11 Excellent Examples of Omni-Channel - Appy Pie Experiences in 2021

11 Excellent Examples of Omni-Channel Experiences in 2021

Abhinav Girdhar
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Omnichannel marketing is an approach to integrating multiple communication channels that businesses use to interact with their customers. It coordinates the brand messages across all these channels. This marketing strategy uses the customers' interests and perspectives to enhance the reliability and consistency of the brand’s marketing messages. Business marketing teams unite the strengths of all the communication channels and use omnichannel marketing to convey a more effective and consistent brand message.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieBrand advertising is not different from customer service nowadays. All the social media channels help you promote your product as well as connect to your customers. All your sales and support emails help you improve customer experience. Whether your customer uses social media platforms or an email to connect with you, you create a completely seamless and unified brand experience. In this post, we will help you learn how you can start implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy into your business. We have listed a few excellent examples of some inspiring brands that have put their efforts into creating excellent omnichannel experiences.

Examples of Omnichannel Experiences

You need to work closely with various departments in your organization to develop a unique omnichannel infrastructure. Keep a check on these parameters like a product, customer support, sales, and marketing, while creating your omnichannel marketing strategy. You need to understand the main objective of the omnichannel initiative so that you can start planning your transition towards a strong omnichannel marketing strategy. It is a new emerging concept and allows you to start small and expand it in the future. Here are a few examples of omnichannel customer experiences.

  1. Bank of America
  2. Bank of America is one of the best banks in the industry. The bank has set up a benchmark for a dynamic experience, which allows for everything – from booking appointments using the bank’s mobile and desktop apps to depositing cheques.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieBank of America offers various service channels for the users so that users don’t need to visit the bank for making any transactions. Instead, they can use mobile apps and do everything from depositing cheques, paying monthly bills, checking balances, to transfers between accounts. The bank maintains physical locations as users can’t get the cashier’s cheque or deposit cash using their phone. However, the mobile app for the bank offers cross-channel communication on numerous services.

  3. Value City Furniture
  4. Value City Furniture is a well-known furniture brand. It is also known as American Signature Furniture. The firm understands the need to establish and nurture relationships with the customers. To help encourage engagement between the brand and the customer’s touchpoints, they focus on answering customer questions and promoting both the rational and emotional aspects of furniture purchase. This is one of the marketing strategies that have historically been neglected.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieThe company created a program known as the ‘Easy Pass’ to bridge data between online carts, physical stores, and shopping lists. With this program, as soon as customers make a list of desired products online, a store employee pulls up the details and show them their collection in-store. The store employees send the customers with the communications that contain all the info they need to decide if they want to make a purchase. This info includes a help chat link; product photos, info, dimensions; and the name and contact details of the employee who served them.

  5. REI
  6. REI offers multiple channels for users to shop. Most of their customers use their smartphones while shopping in this brick-and-mortar store. The fact itself shows that the firm is a great case study for leveraging multiple channels. They let the customers search before they make a purchase. What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieThe company’s app and website allow easy access to product reviews and detailed information. Users can even check the product availability status as per their location. Users need not search for any product information on Google, they can just scan the barcode to check the product reviews and ratings.

  7. Starbucks
  8. Starbucks is one of the best examples of an omnichannel experience. Take a quick look at the Starbucks rewards app and you will get to know why you can consider it one of the excellent omnichannel experiences out there. What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieIn the app, first, you find a free rewards card that you can use at the time of purchase. You can also check and reload your card using the company’s website, app, in-store, or your phone. It offers real-time updates in case you make any changes to your profile or the card. It works that fast that even if you realize that you don’t have enough balance while standing in a queue to get a coffee, you can reload the card and it will be updated by the time you will place an order.

  9. VIP.com
  10. VIP.com is one of the best eCommerce marketplaces that operate in China. It is a B2B website that makes money from the retailers that sell their products on its platform.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieThe company provides an excellent omnichannel experience through how it helps marketers and retailers connect with potential customers. After the retailers post new products on the company’s website, its geolocation tools send push notifications to the target customers located in the retailer's area. These target customers and potential leads can then visit the store directly, or place orders directly on VIP.com to get them delivered at their doorstep.

  11. Chipotle
  12. Has it happened to you that you placed an order just to find that the restaurant has not prepared it by the time you reached there? I just hate it when that happens. I mean, what is the point of using an online ordering system if we need to wait for the order anyway? What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieChipotle puts efforts to eliminate that frustration and enhances its online experience for the users. The mobile ordering app and online system of the company allow you to place an order from wherever you are. You can place the orders online and get them ready by the time you reach the restaurant. The app offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-navigate tools that provide users with quick on-the-go ordering access.

  13. TBC Bank
  14. TBC Bank is a leading firm that operates in the country of Georgia. It has won the FICO Decisions Award 2016 for Customer Onboarding and Management. The bank restructured the process of how users sign up for their accounts. It addressed all-too-common issues in the banking industry as the numbers of customers were reducing during the onboarding process.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieThe firm has implemented a unified omnichannel strategy to let new customers complete their onboarding process with ease and flexibility. They started this process via a call center, followed by using a kiosk, or an ATM branch. It was the first company in the country to act on the opportunity of implementing an omnichannel strategy that came with high reward and high risk. It required an extra effort, as users had to be educated and made familiar and comfortable with the new process. To highlight the benefits gained from an omnichannel solution, the bank increased sales and automation results.

  15. Walgreens
  16. Walgreens is a popular pharmaceutical company that has created an excellent omnichannel experience by providing its users with the mobile app as a primary tool for brand communications. With this app, the customers can check and refill prescriptions without having to contact their pharmacy. Using this app, they can also set up reminders to get the alerts if their prescription needs to be renewed.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieAlthough the company’s app doesn’t have any innovative features, its basic tools deliver a seamless shopping experience. Rather than calling the pharmacy or waiting in the long queue for in-store pick-ups, users can do everything through the app.

  17. Sephora
  18. Sephora is one of the most popular beauty giants that create an omnichannel experience to establish better relationships with the customers. The firm offers an online platform that connects its shoppers’ online purchases to their in-store visits. What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieAdditionally, when it comes to the complimentary makeovers and beauty workshops, users can use in-store tablets to check out what they have in their ‘Beauty Bag’ account while shopping. The account helps customers check out the item details and effectively try on products through digital software. The company’s app allows users to add desired products to the wish list and purchase the entire list. Sephora integrates the ‘Beauty Bag’ feature with its in-store communication channel to help its customers narrow down their options and keep a check on the products that they want to buy.

  19. Topshop
  20. Topshop is one of the best UK-based fashion brands. It manufactures trendy clothing for women. In the marketing strategy for London Fashion Week that company introduced a series of digital billboards to be displayed all over the United Kingdom. What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieAll the billboards were synced with the firm's Twitter data, so that all the tweets with the hashtag ‘#LFW,’ get displayed on the billboard alongside a relevant item from Topshop's catalog. In this way, the participants would know where to shop as soon as any latest trend was being talked about online. The company made each billboard placed within a 10-minute walking distance from its stores, so it won’t take much time for the viewers to reach out to them after seeing the advertisement.

  21. Disney
  22. Disney focuses on both, major and minor needs of the consumer and places an excellent example of an omnichannel experience. Let us start with the entertainment giant's beautiful, appealing, and mobile-responsive website. It is a trip-planning website and works well on mobile which is something that you don't see very frequently.What is omnichannel experience - Appy PieThe website helps you plan your entire trip using the amazing My Disney Experience tool. It helps you from managing to dine to securing your Fast Pass. You can also use the company’s mobile app to locate the attractions you want to visit, also it helps you view the estimated wait time for each of them. Another great tool that it offers is its Magic Band program tool that acts as a food ordering tool, a hotel room key, or a photo storage device for all the pictures that you take with Disney characters. It also helps you with the Fast Pass integration to keep your vacation moving. Omnichannel marketing strategy is relatively effective that already has a proven track record of success. These 11 brands have become skilled at this art and have seen their sales and revenue growth.


Omnichannel marketing strategy is no more a choice only for retailers, as various online marketers have also started implementing this technique into their businesses. Not only the marketers but the older generations are also utilizing the power of digital channels to optimize their relationships with the brands and streamline their shopping experiences. There is so much competition out there, but with a healthy dose of creativity and the right channel strategies, you can set your brand up for stability and durability in this rapidly changing environment. With a lot of opportunities wide open, it’s time to explore what omnichannel marketing strategy can do for your company. Visit Appy Pie Academy and learn more about various omnichannel and digital marketing techniques on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and much more!

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