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Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 11th, 2024 10:06 am

With Public education universally available at the K-12 level, there are more than 14,000 school districts in the US, and more than $500 billion being spent each year on public primary and secondary education. Education is compulsory over an age range starting between five and eight and ending somewhere between ages sixteen and eighteen, depending on the state. In most schools, education is divided into three levels: elementary school, middle or junior high school and high school. Loaded with highly useful tools and features, Appy Pie’s Education App builder can help create apps for all these K-12 schools, colleges and other educational institutions. From providing round the clock availability of educational material with the eReader feature to providing interactive elements with the Chat feature, these apps can lead to better classroom performance in students. Effective utilization of student’s leisure hours with a variety of tools to improve lifestyle and a vast storehouse of information in the Education feature can go a long way in enriching student’s lives. Students become increasingly tech savvy by using the app for accessing all materials, submitting assignments, researching for projects and interacting with guides. Not just individual growth, these apps promote learning through sharing of information with the Blog , Facebook and Social network features. In addition to supporting their academics these apps also encourage students to adopt better lifestyles with the Pedometer that can track number of steps walked in a day and compare it to pre-set goals.

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