How To Start An App Development Business?

So you want to create apps. In today’s video I’ll tell you how you can start your own app development agency. Hi I’m Abhinav Girdhar, Founder of Appy Pie!

Welcome to another edition of Ask Snappy and today’s question comes from Scott from Weston Virginia, and he asked, “How can I start my own app development agency?”

So if you want to start an app development agency you need to click on and first register as a reseller with Appy Pie!

So once you have signed up as a reseller you will get your own private label CMS exactly as Appy Pie just with your own company’s brand name.

So, it’ll look and feel exactly the same way as Appy Pie works but with your own company’s branding.

You have the option to go into the CMS and have the pricing exactly the way you desire, you can have your own margins, your own profits, you can have the ability to customize everything.

And not only this, you get your own dedicated Account Manager who would help you navigate the product, help you take the product for a test drive, you see how the app looks, how the CMS works, how the functionality works, you get entire access of the tutorials that we’ve created 100% white label.

On top of that you get your own white label marketing collateral that you could use or leverage to get more and more customers coming your way.

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