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Top 11 Employee Experience Software Solutions Transforming Workplaces in 2024

Prerna Pundir
By Prerna Pundir | Last Updated on May 20th, 2024 3:47 am

Employee experience software is like a toolbox that helps make work life better for everyone in a company. Imagine having a magic wand that can quickly answer all your work-related questions, help you talk to your coworkers easily, and even make sure everyone feels appreciated. That's what this software does, and it's becoming super important for businesses that want to keep their teams happy and stick around for the long haul. One of the coolest tools in this toolbox is a customer support chatbot, providing immediate assistance and streamlining communication. This blog delves into the world of employee experience software, highlighting its significance, features, and the transformative impact it can have on your organization. Discover how these platforms can revolutionize your workplace, making it more engaging and productive.

What is Employee Experience Software?

Employee experience software is an umbrella term for the digital platforms and tools that facilitate a positive work environment for employees. It's designed to streamline administrative tasks, foster communication, and provide employees with the necessary resources to succeed. This type of software plays a crucial role in automating mundane tasks and offering strategic insights into employee engagement and productivity. By leveraging such platforms, businesses can create a more engaging and supportive workplace, which is essential for retaining top talent in a competitive market.

Features of Employee Experience Platforms

Essential features of employee experience platforms empower organizations to transform their work environments and enhance employee experiences. Let's explore some key functionalities:

  1. Omnichannel Ticketing Systems: These systems allow employees to submit requests and access support through various channels, including email, web forms, live chat software, and even mobile apps. This flexibility caters to diverse communication preferences and ensures accessibility for all employees.
  2. Customizable Dashboards: These dashboards provide visual insights into various aspects of employee experience, such as engagement scores, performance metrics, and feedback trends. This allows organizations to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Performance Management Tools: These features support continuous performance evaluation and development. Setting goals, providing feedback, and tracking progress become streamlined, enabling meaningful conversations and individual growth.
  4. Feedback and Survey Tools: Gathering regular employee feedback through pulse surveys and other tools is crucial for understanding employee sentiment and identifying areas for improvement. These platforms provide tools to collect, analyze, and act upon feedback effectively.
  5. AI-powered Self-Service: By leveraging chatbots and knowledge base software, platforms enable self-service capabilities. This allows employees to find answers to frequently asked questions and resolve common issues independently, reducing the burden on internal help desks and improving response times.

Benefits of Employee Experience Management Software

Investing in employee experience management (EXM) software isn't just a fad, it's a strategic decision with significant potential to transform your organization.

But how does EXM software benefit your company? Let's delve into the key advantages you can expect:

  1. Soar with Increased Employee Engagement:
  2. EXM platforms promote a work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. Features like recognition programs, internal help desk functionalities, and growth opportunities cultivate a sense of belonging and boost employee engagement. This translates to higher motivation and improved productivity, ultimately leading to a more satisfied and dedicated workforce.

  3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction through Engaged Employees:
  4. The well-being and motivation of your employees directly impact your customers' experience. When employees have the tools and support they need, they are more likely to go above and beyond, leading to positive customer interactions and increased customer satisfaction. Consider integrating customer service chatbots or customer support chatbots within your EXM platform to further enhance the customer experience.

  5. Make Informed Decisions with Data-Driven Insights:
  6. EXM software goes beyond simply collecting data; it provides valuable insights into employee sentiment, engagement levels, and performance trends. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed strategic decisions regarding workplace improvements, resource allocation, and overall company strategy.

  7. Build a Strong Employer Brand and Attract Top Talent:
  8. Companies with a reputation for fostering a positive employee experience naturally attract high-caliber candidates. Word travels fast, and EXM software can help you cultivate a workplace culture that resonates with individuals seeking fulfilling opportunities. This translates to a stronger employer brand that sets you apart in the competitive talent market.

  9. Streamline Processes and Boost Efficiency:
  10. Many HR-related tasks like onboarding, performance reviews, and communication can be time-consuming and repetitive. EXM platforms offer automation capabilities to streamline these processes, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, centralized information access and help desk software features further improve efficiency and reduce administrative burdens.

Comparison Chart of Top Employee Experience Software

In today's competitive business landscape, finding the best employee onboarding software is crucial for organizations aiming to attract, retain, and nurture top talent. A comprehensive comparison chart of top employee experience software provides a clear overview, helping businesses identify the right tools to enhance their employee engagement and productivity. This chart serves as a valuable resource for decision-makers seeking to invest in software that aligns with their strategic goals and workplace culture.

Software Name Starting Price Free Trial Key Features
Appy Pie Varies Yes (Varies) No-code app development, workflow automation, communication app builder, CRM
Lattice $11 per person/month Unavailable Performance management, one-on-one meetings, 360-degree feedback, employee recognition, performance reviews
Qualtrics EmployeeXM Contact sales N/A Survey and data collection capabilities, predictive intelligence features, dashboards, and planning tools
Culture Amp Contact sales N/A Solutions for employee engagement, performance management, and professional development, integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams
WorkTango Contact sales N/A Employee engagement platform focused on employee recognition, peer feedback, and relationship-building
15Five $4 per user/month (billed annually) N/A Performance management, real-time feedback, customizable programs for managers
Fond Contact sales N/A Employee recognition and rewards tools, performance analytics, catalog of service awards
Motivosity $2 per person N/A Community building within companies, personal profiles, organizational charts, eNPS, and pulse surveys
Kudos Contact sales N/A Employee support through recognition and rewards, analytics program, sentiment surveys
Awardco Contact sales N/A Rewards and recognition platform integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and ADP, incentive programs
Zoho Desk $20 per user/month 15 days Omnichannel ticketing system, AI-powered self-service (chatbots and knowledge bases), time-based reports, agent scorecards

The 11 Best Employee Experience Solutions

In the quest to foster a positive and engaging work environment, leveraging the best employee onboarding software becomes a strategic imperative for organizations worldwide. These solutions are designed to streamline processes, enhance communication, and ultimately improve employee satisfaction and retention. Here's an overview of the 11 best employee experience solutions that stand out in the market today:

  1. Appy Pie
  2. Appy Pie revolutionizes the way companies engage with their employees by offering a no-code platform that simplifies app development, workflow automation, and communication. This platform empowers businesses to enhance their business-to-employee (B2E) relationships through personalized and efficient digital solutions. With Appy Pie, creating custom applications tailored to specific organizational needs becomes a breeze, enabling a more connected and productive workplace without the need for extensive technical expertise.

    The platform's intuitive design allows for the easy customization of workspaces, ensuring that every tool and feature is aligned with the company's operational goals. Businesses can design their workflows, automating tasks to streamline processes and increase efficiency across departments. Appy Pie's no-code approach significantly reduces the time and resources typically required for app development, offering a quick return on investment.

    Key to Appy Pie's offering is its suite of AI and automation tools. The platform includes features for automating routine communications and tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more complex and rewarding work. Additionally, Appy Pie provides comprehensive analytics, giving managers insights into employee performance and engagement. This data is crucial for making informed decisions and identifying opportunities for improvement.


    • No-code app development
    • Workflow automation
    • Customizable communication apps
    • Comprehensive CRM integration
    • Real-time analytics and reporting
    • Seamless integrations with existing tools and software


    Appy Pie offers flexible pricing options tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. For detailed pricing information, businesses are encouraged to contact Appy Pie directly

    Free Trial:

    Yes, Appy Pie offers a free trial, allowing businesses to explore the platform's features and capabilities before committing to a subscription.

    Appy Pie stands out as a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and enhance the employee experience. Its user-friendly platform, combined with powerful automation and analytics capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for companies aiming to foster a more engaged and productive workforce.

  3. Lattice
  4. Lattice is a performance management software designed to help businesses streamline their performance review processes, set and manage goals, and foster employee development and engagement through continuous feedback and one-on-one meetings.


    • Performance Reviews
    • Goal Setting and Management
    • 360-Degree Feedback
    • Employee Engagement Surveys
    • One-on-One Meetings

    Pricing: Starting at $11 per person/month.

    Free Trial: Unavailable.

  5. Qualtrics EmployeeXM
  6. Qualtrics EmployeeXM is an employee experience management platform that provides tools for surveying and understanding employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction to make data-driven decisions.


    • Advanced Surveying Tools
    • Predictive Intelligence Features
    • Actionable Insights with Dashboards
    • Employee Lifecycle Feedback
    • Integration Capabilities

    Pricing: Contact sales for pricing details.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  7. Culture Amp
  8. Culture Amp is an employee feedback and analytics platform that empowers companies to make informed decisions to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.


    • Employee Engagement Surveys
    • Performance Management
    • Goal Tracking
    • Professional Development Tools
    • Integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams

    Pricing: Contact sales for pricing details.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  9. WorkTango
  10. WorkTango offers a platform for employee recognition and feedback, aiming to improve workplace culture through enhanced engagement and communication.


    • Employee Recognition and Rewards
    • Anonymous Feedback
    • Customizable Surveys
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • Goal Setting and Alignment

    Pricing: Contact sales for pricing details.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  11. 15Five
  12. 15Five is a comprehensive performance management solution that supports employee feedback, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), performance reviews, and professional development.


    • Continuous Feedback
    • Weekly Check-Ins
    • Objective and Key Results (OKRs)
    • Performance Reviews
    • 1-on-1 Meeting Tool

    Pricing: Starting at $4 per user/month (billed annually).

    Free Trial: N/A.

  13. Fond
  14. Fond is a global platform that provides seamless employee rewards and recognition, aiming to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.


    • Employee Rewards and Recognition
    • Performance Analytics
    • Service Awards
    • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
    • Customizable Rewards Catalog

    Pricing: Contact sales for pricing details.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  15. Motivosity
  16. Motivosity is an employee engagement platform that focuses on building a positive company culture through peer recognition, rewards, and community building.


    • Peer Recognition and Rewards
    • eNPS and Pulse Surveys
    • Organizational Charts
    • Personal Profiles
    • Manager Insights

    Pricing: Starting at $2 per person.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  17. Kudos
  18. Kudos is an employee recognition and corporate social network platform that aims to boost employee engagement and morale through recognition and rewards.


    • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
    • Customizable Rewards
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Mobile App

    Pricing: Contact sales for pricing details.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  19. Awardco
  20. Awardco provides an employee recognition and rewards platform that integrates with Amazon Business, offering millions of reward options without markups.


    • Employee Recognition and Rewards
    • Integration with Amazon Business
    • Social Recognition Feed
    • Customizable Reward Programs
    • Reporting and Analytics

    Pricing: Contact sales for pricing details.

    Free Trial: N/A.

  21. Zoho Desk
  22. Zoho Desk is a customer service software that helps businesses deliver top-quality support to their customers and employees, with tools for ticketing, automation, and self-service.


    • Omnichannel Ticketing System
    • AI-powered Assistance (Zia)
    • Knowledge Base Management
    • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
    • Workflow Automation

    Pricing: Starting at $20 per user/month.

    Free Trial: N/A.

Choose the Right Employee Experience Management (EXM) Platform

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of employee experience (EXM) platform options? Don't worry, this guide will help you navigate the selection process and choose the platform that best fits your needs.

  1. Define Your Needs and Goals:

    • What key areas within the employee experience do you aim to improve?
    • Are you looking to boost employee engagement?
    • Do you want to streamline internal help desk functionalities?
    • Is your goal to improve communication and collaboration?
    • Identifying your priorities will guide your platform selection.

  2. Research and Evaluate Features:

    • Performance management tools for streamlined reviews, goal setting, and feedback.
    • Recognition and rewards programs to foster appreciation and celebrate achievements.
    • Learning and development tools for continuous learning and professional growth.
    • Communication and collaboration tools for seamless interaction, information sharing, and teamwork.
    • Employee feedback and survey tools to gather valuable insights into sentiment and areas for improvement.
    • Integrations with existing HR software, contact center software, or other relevant systems.

  3. Consider User Experience and Usability:
  4. A user-friendly and intuitive platform is crucial for maximizing adoption and engagement. Evaluate the platform's interface, navigation, and overall ease of use for both administrators and employees.

  5. Budget and Pricing:
  6. Be transparent about your budget and identify features that are essential versus "nice-to-have." Many platforms offer free trials or freemium options for testing before committing.

  7. Vendor Support and Implementation:
  8. Choose a vendor with a strong reputation for customer support. Evaluate the level of support offered, including training materials, onboarding assistance, and ongoing technical support. Consider the implementation process and ensure the vendor provides adequate resources to get you started smoothly.

    Remember: Don't solely focus on finding the best time tracking apps or specific functionalities like customer service chatbots. Instead, choose an EXM platform that aligns with your overall employee experience goals, is user-friendly, fits your budget, and offers reliable support.

Success Stories in Employee Experience

Let's dive into some real-life examples of companies that have made big changes for their employees using some smart tech tools. These stories show how internal help desk employee experience software, cloud call center software, and chatbot builder can make a workplace better for everyone.

  1. Global Tech Solutions
  2. Global Tech Solutions, a leading IT services provider with over 25,000 employees worldwide, they were swamped with support requests every day. They decided to use internal help desk employee experience software to sort things out. This smart move helped them handle over 30,000 requests a month, solving most problems on the first try. Employees were happier because they got the help they needed faster.

  3. HealthCare Plus
  4. HealthCare Plus runs 500 clinics and needs a better way for their staff to talk to each other and get support. By bringing in cloud call center software, they made communication smoother and more reliable. This change meant clearer calls, shorter waits for help, and happier staff, making their big network feel a bit more connected.

  5. EduTech Innovators
  6. EduTech Innovators are all about making learning fun and easy with technology. They built a custom chatbot using a chatbot builder to answer common questions from their team about IT and HR stuff. This cool chatbot was a game-changer, cutting down on the number of help requests and letting employees find answers anytime, day or night. It's like having a helpful buddy always ready to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Experience Software

Q1: What is employee experience software?

A: Employee experience software is a suite of tools designed to improve the overall work environment for employees. It includes features like AI-powered self-service, omnichannel ticketing systems, performance management, and analytics to enhance productivity, engagement, and retention.

Q2: How does employee experience software improve retention?

A: By providing tools for feedback, recognition, and personal development, these platforms help create a more positive work environment. This increases employee satisfaction, which is directly linked to higher retention rates.

Q3: Can employee experience software integrate with existing HR systems?

A: Yes, many employee experience platforms offer integrations with popular HR systems, allowing for seamless data transfer and streamlined workflows.

Q4: What are the key features to look for in employee experience software?

A: Key features include AI-powered self-service for 24/7 support, omnichannel ticketing systems for efficient issue resolution, performance management tools for feedback and growth, and analytics for data-driven insights.

Q5: Is there a trial period for employee experience software?

A: Many providers offer a free trial period, allowing companies to test the software's features and compatibility with their existing systems before committing to a purchase.

Q6: How does AI feature in employee experience platforms?

A: AI is used for automating routine tasks, providing self-service options through chatbots and knowledge bases, and analyzing data to offer insights into employee behavior and satisfaction.

Q7: What kind of support can I expect from employee experience software vendors?

A: Vendors typically offer a range of support options, including online resources, live chat, email support, and in some cases, dedicated account management.

Q8: How much does employee experience software cost?

A: Pricing varies widely depending on the features, scale, and provider. Some platforms offer per-user/per-month pricing, while others may require custom quotes based on specific business needs.

Q9: Can employee experience software help with remote work challenges?

A: Yes, these platforms are designed to support a diverse range of work environments, including remote and hybrid models, by facilitating communication, collaboration, and engagement regardless of physical location.

Q10: How do I choose the right employee experience platform for my company?

A: Consider your company's specific needs, the features that are most important to you, the software's integration capabilities, and your budget. It's also helpful to read reviews and case studies or to take advantage of free trials.


Navigating the complexities of the modern workplace requires innovative solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of employees. Employee experience software, with its comprehensive suite of tools, offers a pathway to creating a more fulfilling and efficient work environment. From enhancing communication with customer support chatbots to providing actionable insights through analytics, these platforms are instrumental in fostering a culture of engagement and satisfaction. By choosing the right employee experience software, organizations can unlock their full potential, ensuring a happier workforce and driving success in today's competitive landscape.

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