Apps are fun and informal and a great new alternative mode of learning .Appy Pie’s Education App builder can help create apps targeted at schools, colleges and other educational institutions with the following benefits:

  • To provide round the clock availability of educational material with the eReader feature.
  • In helping provide interactive elements with the Chat feature which leads to better classroom performance in students.
  • Effective utilization of student’s leisure hours with a variety of tools to improve lifestyle and a vast storehouse of information in the Education feature.
  • Students become increasingly tech savvy by using the app for accessing all materials, submitting assignments, researching for projects and interacting with guides.
  • Promoting learning through sharing of information with the Blog , Facebook and Social network feature.
  • Encouraging students to adopt better lifestyles with the Pedometer that can track number of steps walked in a day and compare it to pre-set goals.
  • Fostering 24X7 connectivity with teachers and guides with the app being available in the offline mode as well.
  • Books can be sold on the e-Commerce interface and libraries can also be displayed online for the ease of users.
  • Users can easily send in their feedback with the Ratings and Review feature.
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