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Yellow Orange Color: Psychology, HEX Code, and Applications

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Explore the Yellow Orange color, where yellow meets orange to create a warm, inviting hue. This blog uncovers how yellow and orange combine, the variety in orange yellow shades, and how red blends with yellow to form orange. Gain insights into the red orange yellow mix, enhancing your understanding of these bright, joyful colors in a simple, straightforward way.

What color is yellow orange? The Color of Joy and Sunshine

Yellow Orange, designated by the hex code #FFAE42, is an energetic color that combines sunny yellow with vibrant orange. Resembling the radiance of sunshine, it occupies a special place on the color wheel, connected between its parent colors, yellow color and orange color. This hue is known for its ability to evoke feelings of happiness and warmth. In the realm of art and design, Yellow Orange is valued for its cheerful and bright presence. Its creation involves a precise mix of yellow and orange, with hints of red, resulting in a distinct and vivid color that enhances visual appeal.

What Colors yellow and orange make?

Mixing yellow and orange together results in the rich, warm shade known as yellow-orange or amber. This color is achieved by blending the lightness of orange with the brightness of yellow, creating a hue that radiates warmth in any composition. To form this shade, you can mix two parts of yellow with one part of red to first create orange, then combine this homemade orange with additional yellow in equal parts. This process is straightforward yet impactful, adding a cozy, vibrant touch to an artist's palette. Yellow-orange, often used in color theory, offers versatility and depth, making it a key color in both painting and design work.

The history of yellow orange

Yellow-orange, a lively blend of yellow and orange, has a rich history that dates back centuries. The term 'yellow' was first used around AD 700, although its use can be traced to the Stone Age in cave paintings, where artists used yellow ochre. Ancient Egyptians valued yellow for its golden look. The name 'orange' came about in 1512, taken from the color of the orange fruit. A study in 2000 showed that yellow and orange weren't as popular as other colors, with only 6% favoring yellow compared to 45% for blue. Despite this, yellow-orange remains a beloved color, combining two of history's most vibrant and enduring shades. This blend has stood the test of time, continuously admired for its warmth and cheerful presence.

The Psychology of Color Yellow Orange

Yellow, a color often associated with sunshine and happiness, when paired with the energetic and enthusiastic orange, forms a dynamic emotional impact. This combination, known as yellow-orange, evokes a sense of warmth, joy, and energy, making it a popular choice in various design and artistic expressions.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, yellow-orange plays a significant role in safety and caution. In the 20th century, this vibrant hue became related with warning signs. It is prominently used on school buses, road signs, and life jackets, harnessing its visibility to enhance safety and awareness. The practical application of yellow-orange in safety measures underscores its importance beyond mere visual pleasure.

Cultural Significance

Yellow orange is a color steeped in cultural symbolism across the world. In many cultures, yellow often represents sunlight, signifying joy, optimism, and in some cases, spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. It's seen in various religious and spiritual contexts, symbolizing knowledge and intellectual energy.

Orange, on the other hand, is frequently associated with the warmth and richness of autumn. It represents change, vitality, and in some traditions, prosperity and celebration. These colors often feature prominently in cultural festivals and ceremonies, telling stories of change, growth, and spiritual journey. Together, yellow orange not only add aesthetic beauty but also convey deep, culturally rooted meanings, resonating with people globally in diverse ways.

Yellow-Orange in Designs

Yellow-orange, a subtler alternative to the stark vibrancy of pure yellow or orange, offers a versatile solution in design. This color captures attention with its understated brightness, ideal for applications in graphic design, fashion, and interior decor. It brings a lively yet balanced touch, allowing designs to stand out with a refined vibrancy.

Additionally, when combined with gentle browns and reds, yellow-orange forms a soothing autumnal palette. This mix imparts a sense of warmth and comfort, transforming spaces and items into inviting creations. For those looking to explore and try this color in their designs, Appy Pie's AI Background Maker is an excellent resource. This tool simplifies the process of integrating yellow-orange into various design projects, enhancing them with a touch of elegance and warmth. Experience the ease of design with Appy Pie AI Background Maker.

What colors go with yellow orange?

Pairing yellow orange with the right colors can create stunning visual harmony. Colors like light blue, aqua, peach, ivory, purple, maroon, and lime offer a spectrum of possibilities, each bringing a unique vibe when combined with yellow and orange. Here's a closer look at each pairing.
  1. Light Blue with Yellow Orange: Light blue offers a cool, calming contrast to the warmth of yellow orange color. This combination is perfect for creating a balanced and soothing ambiance in spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, and in apparel that seeks a fresh and vibrant look.

  2. Aqua with Yellow Orange: Aqua, a blend of green and blue, compliments color yellow orange by adding a tropical, refreshing feel. This Duo is ideal for summer fashion, beach-themed decor, and graphic designs that aim to evoke a lively, oceanic mood.

  3. Peach with Yellow Orange: Peach, a softer relative of orange, harmonizes beautifully with yellow orange, creating a warm, gentle palette. This combination is well-suited for cozy interiors, romantic clothing designs, and branding that aims for a soft, approachable look.

  4. Ivory with Yellow Orange: Ivory adds an elegant, understated backdrop to the brightness of yellow orange. This pairing is excellent for formal designs, wedding themes, and interior decor where a touch of sophistication is desired.

  5. Purple with Yellow Orange: Purple brings a rich, regal contrast to yellow orange. This bold combination is great for artistic expressions, statement fashion pieces, and decor that aims for a luxurious, vivid appearance.

  6. Maroon with Yellow Orange: Maroon, a deep, warm hue, complements yellow orange by adding depth and intensity. This mix is ideal for autumnal themes, elegant apparel, and designs that require a robust, earthy palette.

  7. Lime with Yellow Orange: Lime, a zesty green, creates a lively, energetic contrast with yellow orange. This vibrant combination is perfect for youthful and playful designs, sportswear, and spaces that aim to energize and invigorate.

Experimenting with these color combinations can be both fun and inspiring. To easily explore and visualize how these colors interact with yellow orange, the Appy Pie Color Mixer tool is an invaluable resource. Whether you're designing a room, planning an outfit, or creating a brand palette, this tool simplifies the process of mixing and matching colors. Discover the perfect blend for your next project with Appy Pie Color Mixer.

Similar Colors to Yellow Orange

When exploring options close to yellow orange, there are several colors that share its warmth and vibrancy. From classic orange to the richness of burnt orange, these related hues offer varied yet complementary choices. Let’s delve into the characteristics and uses of each.
  1. Orange: Orange, a blend of red and yellow, is known for its energy and playfulness. It’s perfect for designs that need a pop of color and is often used in branding to grab attention.

  2. Yellow: Yellow, bright and cheerful, symbolizes happiness and positivity. It’s commonly used in spaces that aim to stimulate and uplift, such as kitchens and classrooms.

  3. Freesia: Freesia is a vivid yellow-orange shade, reminiscent of the vibrant Freesia flower. It’s a great choice for spring and summer fashion, bringing a fresh, floral feel to any design.

  4. Gold: Gold, a luxurious and warm color, carries connotations of wealth and sophistication. It's widely used in high-end product design and elegant branding to convey a sense of luxury.

  5. Amber: Amber, similar to yellow-orange but deeper, is associated with energy and warmth. It’s a popular choice in interior design for creating a cozy, inviting ambiance.

  6. Burnt Orange: Burnt orange, a darker version of orange, offers a rustic, earthy feel. It’s often used in autumnal themes and can add a sophisticated, grounded touch to a space or design.

Exploring these colors similar to yellow orange can inspire a multitude of creative ideas. For those looking to precisely match or complement these hues in their projects, Appy Pie's Image Color Picker tool is a fantastic resource. Whether you're designing a website, working on an interior decor project, or creating a fashion line, this tool helps you accurately pick and use the colors from any image. It’s user-friendly and perfect for getting the exact shade you need.

Information about Yellow orange / #ffae42

In the RGB space (#ffae42), yellow-orange is crafted with 100% red, 68.2% green, and 25.9% blue, radiating warmth. In CMYK (#ffae42), it's a blend of 0% cyan, 32% magenta, 74% yellow, and 0% black, perfect for printing. With a hue angle of 34.3 degrees, 100% saturation, and a lightness of 62.9%, this vibrant hue adds energy and brightness to any palette.
Value Type Color Code
HEX #ffae42
RGB Decimal 255, 174, 66
RGB Percentage 100%, 68.2%, 25.9%
CMYK 0, 32, 74, 0
HSL 34.3°, 100%, 62.9%
HSV (or HSB) 34.3°, 74.1, 100
Web Safe #ff9933
CIE-LAB 77.239, 20.648, 64.455
XYZ 57.364, 51.931, 12.156
XYY 0.472, 0.428, 51.931
CIE-LCH 77.239, 67.682, 72.237
CIE-LUV 77.239, 65.326, 67.436
Hunter-Lab 72.063, 20.144, 37.924
Binary 11111111, 10101110, 01000010


Delving into the Yellow Orange color spectrum reveals a world rich in hues, from the gentle tones of yellowish orange to the deeper shades of red orange yellow. This understanding of how yellow and orange can be combined to produce various shades is crucial in both art and design. The yellow orange palette, with its warm and inviting colors, offers a vast array of possibilities for creating visually appealing designs. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for artists and designers, enabling them to add depth, warmth, and vibrancy to their creations.

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