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Top 10 Adobe InDesign Alternative Tools in 2023

By Saumya | Last Updated on February 14th, 2024 2:36 pm

What is Adobe InDesign? It's a powerhouse in the design realm, but there are other in-design software tools that offer unique features and advantages. While the Adobe InDesign price might be steep for some, there are top InDesign Alternative options available. Let's delve deeper into the top 10 alternatives to the InDesign software in 2023, providing a brief overview and their key features.

When discussing in-design software, Adobe InDesign often comes to mind. But what is Adobe InDesign? It's a premier tool for layout and design, yet its Adobe InDesign price might be steep for some. Fortunately, the market offers various InDesign Alternative options. For those seeking an Adobe InDesign Alternative, there are several robust choices available.

  1. Appy Pie Design
  2. Appy Pie Design is an AI-powered platform designed as an Adobe InDesign Alternative and indesign free alternative to assist small businesses in creating professional graphics, videos, and animations. Serving as an InDesign Free Alternative, it democratizes the design process, making it user-friendly even for those without a formal design background. Many wonder, "what is Adobe InDesign used for?" and this platform offers similar functionalities in a more accessible manner.

    Key Features:
    • AI-enhanced design templates.
    • Tools for personalizing content.
    • Collaboration features for team feedback and joint work.
    • Cloud storage for convenient access and organization of design projects.
    • Comprehensive tools for graphic design, videos, and animations.

  3. Scribus
  4. Scribus, a free InDesign alternative, is an open-source desktop publishing tool that champions professional-grade design without the price tag of tools like free InDesign. It's known for its commitment to free software, making it a top InDesign Alternative Free choice for many. With its ability to handle complex design tasks, it stands as a compelling Alternative to InDesign for those seeking an indesign alternative free of cost.

    Key Features:
    • CMYK color support.
    • Advanced typography tools.
    • Wide range of file formats.
    • Customizable interface.
    • Built-in color management.

  5. Affinity Publisher
  6. A member of the Affinity suite, this tool stands as a prominent alternative to InDesign, offering a seamless experience for those transitioning from graphic design to publishing. Especially for users familiar with Adobe InDesign iPad, this tool ensures consistency and ease. As one of the leading InDesign alternatives, it provides a Free Alternative to InDesign for those exploring other options. It's indeed one of the top alternatives to InDesign in the market.

    Key Features:
    • Integration with Affinity Photo and Designer.
    • Advanced typography.
    • Master pages.
    • Linked resources.
    • Grids and guides.

  7. QuarkXPress
  8. With decades in the industry, QuarkXPress, often seen as a free alternative to InDesign tools, combines its rich history with modern features found in platforms like Adobe InDesign software. Catering to both print and digital publishing needs, it offers a blend of traditional and contemporary, making it a notable Adobe InDesign free alternative. For those seeking free alternatives to InDesign, QuarkXPress stands out as a viable option.

    Key Features:
    • Unique typography controls.
    • Non-destructive image editing.
    • Digital publishing tools.
    • Convert Adobe InDesign files.
    • Flex Layouts for web.

  9. Lucidpress
  10. Lucidpress, often considered an Adobe InDesign alternative free for users who are deterred by the InDesign price, is a cloud-based solution that emphasizes brand consistency and collaborative design. For those wondering what does Adobe InDesign do, it's similar to the InDesign program, primarily used for desktop publishing. Lucidpress offers features akin to InDesign for PCs, making it ideal for teams seeking a versatile design platform.

    Key Features:
    • Real-time collaboration.
    • Template locking.
    • Drag-and-drop interface.
    • Interactive digital publications.
    • Data automation.

  11. Crello
  12. Crello, often viewed as an Alternative to Adobe InDesign, stands out with its vibrant and dynamic design tools. For those seeking a Free Version of InDesign or an online InDesign experience, Crello offers a platform that caters especially to marketers and social media enthusiasts. It's a popular alternative to Adobe InDesign, providing features akin to InDesign online free for users who want flexibility and accessibility.

    Key Features:
    • Animated designs.
    • Extensive design elements.
    • Resize tool.
    • Background remover.
    • Collaboration folders.

  13. VivaDesigner
  14. VivaDesigner, often recognized as one of the alternatives to Adobe InDesign and an answer to those seeking an InDesign open source option, offers the flexibility of both web and desktop versions. For those curious about what is InDesign software and its Adobe InDesign use, it's primarily for desktop publishing. VivaDesigner ensures a versatile design experience, catering to varied user needs and even offering features similar to the alternate layout InDesign functionality.

    Key Features:
    • Web and desktop versions.
    • Advanced typography.
    • Layout adjustment.
    • Vector graphic editor.
    • Dynamic tables.

  15. Swift Publisher
  16. Exclusively for Mac users, Swift Publisher, one of the notable InDesign competitors, provides an intuitive environment for a range of design tasks, from brochures to newsletters. For those seeking a free InDesign online or free online InDesign experience, Swift Publisher stands out as a compelling InDesign alternative online. Its features, including capabilities similar to alternate layouts in InDesign, make it a top choice for many designers.

    Key Features:
    • 500+ templates.
    • Two-page spread editing.
    • Barcode generation.
    • Clipart library.
    • Layer-based workflow.

  17. Desygner
  18. Desygner, often considered an InDesign online alternative or online InDesign alternative, is tailored for those on-the-move. Recognized as a free alternative to Adobe InDesign and a competitor to Adobe's layout software, its strong mobile capabilities allow design tasks from anywhere, anytime. For those looking to purchase InDesign, Desygner presents a flexible and mobile-friendly option.

    Key Features:
    • Mobile app for Android and iOS.
    • PDF editor.
    • Collaborative space.
    • Resize designs.
    • Free image library.

  19. Xara Page & Layout Designer
  20. Xara, acting as an online InDesign editor, blends the worlds of drawing, photo editing, and publishing. It provides a holistic design experience for varied projects, catering to those who seek a comprehensive online tool for their creative needs.

    Key Features:
    • Direct Action tools.
    • Drag-and-drop design.
    • Photo editing tools.
    • Flexible document handling.
    • Advanced text handling.

A Comparative Analysis of Best Adobe Alternative Tools

Design Tool Primary Strength Design Flexibility Collaboration & Storag Unique Offerings Additional Features
Appy Pie Design AI-enhanced design templates Tools for personalizing content Collaboration features Cloud storage Graphics, videos, animations
Scribus CMYK color support Advanced typography tools Wide range of file formats Customizable interface Color management
Affinity Publisher Integration with Photo & Designer Advanced typography Master pages Linked resources Grids and guides
QuarkXPress Unique typography controls Non-destructive image editing Digital publishing tools Convert Adobe InDesign files Web Flex Layouts
Lucidpress Real-time collaboration Template customization Drag-and-drop interface Interactive digital publications Data-driven content
Crello Animated designs Extensive design elements Resize & adapt tools Background remover Team collaboration folders
VivaDesigner Web and desktop availability Advanced typography Layout adjustment tools Vector graphic capabilities Dynamic table creation
Swift Publisher 500+ template library Two-page spread design Barcode & serial tools Extensive clipart library Layer-focused workflow
Desygner Mobile-first approach PDF editing capabilities Collaborative design space Resize & adapt tools Expansive free image library
Xara Page & Layout Designer Direct Action tools Drag-and-drop design Integrated photo editing Flexible document management Advanced text tools


While Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool, there are many alternatives out there to fit different needs and budgets. Whether you're a professional designer, a small business owner, or just someone looking to create beautiful designs, there's a tool on this list for you. Explore and find the one that's just right for your projects!

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