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71+ Best Design Boards to Follow on Pinterest

By Saumya | Last Updated on May 3rd, 2024 3:30 pm

Pinterest stands as a pivotal platform for users aiming to discover, save, and share creative ideas, including a lot of board designs that capture the essence of inspiration and style. Whether one is looking for moodboard templates to obtain a particular emotion or simply for eye-catching board designs to follow, Pinterest provides an endless options of artistic and visionary content. Its functionality, allowing users to create personalized boards, makes it a vital tool for designers and enthusiasts alike seeking inspiration for their next project.

This blog explores some of the most remarkable board designs available on Pinterest today, showcasing the diverse ways of typography, color, and layout that can convey emotion and narrative. Also, we’ll explain how AI design tools are revolutionizing the whole process of creating board design. From exploring how typography can influence the feel of a design, to unraveling the power of color in setting a mood, and even examining designs that add depth and texture, readers will find a comprehensive guide to enhancing their own boards.

What is a Design Board?

Design boards, sometimes also referred to as concept boards, are one of the most essential tools for visualizing the combination of real-life items in a design project. They enable you to see how different elements look together before finalizing your design, helping identify any piece that might not fit well with the rest.

As you progress, design boards help solidify your design concept, incorporating actual or similar items you plan to use. This stage is crucial for selecting the right pieces to achieve the desired atmosphere in a room. Working with design boards ensures you remain aligned with your vision, allowing you to see how the chosen items coordinate within the space. People also use vision boards which also work on the same concept as a design board. You may also use Appy Pie’s vision board maker to streamline the process of clarifying, concentrating, and maintaining focus on specific life goals by displaying images, words, and phrases.

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Best Design Boards for Pinterest

Pinterest boards are collections of images organized by users, mainly for learning, displaying work, or gathering design inspiration. Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest quickly became a favorite tool among designers, with its user base growing by 2,702% between May 2011 and February 2012. The platform features a wide range of boards that provide various design categories, making it an excellent resource for designers looking for ideas or showcasing their creations. Also, they can utilize this visual platform for Pinterest Marketing in order to promote brands and products through compelling images and pinboards, driving engagement and directing traffic to websites.

Color Inspiration

Let's dive into the world of color design boards available on Pinterest and learn how each pin opens the door to limitless possibilities and vibrant ideas

  1. Rebecca Finn
  2. A flood of serene blues and vibrant corals, inviting tranquility and energy into your space.

  3. Yatir Kaaren
  4. Deep, earthy tones meet bursts of unexpected colors to ground and energize your designs.

  5. Kayla Lamoreaux
  6. Pastel palettes with a punch, bringing softness and vibrancy to your creative projects.

  7. Anne Marker
  8. Bold, minimalist color blocks that speak volumes in the language of contemporary chic.

  9. Oh Joy
  10. A joyful explosion of colors, textures, and patterns to bring happiness into every corner of your life.

  11. Studio DIY
  12. Bright, playful hues that inspire fun and imaginative DIY projects for every skill level.

  13. Design Milk
  14. Sleek and sophisticated neutrals with a pop of color for that perfect modern edge.

  15. Sight Unseen
  16. An innovative mix of colors that challenges perceptions and ignites curiosity. Try our Color Mixer tool and dive into the endless possibilities of color mixing, where blending various shades can uncover new and innovative hues.

  17. Chronicle Books
  18. Literary-inspired palettes that weave stories through color and design.

  19. Uppercase Mag
  20. Eclectic and vibrant, a feast for the eyes that fuels the creative soul.

  21. P.S. I Made This
  22. DIY-inspired color schemes that are both accessible and aspirational for craft lovers.

  23. Design Love Fest
  24. Feminine and flirty colors that add a touch of whimsy and romance to your designs.

  25. Bright.Bazaar
  26. A burst of sunshine and coastal vibes, bringing light and warmth into your designs.

  27. Design Sponge
  28. Rustic meets modern through a palette that bridges the gap between comfort and cutting-edge style.

    Layout Ideas

    Discover the art of space and structure with layout ideas design boards and decode the art of transforming any space into a beautiful creation

  29. Sean Booth
  30. A blend of abstract forms and structured layouts that challenge the conventional boundaries of design.

  31. Daniel Abrahams
  32. Sleek, minimalist layouts that communicate clarity and sophistication with every element.

  33. aDONNAdesign
  34. Bold, graphic layouts that pop with color and playful typography, breathing life into every composition.

  35. Joy Cho
  36. Bright and airy layouts filled with joyful colors and playful patterns that spark creativity and happiness.

  37. Lindsay Pasichnyk
  38. Elegant and fluid layouts that use space and texture to create a narrative flow, inviting the viewer on a visual journey.

  39. Josue Solana
  40. A fusion of cultural and modern design principles, creating layouts that tell a story across borders.

  41. Graeme McCree
  42. Clean, functional layouts that prioritize usability and aesthetic balance, perfect for web and print design.

  43. Paula Cevasco
  44. Feminine and delicate layouts that utilize soft tones and details to create a sense of serenity and grace.

  45. Rusty C. Cook
  46. Vintage-inspired layouts that combine retro fonts and imagery with a modern twist, perfect for nostalgic branding.

  47. Mike D
  48. Urban and edgy layouts that incorporate graffiti elements and street style for designs that demand attention.

  49. Rosanne Chan
  50. Artful layouts that blend abstract expressionism with geometric precision, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary design.

  51. Sheila Buchanan
  52. Earthy and organic layouts that draw inspiration from nature, using textures and natural colors to create warmth and depth.

  53. Ben Grandgenett
  54. Bold, geometric layouts that play with shapes and perspective to create dynamic and impactful designs.

  55. Alicia Carvalho
  56. Minimalist layouts that use whitespace elegantly, allowing each design element to breathe and communicate.

  57. Temi Coker
  58. Vibrant and energetic layouts that fuse African textiles with digital art, creating a powerful visual language.

  59. Kristen Ashton
  60. Playful and creative layouts that experiment with color, shape, and typography to spark joy and imagination.

  61. Shanti Sparrow
  62. Unusual layouts with a focus on animal and nature designs, wrapped in a palette of soothing colors.

  63. Angèle Kamp
  64. Romantic and dreamy layouts that feature pastel colors and floral patterns, perfect for fashion and lifestyle brands.

  65. Cymone Wilder
  66. Sleek, monochromatic layouts that master the balance between simplicity and sophistication, showcasing the power of contrast.

  67. Rich Armstrong
  68. Interactive and engaging layouts that utilize clever animations and interactive elements to allure and inform.

    Branding and Identity

    Explore the essence of branding and identity with a collection of visuals that showcase innovative logo designs, color schemes, and branding strategies to inspire your next project.

  69. Sean Booth – Branding
  70. Innovative branding solutions that merge cutting-edge design with core brand values for a memorable identity.

  71. Rusty Cook – Branding + Identity
  72. Timeless branding and modern identity design, creating visual stories that resonate and endure.

  73. Gavinskeels
  74. Eclectic branding ideas that blend traditional graphics with contemporary flair for standout identities.

  75. Hello Quixotic (Thea)
  76. Feminine and sophisticated branding that combines elegance with playful creativity for unique business identities.

  77. Creative Market
  78. Branding inspiration that features everything from minimalist logos to complete identity kits from global designers.

  79. Fromupnorth
  80. Bold and creative branding concepts that push the boundaries of design and typography.

  81. Rebeccalise
  82. Artistic and personal branding ideas that reflect deep narratives through thoughtful design and color.

  83. Liz Cook
  84. Personal branding that tells a story, leveraging vivid colors and personal touches to create a memorable identity.

  85. Dannyblanton
  86. Modern and sleek branding designs that emphasize clarity, simplicity, and the power of a strong visual identity.

  87. Mariekazalia
  88. Abstract and innovative branding ideas that challenge the norm and allure the viewer with their originality.

  89. Heather Parlato
  90. Sustainable and eco-friendly branding concepts that integrate green initiatives into memorable design aesthetics.

  91. Photodoto
  92. Visual identity designs focused on the photography industry, offering inspiration for logos, watermarks, and brand styling.

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    Typography and Illustrations

    Learn the importance of bold fonts, intricate lettering and engaging artwork and how typography and imaginative illustration can elevate your design projects to new heights.

  93. Niki Blaker
  94. Bold typographic experiments and sleek illustrations, showcasing the power of words in visual design.

  95. Mike Jones
  96. A blend of hand-lettered typography and raw illustrations that capture the essence of urban art.

  97. Andrew Walbridge
  98. Elegant and minimalistic typography seamlessly integrated with geometric illustrations for a modern design.

  99. Milele Design
  100. Cultural designs and vibrant colors in illustrations complemented by dynamic typography. Also, users can try Appy Pie’s AI Font Generator for typography by inputting their style preferences and design requirements, allowing the tool to create personalized fonts that align with their specific project needs.

  101. Laura Morgan
  102. Playful illustrations paired with playful typography, perfect for children's books and cheerful branding.

  103. Sanqunetti Design
  104. Fun, family-friendly illustrations meet eye-catching typography in designs that sparkle with joy.

  105. P (Photo Finish Ideas)
  106. High-impact typography and bold illustrations that bring editorial and advertising concepts to life.

  107. Whitney Frost
  108. Soft, feminine typography with delicate illustrations, incorporating elegance and grace.

  109. Alyson Hood
  110. Contemporary typography with abstract illustrations, pushing the boundaries of digital art and design.

  111. Juan Pablo
  112. Lush, detailed illustrations are paired with handcrafted typography for a deeply personal artistic expression.

  113. You Work for Them
  114. A collection of cutting-edge typography and advanced illustrations from global artists.

  115. Behance
  116. The creative inspiration, featuring a diverse array of typographic styles and illustrations from world-renowned designers.

    Posters and Print Design

    Find inspiration in a diverse collection of poster styles, from simple to innovative, to enhance your print projects with Pinterest design boards based on posters and print design.

  117. Gavinskeels- Posters
  118. A fusion of vintage vibes and contemporary aesthetics in posters that capture the eye and the imagination.

  119. Hello Quixotic- Posters
  120. Delightful poster designs that blend playful illustrations with elegant typography for a magical effect. Additionally, you may also try Appy Pie’s poster maker by selecting templates or starting from scratch, customizing with their own images, text, and design elements to effortlessly create compelling posters.

  121. Creative Market- Posters
  122. Discover a marketplace of ideas with posters ranging from minimalist to excessive, created by creative minds from around the globe.

  123. Fromupnorth- Posters
  124. Bold and innovative poster designs that push the boundaries of creativity and visual impact.

  125. Rebeccalise
  126. Customized poster designs that tell a story, combining heartfelt illustrations with meaningful messages.

  127. Formula Design
  128. Strategic and concept-driven poster designs that communicate powerful messages through sophisticated visuals.

  129. Dannyblanton
  130. Sleek and modern posters that stand out with their clean lines, sharp typography, and vibrant colors.

  131. Mariekazalia
  132. Abstract and expressive, these posters invite viewers into a visual exploration of color and form.

  133. Jeremy Pruitt
  134. Quirky and engaging posters that combine hand-drawn elements with digital design for a unique, eye-catching look.

  135. Rosanne Chan
  136. Elegant posters that fuse traditional artistic techniques with digital design, creating serene and beautiful visual narratives.

    Graphic and Advertising Inspiration

    Discover innovative design boards based on graphic designs and advertising campaigns that look great and work well, making sure your audience remembers them.

  137. Alyson Hood
  138. Dive into Alyson Hood's world of bold colors and innovative layouts that inspire graphic design and advertising with a fresh, contemporary twist.

  139. Kate Collins
  140. A mix of classic and modern advertising gems, showcasing how timeless design principles can create impactful messages.

  141. Mike Jones
  142. Explore Mike Jones' collection of edgy and urban graphic design and advertising inspirations.


Through this exploration, we have journeyed across a spectrum of board designs on Pinterest, from the meaningful use of typography and color that sets the tone of a design, to the strategic incorporation of depth and layout which brings life into spaces.Also, choosing the right Pinterest sizes for your pins is key to maximizing visibility and engagement on the platform.The blog has underscored the significance of understanding the psychological impact of design choices, be it through the selection of fonts or color palettes, and how these decisions resonate with the audience, contributing to a design's overall success and engagement.

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