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How to create an email newsletter?

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Do you want to create an email newsletter, but don’t know where to start with? Don't worry, you're not alone. Everybody faces a bunch of challenges while creating an email newsletter the first time. This blog will help you understand know what is an email newsletter, how to go about creating one, and tips to increase your email list.Appy Pie - How to create an email newsletter

What is an Email Newsletter?

Email newsletters are an email communication sent out your audience to keep them updated on the latest news, tips, or other information about your product or company. Newsletters are tried and tested way to re-engage your existing customers and prospects and get them back in your sales funnel.

Advantages of using Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing that allows business owners to personalize their email marketing. An effective newsletter campaign allows you to convert your website visitors into subscribers. Once they subscribe to your email newsletter, you can stay in touch with them for a longer time than ever before. Newsletters also help businesses connect with stakeholders, employees as people tend to check their emails very often. Therefore, a newsletter campaign is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies regardless of your industry, and business. Here’s why:

  1. Way to connect with customers
  2. Regular communication with customers is vital to your company’s success, and one way to make a personal connection is through a newsletter. Email newsletters are not published on the social platform and customers read them in the privacy of their inbox. This way, they can ask you questions directly in private with confidence. Therefore, an email newsletter with informative and engaging content will help you establish a connection with your customers.

  3. Keep customer updated on the latest Event
  4. You can use an email newsletter to inform your customers about upcoming sales, promotions, or special event deals. There are various e-commerce case studies revealing more than 40% of email recipients have made at least one purchase because of a promotional email. You can also add an announcement article to a newsletter to make your promotion more effective.

  5. Build a relationship
  6. Newsletters help strengthen your relationship with your customers or clients. Using email newsletters you can become the person they turn to for assistance and service and you can also connect with them directly.

  7. Drive more sales
  8. Email newsletters are one of the best ways to drive more sales. It’s obvious when a recipient views your email, you have an opportunity to explain the benefits of your product or service more effectively. By offering them special offers or coupons, you motivate them to take action immediately. Appy Pie - How to create an email newsletter

  9. Easy to use
  10. Many Email newsletter services provide pre-designed templates and help you to do a lot of work in less time with just a few clicks. You can write a mail and push it to your list of clients using few clicks.

  11. Boosts brand awareness
  12. Sending out a newsletter allows you to increase awareness and understanding of your company and its products and services with your subscribers. If you send out nicely crafted emails you will achieve more.

  13. Cost-effective
  14. Many digital marketing tools cost a lot more money than email marketing. It allows you to effectively communicate and stay in touch with your potential customers at friction of cost compared to other digital marketing strategies.

  15. Increase traffic and engagement
  16. An email newsletter with strong call-to-action helps you drive more people to your website. By sending some weekly digests of content like late product addition or seminars and promotional offer, you can attract more traffic to your website.This further helps your audience stay connected and engaged.

How to create a newsletter?

Now it is time that you start creating your own email newsletter. When you start creating a newsletter you need to take into consideration calls-to-action, make sure your email fits multiple inboxes, and has out of the world subject lines. Listed below are some of the most important points that you should take into consideration while creating a newsletter for your business:
  1. Use a simple newsletter templates as you can keep your message design same and can keep adding new content each time. To learn more on this read our blog - 11 Effective Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns

  2. Your email newsletters must be multi-browser friendly. The users should be able to view your email in the browser of their choice. If your emails are not multi-browser friendly most of the people would not be able to view your email making it a sheer trash bin material.

  3. Appy Pie - How to create an email newsletter
  4. The subject line of your newsletter should capture the reader's attention. They should be effective as the subject determines whether someone would read your newsletter or just delete it.

  5. Explain the benefit of your offer in a way that it catches the customer’s eye quickly. Do not keep bragging about your company,talk about the customer also. Try building a personal repo with them.

  6. Use simple words and short sentences in your newsletter as the readers are not going to use the dictionary to read your mail. Adapt the language that the customer understands. Avoid using difficult terms and make the text easy to read.

Tips to increase your mailing list significantly

You have solid content and you’ve mastered yourself in writing email newsletters but still, you are not reaching a wider audience, the reason could be a mailing list. If you're not working on building your mailing list already, its high time and you need to start now. Online businesses are using thousands of different methods to grow their email lists and the best ones have been listed for you.

  1. Create remarkable email content
  2. An email newsletter is about the content. An email full of mistakes can put off your readers immediately. You should also have a content marketing plan in place. One insightful mail a week is better than five sloppy ones. Your emails should be engaging and effective. Always add some value to your message. The high-quality content will bring you more subscribers.

  3. Encourage viewers to share or forward your emails
  4. Include a share button in your email newsletters. These buttons will help you promote your emails and business and expand your reach. These buttons enable your viewers to share your content with their networks.

  5. Send emails targeted to buyer persona
  6. Personas are critical to creating personalized emails. Focus on emails that add value to your audience. A buyer persona is a group of people with similar traits who are looking to buy a product like yours. Your emails will be of added value if you have a well-defined buyer’s persona.

  7. Use social media to promote content or ask your followers to subscribe
  8. Use social media to generate leads, drive website traffic. You can do this by adding your brand hashtags or providing a link to subscribe to your emails. If the consumer is seriously searching for your brand he will willingly subscribe to your newsletter and help you increase your database.

  9. Add Call to Action button which requires an email address
  10. CTA buttons in your email newsletter must be linked to your landing page or website. They help in increasing click-through rates. CTA buttons are perfect for capturing the attention of readers and help to increase your traffic. Most importantly you need to remember that the placement of your CTA button should be right. Learn more on call to action in our blog - Call to Action Examples to Help You Get More Clicks.Appy Pie - How to create an email newsletter

  11. Add End Cards to your YouTube videos
  12. Adding hyperlinked End Cards to YouTube videos encourage people to subscribe to your channel via their email address. And you can add these email addresses to your database. This will help you get a fair idea of what your consumer is looking at and is he interested in your product or service.

  13. Ask website visitors for feedback
  14. Customer feedback plays an important role in increasing email subscribers. You can include a form that asks visitors for their email address and their feedback about your business. Visitors should be able to understand your business and for that, you can tell them to leave their email so that you can send the details later on.

  15. Use pops-up and email signups
  16. Using the right and progressive pop-ups and email signups can help you increase your email list significantly. Pop-ups are versatile and can be used for any call to action, such as generating email leads or getting more subscribers. However, be sure to implement a DMARC check protocol on your domain to prevent hackers from sending unsolicited mails through your email account to new leads.

  17. Offer awards or free subscription on sign-ups
  18. One of the most reliable ways to get more subscribers for your newsletter is to incentivize your customers with rewards, gifts, or free subscriptions. A free trial membership also works the best with your email marketing plan. You can even have a blog that readers can subscribe to.

  19. Host offline events and online events like webinars
  20. You can host offline events or online webinars where the attendees will have to leave their email address for a further detailed conversation. It will help encourage engagement and up numbers of your email subscribers.

  21. Run a promotion on a partner website
  22. Your partner websites allow you to target a new audience with a campaign on their website. You can use this partner source to direct visitors back to your website -- where you can collect email addresses.

  23. Add a subscribe link in your email signature
  24. It is easy to add a subscriber link to your email signature. With the help of this link, you can collect subscriber data and their email addresses. The reader gets the ability to reach your web page or web site quickly. This action will help you enhance your email promotion.


Now that you know how to write an effective email newsletter and increase your email list, why wait? There is no time like now. You just need to follow the rules and guidelines provided in the blog to get going. To get more details you can read our blog - 35 Best Email Marketing Software & Tools for Small Businesses in 2020.

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