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21 Best Ad Campaign Examples of All Time

Anupam Tiwari
By Anupam Tiwari | Last Updated on May 4th, 2024 2:58 pm

Have you ever been hooked by a commercial that left a lasting impression? The advertising arena is filled with creative ad campaigns that not only sell products but also arouse emotions, raise awareness, and leave a mark on pop culture. This blog will unravel the archives and explore the 21 best ad campaign examples of all time. We'll revisit iconic campaigns that transcended the boundaries of traditional advertising, including commercials that became cultural touchstones and social media ad campaigns that redefined brand engagement. 

This journey will be thought-provoking and downright clever, as these campaigns showcase the power of advertising to entertain, inspire, and ultimately, achieve its intended goals. Moreover, the emergence of AI Design Tools has aided marketers in creating attention-grabbing ad campaign visuals with a couple of clicks and AI generation prompts. 

So, get ready to be amazed by the creativity and ingenuity of some of the most impactful marketing campaign examples ever launched which also include those by for-profit brands and innovative nonprofit ads.

What makes a good ad campaign?

Have you ever wondered what are the attributes of the most iconic marketing campaigns throughout history? While creativity and a touch of magic are undeniable factors, successful advertising boils down to a few key characteristics:

  • It has a targeted appeal: The innovative ad campaigns don't blast a generic message to everyone. They take a strategic approach, clearly defining their target audience and drafting a message that resonates with their needs, desires, and pain points. Understanding your audience allows you to alter your message for maximum impact.
  • It incorporates compelling storytelling: Since people connect with stories, creative ad campaigns weave a narrative that captures attention and evokes emotions. It can be a humorous skit, a heartwarming tale, or a thought-provoking social commentary, a strong story always draws viewers in and makes them care about the message.
  • It has a clear call to action: An ad campaign isn't just about grabbing attention; it's about prompting action. An effective campaign includes a clear call to action, whether visiting a website, making a purchase, or simply learning more about a cause. Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do next, making it easy for them to take the desired action.
  • It is memorable and shareable: The power of social media ad campaigns is immense. A truly successful ad campaign creates content that's not only engaging but also shareable. Such campaigns include catchy slogans, visually striking elements, a touch of humor, or anything that encourages viewers to share the ad with their networks, amplifying its reach and impact.

To incorporate all these elements into an ad campaign, a beginner can always opt for a pre-designed ad template to better understand how to design one that matches the theme of the ad with the right components. Also, you should always be mindful of the varying web ad sizes while you are working on the layout of your ad campaign.

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21 Best Ad Campaign Examples of All Time

Since we have discussed, the characteristics of an effective ad campaign, let us now start with our list of the 21 best marketing campaign examples. As you explore these examples gradually, you will figure out the innovative ideas to be incorporated into your upcoming ad campaigns.

  1. "Dumb Ways to Die" - Metro Trains Melbourne
  2. Ad Campaign Examples

    Melbourne's Metro Trains launched the "Dumb Ways to Die" campaign in 2012 to promote rail safety. This award-winning campaign featured catchy music and quirky animations depicting silly (and deadly) ways to interact with trains. The campaign's success highlights the power of entertainment and emotional connection in delivering safety messages.

    Key Learning: Public service announcements can be both informative and engaging. Moreover, you can also use tools like Display Ads Maker to create visually appealing and memorable safety messages.

  3. "Like a Girl" - Always
  4. Ad Campaign Examples

    Always' "Like a Girl" campaign launched in 2014 challenged negative stereotypes associated with the phrase. The powerful social experiment video showed young girls performing actions, asking if they were doing them "like a girl." When the meaning shifted to negative connotations upon using "like a girl," the video sparked a conversation about gender equality and female empowerment.

    Key Learning: Consider the potential impact of your language. Powerful advertising can go beyond selling a product and spark positive social change.

  5. "It's Time to Act" - UNICEF
  6. Ad Campaign Examples

    UNICEF's "It's Time to Act" campaign, launched around 2021, utilizes a series of educational resources to address environmental issues like air quality. These resources, aimed at young people, explain the dangers of air pollution and empower them to take action.

    Key Learning: Always consider your target audience and tailor your message and design to effectively engage and empower a specific age group or demographic. Additionally, you can always opt for display ad templates to get the right elements and layout of your ad.

  7. "Slavery Footprint" - Made In A Free World
  8. Ad Campaign Examples

    Launched in 2011 by Made In A Free World, the "Slavery Footprint" campaign uses an online survey to raise awareness about modern slavery. Users answer questions about their lifestyle choices, and the survey calculates the estimated number of people forced into labor to maintain that lifestyle. This impactful campaign highlights the human cost of consumerism.

    Key Learning: Take special care of the emotional impact of your design. Effective advertising can use data and storytelling to raise awareness about important social issues.

  9. "Thank You, Mom" - P&G (Procter & Gamble)
  10. ad campaign examples

    P&G's "Thank You, Mom" campaign, launched in 2010 (with continuations in following years), is a heartwarming tribute to the unwavering support mothers provide. This long-running campaign features emotional videos showcasing the journeys of Olympic athletes and the crucial role their mothers played in their success.

    Key Learning: Appeal to universal emotions. Advertising can cross cultural boundaries by focusing on core human experiences like love, family, and achievement.

  11. "Empty Plates" - Action Against Hunger
  12. Ad Campaign Examples

    Hunger is a bitter reality faced by millions daily. Action Against Hunger's "Empty Plates" sheds light on this crisis. Through poignant imagery and compelling narratives, it highlights the harsh truth of empty plates amidst plenty. The campaign aims to spark action, urging viewers to join the fight against hunger. 

    Key Learning: Design your ad with empathy and purpose to evoke emotions and inspire meaningful change. Let your creativity be a motivation for good deeds. Moreover, you can use campaign poster templates that offer innovative ideas to design such ad campaigns.

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  13. “Our Food, Your Questions” - McDonalds
  14. In 2017, McDonald's "Our Food, Your Questions" campaign tackled transparency head-on. This social media and website effort invited consumers to ask anything about their food, ingredients, or preparation. By openly addressing concerns, McDonald's aimed to rebuild trust and improve brand perception.

    Key Learning: Prioritize transparency. Effective advertising can build trust by acknowledging consumer concerns and fostering open communication. You can consider incorporating opportunities for user questions or feedback into your designs. The best way to achieve this is using an 

  15. "The Scarecrow" - Chipotle
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    In 2013, Chipotle's "The Scarecrow" campaign used animation to critique industrial farming practices. The stop-motion video depicts a dystopian world where scarecrows, traditionally protectors of crops, become malnourished due to the unnatural methods used to grow food. This visually striking campaign highlighted Chipotle's commitment to ethically sourced ingredients.

    Key Learning: Symbolism can be a powerful tool. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of using metaphors and visuals to convey a complex message memorably.

  17. “Taste the Rainbow” - Skittles
  18. ad campaign examples

    Skittles' "Taste the Rainbow" campaign is a colorful and playful approach to candy marketing that was launched in 1994. This long-running campaign features vibrant visuals and catchy slogans that emphasize the variety of Skittles' fruit flavors. Its success demonstrates the power of positive associations and sensory details in creating a memorable brand identity.

    Key Learning: Focus on the sensory experience. Advertising can use color, imagery, and even word choice to evoke positive emotions and create a strong brand association. You can design such ads easily and quickly.

  19. “Colour Like No Other” - Sony Bravia
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    Sony's "Colour Like No Other" campaign, launched in 2005, revolutionized the way LCD TVs were marketed. This award-winning campaign ditched technical jargon and instead focused on the emotional impact of vibrant colors on viewers. The iconic "Balls" commercial featuring thousands of colorful balls cascading down a street perfectly embodied the campaign's message.

    Key Learning: Move beyond features, and focus on benefits. Ads can go beyond technical specifications. You can highlight the emotional experience your product provides to leave an echoing impression on consumers.

  21. “A Diamond is Forever (1999)" - De Beers
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    De Beers' "A Diamond is Forever" campaign, launched in 1999 (though the slogan itself originated in 1948), is a masterclass in emotional branding. This iconic campaign linked diamonds with everlasting love and commitment to create a strong association between the gemstone and life's most significant moments. The campaign's success shows the power of storytelling and emotional connection in luxury product marketing.

    Key Learning: Create a story, not just a product pitch. Advertising also builds emotional connections with consumers by weaving a narrative that resonates with their aspirations and desires.

  23. “Sun Fizz” - Sprite
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    Launched in 1998, Sprite's "Sun Fizz" campaign took a humorous (and slightly bizarre) approach. The ad featured a creepy, cartoon sun character aggressively promoting a fake drink called "Sun Fizz" which terrified a family. The twist? It was all a dream, revealing Sprite as the refreshing choice. This unexpected ad campaign's success highlights the power of humor and disruption in grabbing attention, even if the product placement is a bit unconventional.

    Key Learning: Don't be afraid to be bold. Ads can break through the noise with a surprising or humorous approach, as long as the brand message is clear in the end.

  25. “#EndangeredEmoji” - World Wildlife Fund
  26. Ad Campaign Examples

    The World Wildlife Fund launched the "#EndangeredEmoji" campaign in 2015. It was a clever social media effort to raise awareness about endangered species. The campaign made unique emojis representing endangered animals, encouraging users to retweet them. Each retweet triggered a small donation to WWF's conservation efforts. This innovative campaign highlights the power of integrating social media trends and user engagement into effective advertising.

    Key Learning: Embrace trends and audience participation. Advertising can leverage popular culture and social media trends to create interactive experiences that resonate with the target audience. An AI Emoji Generator tool can also help you elevate your ad campaigns like these and make it even more engaging.

  27. “Highlight the Remarkable” - Stabilo Boss 
  28. Ad Campaign Examples

    In 2018, Stabilo Boss launched the "Highlight the Remarkable" campaign, a social commentary disguised as a highlighter promotion. This award-winning campaign used black-and-white photos where historical achievements of overlooked women were highlighted in bright yellow. By drawing attention to these women's contributions, the campaign challenged gender inequality and resonated with a global audience.

    Key Learning: Consider the social impact. Ad campaigns can even spark important conversations about social issues. Use your design skills to create a message that resonates with your audience on a deeper level. You can try using the AI Photo Editor to streamline photo editing for ads like these. 

  29. “Dash Button” - ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
  30. Ad Campaign Examples

    The ACLU capitalized on the popularity of Amazon's Dash Button to create a unique activist tool. Programmer Nathan Pryor designed a hacked Dash Button that, when pressed, donated $5 to the ACLU. This clever campaign, though unofficial, highlighted the potential for innovative design to spark social action.

    Key Learning: Think outside the box. Your ads can repurpose existing technologies and user behaviors to create impactful campaigns that go beyond traditional marketing strategies.

  31. “Campaign for Real Beauty” - Dove 
  32. Ad Campaign Examples

    Launched in 2004, Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" revolutionized beauty standards in advertising. This long-running campaign features real women of diverse ages, sizes, and ethnicities, challenging narrow beauty ideals. The campaign's success highlights the power of authenticity and representation in fostering body confidence and self-esteem.

    Key Learning: Celebrate diversity and real people. Powerful ads resonate with a wider audience by featuring relatable characters and promoting realistic beauty standards that go beyond airbrushed models.

  33. “The Truth Initiative” - Big Tobacco Be Like
  34. Ad Campaign Examples

    The Truth Initiative's "Big Tobacco Be Like" campaign uses humor and social commentary to expose the manipulative tactics of the tobacco industry. These ads often depict cartoon characters representing cigarettes in absurd or unhealthy situations, showing the addictive nature and harmful effects of smoking. This approach resonates with young audiences and demonstrates the power of unconventional humor in delivering serious public health messages.

    Key Learning: Humor can be a disarming tool. An effective ad doesn't have to be preachy. Using humor and unexpected scenarios can grab attention and memorably deliver a powerful message.

  35. “Does She or Doesn't She?" - Clairol
  36. Ad Campaign Examples

    Clairol's "Does She or Doesn't She?" campaign, launched in 1957, cleverly tapped into social anxieties. It used a catchy question and glamorous models with seemingly natural-looking hair color. The campaign's subtle implication of secrecy sparked curiosity about dyed hair, especially as it was a new trend. It fueled conversation and ultimately drove sales of Clairol's at-home hair coloring kits.

    Key Learning: Target social anxieties and desires. Effective advertising can subtly address social norms and anxieties to create intrigue and encourage consumers to feel they need your product to be part of the conversation.

  37. “Just Do It Campaign” - Nike
  38. Ad Campaign Examples

    Launched in 1988, Nike's "Just Do It" campaign is a testament to the power of simplicity and emotional connection. This catchy slogan transcends product features, inspiring athletes and everyday people to push their limits and achieve their goals. The campaign's success highlights the importance of a clear, memorable message that resonates with a broad audience.

    Key Learning: Focus on the emotional connection. Effective advertising goes beyond product specifications. Aim to create a message that taps into core human emotions and aspirations to leave a lasting impression.

  39. “Year in Search Campaign” - Google
  40. Ad Campaign Examples

    Google's "Year in Search" campaign, typically launched around December each year, showcases the power of data storytelling. These year-end video compilations use trending Google searches to reflect on major events, cultural shifts, and collective curiosity over the past year. The emotional and thought-provoking narratives resonate with viewers, reminding them of the year's journey and strengthening Google's connection with its users.

    Key Learning: Data can be emotional. Don't underestimate the power of storytelling with data. By weaving narratives around statistics and search trends, you can create impactful visuals that connect with viewers on a deeper level.

  41. “Stratos Campaign” - Red Bull
  42. Ad Campaign Examples

    Red Bull's "Stratos Campaign" in 2012 wasn't just an ad; it was a science experiment disguised as marketing. Felix Baumgartner's daring jump from the edge of space, sponsored by Red Bull, broke records and garnered massive online viewership. This campaign highlights the power of blurring the lines between entertainment, science, and brand awareness.

    Key Learning: Think beyond traditional advertising. Innovative ad campaigns can push boundaries and create newsworthy experiences that resonate with a global audience.


As we've explored these 21 iconic ad campaigns, one thing becomes quite clear i.e. great advertising goes beyond the boundaries of time and trends. It taps into core human emotions, sparks conversations, and leaves a lasting impression.

These campaigns remind us of the power of storytelling, humor, and emotional connection in creating truly impactful messages. Whether it's raising awareness for a social cause, promoting a revolutionary product, or simply reminding us of the power of human potential, these ads leave their mark. So next time you see an ad that grabs your attention, take a moment to appreciate the creativity, strategy, and psychology that went into its creation. And who knows, maybe someday your own ad will be featured on a list of the "best of all time."

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