely doesn’t contribute a major part and seems not to be a proactive way to gain likes, but it helps as it establishes credibility.
  5. Include Videos in your Marketing Strategy

    Keeping the users engaged by including the videos in the content is the best way to attain likes. Post high-quality videos that tell a story about your brand or show your product. Make the use of compelling and colorful footage and include informative text in the videos to draw viewers in. Try to do something unique that not only make your viewers want more, but also encourage them to like your page.
  6. Post engaging content

    Post high-quality, entertaining and engaging content to your Facebook Business Page. Facebook rewards the content and posts that receive engagement (comments, likes and shares). Content should include eye-catching images, short and fun-to read copy in order to make the post likable. Try not to be too much promotional as people like their posts to be informative and entertaining and not too packed and pushy with the sales and marketing pitches.
  7. Leverage existing customers

    Reach the community that includes, employees, business and industry partners, current customers and the audience that finds your content sharable and interesting and send them a personal friendly invitation to like the posts on your Facebook company page, in case they haven’t already. Get in touch with your existing customers and followers by sending e-mails with a call-to-action. You can also add a slide at the end of your webinars or presentations to remind and encourage your business partners and customers to like your page. Get the Business Page promoted in company’s new employee orientation page and in other internal official communication portals such as intranet pages, e-mails etc. Stay in touch with the owned list of contacts that your company and you are in the existing relationship with. Find their Facebook business pages and like or share them as your brand.
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  8. Promote your Facebook Page, everywhere

    After posting a great and engaging copy of content on your Facebook business page, mark your presence on all the ongoing and evergreen content that you manage. Send e-mails to the users with the updated signature, e-mail footers, make changes to your business cards and other digital marketing material. Make it easy for the users to like your posts with a single click.
  9. Be active

    Users are unlikely to like and share your Facebook business page if you don’t post on a regular basis. Although there is no specific number or time for how often you should post on your business page, but various practice guides advice 3 times a week to once in a day. Also, you can keep a check, at what time or which days your target audience is active on Facebook and post accordingly. To check this information, go to Insights > Posts option. Post the content at peak times when the target audience is online and make an experiment with the timing of your posts to find out the time when a huge number of your followers are getting engaged with your content.
  10. Use Facebook Social Plugins

    There are various Facebook Social Plugin tools such as like, share and comments, that can help you promote your Facebook Business Page. Social Plugins help you share your experiences with other users, websites, business pages and friends on Facebook.


After learning about various Facebook Marketing Strategies and going through above mentioned metrics, it’s time for you to make sure you reach your Facebook content more frequently and increase the number of likes on your Facebook Business Page. Visit Appy Pie Academy, go through various training programs and get to know more about Facebook Marketing Strategies and the ways to increase likes on your Facebook Page.

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