Appy Pie has Seen a Growth of 198% in Three Months. Here’s What We Figure Happened.

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How Appy Pie has Helped Businesses Through COVID-19

Gartner’s report predicted that over 50% of app-making would be done through no code by 2024. Sure, there was speculation that they might be wrong but the pandemic has proven otherwise. While we are a long way away from the estimated percentage, Appy Pie has seen extensive growth over recent months.

How Appy Pie has Helped Businesses Through COVID-19

Just like every business out there, we were afraid too. Shifting an entire business remote wasn’t easy and we too had to rely on various solutions to make it work. Even as restrictions ease, the major part of our workforce works from home amid the pandemic.

However, discussing these hardships is not the intention of this blog. We all have almost made it through. It’s just a matter of time before things return to normal and business begins to move again.

What we want to discuss in this blog is the interesting trend we have observed in the past few months. Since February 2020, Appy Pie has reached new heights. A pinnacle that we did not expect to reach in the middle of a crippling pandemic. This new pinnacle reiterates our faith in no-code software and reinforces our belief in the products we have designed.

In the past three months, we have had an astonishing astronomical growth of 198%. Yes, you read that right. The number of no code apps created since February 2020 is a whopping 198% more than the months preceding it. We have never hit a bar this high and are absolutely rejoiced by this outstanding figure. Businesses have put their faith in us and the fact that they are staying proves that they have made the right choice.

However, that isn’t the end of good news. The second peak we have reached is even more encouraging to us. There has been a 241% increase in the total number of app subscriptions.

We are speechless. We would likely have overlooked the massive growth as a temporary spurt due to lockdowns and quarantines but the increase in the number of app subscriptions points towards an alternate trend. No-code application development is the future and the current rate of growth of Appy Pie’s AppMakr proves it. It also gives an idea that many businesses are aware of no-code software and its potential.

We think that this phenomenal rise in app making can be attributed partially to the predominance of social distancing rules and the rise in mobile usage over the past 6 months. We have seen a significant increase in apps meant to aid home delivery of essential and non-essential items. We also find mobile apps made with Appy Pie are being used for interoffice communication, education, messaging, fitness, news, etc.

If we talk numbers, the rise is dominated by education apps. Educational apps made with Appy Pie AppMakr have seen an increase of about 128% since the beginning of February 2020. This is followed by e-reading applications that see a staggering 115% rise. The third and fourth places are taken by food courts/restaurants, and webinar software at 98% and 93% respectively. Messenger and chat apps also experience a rise of around 90% their original number. Over 10,000 apps are being made with Appy Pie each day.

This use of apps meant for internal and external functionalities gives us solid proof that all kinds of businesses will switch to a new way of functioning making the case for no-code app making even stronger. Prominent app development businesses have also started developing apps through our app builder to cut down on backlogs and make app maintenance easier.

We thank all businesses for putting their faith in us. This new development has motivated us further and our focus has shifted to improving customer satisfaction while maintaining our innovative streak, and bringing more solutions for businesses. We have been trying our best to improve your experience and have been maintaining our servers extensively to keep up with the influx of users.

What’s Next for AppyPie?

Our push for codeless development and SaaS software is not over. We have recently launched a Website Builder carrying over the no-code philosophy of our AppMakr. The software is capable of creating fully functional websites without coding. We have a Knowledge Base, a ChatBot Builder and a Graphic Design software available for public beta testing and we expect to launch it in the coming months. All three are rising in popularity even though they are still a beta software.

We are also extremely glad to announce the beginning of our Student App Developer Program. This is a special course for school students that teaches them how to create no-code apps. It has seen exceptional success ever since it was announced. The app developer program gets younger coders ready to adapt to new technologies. We are also offering various business related courses through our Academy.

We will continue diversifying our AppMakr too. Improving it is still one of our top goals, and we are designing new templates, features and also making tweaks to our interface. We are also tweaking existing features, making the popular ones easier to use and more accessible. We are actively working on improving app testing capabilities.

We continue our efforts to provide businesses with the best possible solutions and look to make it convenient for both big and small businesses. We hope all businesses that already use our software continue to stay with us. And we wish you all luck for your future endeavors! Thank you for your support!

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