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20 Color Combinations That Can be Applied to Your Designs

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“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”The perfect color combinations are important to create eye-catching graphics. Such graphics can help give your business’ designs a polished look. Colors are very important for creating good graphics. It can help your design come alive, set a perfect tone and mood, and influence user perception.

A major difficulty that many designers face is finding a good color combination for their designs. A designer needs inspiration to find the perfect color combinations for their designs. Be it a poster, logo, or just graphics; they need a color combination for their designs. Keeping that in mind, we have created 20 different color combinations that can be used to make your graphics perfect. Before we proceed ahead, let us discuss the various types of color combinations that can be applied in your designs.

Types of Color Combinations

Colors are combined with the help of a color wheel. Each color of a color wheel evokes a different mood. The colors you create with the help of a color wheel can be used to create color combinations that act as the color palette for the graphics you are creating. You can experiment with your own colors with the help of Appy Pie Color Wheel. It is a free online tool that helps you find crisp color combinations and experiment with your colors. Go check it out!There are five distinct types of color combinations that you can find for your color palette:

  1. Complementary Colors
  2. Complementary colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel. Using these colors provides a bright and prominent feel. This combination has an extremely high contrast and can often be termed as loud.comple - Appy Pie

  3. Triadic Colors
  4. Triadic colors use three opposing colors from the different sides of the color wheel. Triadic is rarely used since balancing using three opposing colors is difficult. Just like complementary colors, triadic creates bright, contrasting color schemes.tri - Appy Pie

  5. Monochromatic Colors
  6. Monochromatic colors use the three different shades, tones, and tint of the same base color. Monochromatic color schemes are usually soothing to the eye and provide a great amount of versatility and harmony to the designed website.mono - Appy Pie

  7. Analogous Colors
  8. This color scheme uses three neighboring colors of the color wheel. It provides the same versatility as monochromatic colors. However, analogous colors are extremely hard to balance together.ana - Appy Pie

  9. Tetradic Colors
  10. This color scheme uses 4 colors from the color wheel. Colors are evenly separated from each other. Tetradic color is the hardest to balance and they often create a very bold color scheme. It works best if one of the four colors is used as the dominant color and the rest accentuate.tet - Appy Pie

Applying Color Combinations for Your Designs

The color combinations for each graphic depends on the type of graphics you are designing. For more artistic graphics, the graphic design may differ and a designer has more of a free hand in their color combinations. However, if you are designing graphics for a business, your job may involve a set of preset colors and color combinations. Here is an infographic that reflects the trends that business color combinations tend to follow:Color Combination - Appy PieOnce you can create a good color combination for your designs, you can start designing your own graphics. For designing your graphics, you can go with an easy-to-use free graphic design tool, Appy Pie Design. Appy Pie Design is a free graphic design software that helps you create graphics online. It has an intuitive interface that beginners and professionals can use. Check it out!

20 Color Combinations That You Should Apply To Your Designs

The time has come to take a look at some of the best color combinations that you can apply to your designs. All color combinations have been created by the designers at Appy Pie. Try these color combinations for your designs. All of these colors can be color picked with the help of Appy Pie’s Color Wheel.

  1. Corporate Professional(Mist, Stone, Shadow, Autumn):
  2. corporate professional - Appy pieAs shown in the infographic above red, black, and blue are very common colors used by most businesses. Red reflects confidence, black reflects authority while blue reflects calmness and trust. This color combination uses desaturated shades of red and blue, toned with hints of black and brick red. It is a conservative color shade that is well-suited to more ‘professional’ design projects and is a combination that works well wherever it is applied.

  3. Desert Contrast(Crevice, Cloud Shadow, Desert, Red Clay):
  4. Desert Contrast - Appy PieDeserts are often full of different contrasting shades of red. Since red signifies confidence, the desert contrast color combination expresses confidence and gives your designs a classy look. Without being too bold and ungainly, desert contrast can cater to subtle needs of your designs. It works because the desert red shades are more toned down and have an earthy appearance.

  5. Relaxed Blues(Deep Aqua, Ocean, Wave, Seafoam):
  6. relaxed blues - Appy PieMonochrome blue tones are popular among designers. The relaxed blue color combination gives a serene and calm feel to your design. This color combination brings varied colors of the ocean to your designs with a natural yet calming feel.

  7. Natural Greens(Forest Green, Grass, Lime, Earth):
  8. natural greens - Appy PieSuited to designs and businesses that want to portray themselves as ‘natural’. For eg, this color scheme is well suited to organizations involved in organic farming or engaged in sustainable activities. Other than that, this color combination works for businesses that sell natural products. This color combination sets the tone of being natural and earthly.

  9. Instagram Pretty(Aquamarine, Turquoise, Canary Yellow, Pink Tulip):
  10. instagram pretty - Appy PieThis is a popular combination of colors. The reason it is called Instagram pretty is because a lot of art influencers on Instagram use this color combination knowingly and unknowingly to showcase their work. This color combination can be described as ‘bright’, ‘cute’, and ‘girly’ and can be used to portray liveliness in your designs.

  11. Bright Sand(Turquoise, Warm Sand):
  12. bright sand - Appy PieThere is nothing more activating and bright than the shade of turquoise. Combine it with a warm shade of gray and you have a muted turquoise color combination that looks bright yet relaxed. It creates a harmonious and gentle balance of colors for the eyes. This color combination is often found in apparel, especially sportswear.

  13. Good ol’ Television (Black, White):
  14. good tele - Appy PieSome things never get old. A color combination of black and white will never get old. This color combination is simple and timeless. It is sophisticated, classy, and gives off a rich vibe. Many luxury brands often use black and white as their chief color combination.

  15. BubbleGum Contrast (Bubblegum Pink, Pale Green):
  16. bubblegum - Appy PieThese two colors go surprisingly well together. Their wild contrast compliments each other really well and ends creating a very youthful color combination. When going for this combination use pale green as the dominant shade and the bubble gum to add contrasts. Even when used sparingly bubblegum pink stands out and appears bright.

  17. Sofa Beige(Brown Sugar, Beige):
  18. sofa beige - Appy PieThis color combination is great for interior designing, especially for homes. The colors look classy, expensive yet cozy, and give off a calm vibe. Think warm cups of coffee, a beige sofa, a book in your hand, and the pitter-patter of rain outside. This combination is very relaxing, reassuring, and mature.

  19. Cherry(Cherry, Off White):
  20. cherry - Appy PieNo color combination expresses sophistication as a blend of cherry and white. This color combination is a standard for many brands and businesses. The red balances the white and the white gets a radiance thanks to the red.

  21. Hipster Latte(Slate, Ceramic, Latte, Coffee):
  22. hipster - Appy PieNeutral grays and tans combined with a shade of coffee to add a little flair. This color combination inspires Starbucks. It is calming, sophisticated, relaxing, and classy. This combination is very common among businesses and many contemporary businesses use it. From clothing to interior design it always looks good.

  23. Blueberry Navy(Midnight Blue, Indigo Ink, Blueberry, Periwinkle):
  24. blueberry - Appy PieCalled the blueberry navy, this color combination uses darker and muted monochromatic shades of blue. This blue color combination is authoritative, royal, and trustworthy. It is also fancy and is suited to brands with a strong image and a good reputation.

  25. Instagram Pastel(Baby Blue, Peach, Butter, Butterscotch):
  26. pastel - Appy PieThis color combination is suited for the ‘gram. It portrays fun and childishness but looks good and is used by many influencers. A lot of baby clothes are made in this color combination due to the simplicity of the combination. It works though and is great for many designs.

  27. Color Candy(Orange, Fuchsia, Lemon Drop, Blue Raspberry):
  28. candy - Appy PieNothing like a little candy can brighten up your day. This color combination may seem overpowering but is very youthful. It perfectly suits bright interior design, especially for themed cafes and restaurants. It can also work great for art websites and personal websites. It does however require a tasteful application and needs some experimentation to get right.

  29. Pasta Afternoon(Current, Scarlet, Marigold, Cobblestone):
  30. pasta - Appy PieCalled pasta afternoon, this color combination is bright, rich, and Mediterranean. It is suited for restaurants and food-related businesses. It is visually appealing and eye-catching. It adds warmth and flavor to any design you create for your brand.

  31. Mango Mojito (Mellow Yellow, Verdant Green):
  32. mojito - Appy PieNamed after the color of the signature drink, this color combines muted shades of yellow and green. It creates a warm aura of calmness. It is a happy color combination having a relaxing vibe, like that of a drink it’s been named after.

  33. Classy Silver (Powder White, Silver):
  34. silver - Appy PieA combination of silver and powder white, this blend is simple and luxurious. It is a very soothing color combination and is used exclusively in minimalistic designs. Thanks to its simplicity which can give a unique minimal look to your designs. It is a sensible color choice for many industries and businesses.

  35. Tonic Purple (Lemon Tonic, Purple):
  36. tonic purple - Appy PieA blast of bright contrasting colors is extremely eye-catching. This color combination demands attention. If you feel that this is a familiar color combination, look no further than LA Lakers who have been rocking this combination for decades.

  37. Electric Summer(Blue Atoll, Vibrant Yellow):
  38. electric summer - Appy PieBeaches are fun. This blog would be incomplete without a color combination inspired by the beaches. Electric summer is bright and vibrant with a combo of popular beachwear and beach accessories. It is also an excellent color combination that can pretty much find a place anywhere it wants.

  39. Blushing Pink (Cantaloupe, Blush):
  40. canta - Appy PieComing straight out of a make-up kit, cantaloupe and blush are a monochromatic combination of pink/tan that create a cool vibe. This color combination works really well with clothing and accessories. The warm tones are welcome and approaching. It can even suit brick and mortar stores and cafes which calls for engagement from everyone who looks at it.

Summing Up

That was our list of 20 best color combinations which can help you in making your designs amazing. We will add more colors to this blog, so keep checking it out every once in a while. Meanwhile, you can start experimenting with these color combinations in your design with the help of Appy Pie’s Color Wheel. Go check it out!Leave us a comment with your ideas for great color combinations and we’ll make sure to add in our blog.

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