20 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2022 [New and Most Effective Ideas]

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20 Best Mobile App Ideas for 2021 - Appy Pie

We bet that you don’t remember the day you spent without a mobile device. In this digital world, it’s a real challenge to get something done without using mobile application. Each and every business has not only a responsive version of website, but they also provide an app to install on the smartphone and/or tablet. Shopping, booking, banking and hundreds of other services are easily accessible through the gadget and keep you connected 24/7. Mobile apps make the world go round today. That’s the very reason to go digital and make your own mobile app if you haven’t done that yet.
Top 5 Mobile App Ideas for 2021 - Appy Pie

Top Mobile App Ideas

It’s the beginning of 2021, and the right time to analyze everything and think of the strategy for the whole year and have some prosperous mobile app ideas to be implemented in your business, project, or startup to reach the stated objectives. At the very beginning, it’s critical to identify key aspects like the features and functionality, platforms, tasks that your solution will solve. In addition to that, you should learn the industry trends that help you to stay competitive, improve customer experience, and even increase revenue. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective mobile apps ideas that can improve your business growth if adopted successfully:

Best Mobile App Ideas [New App Ideas for 2021]

1. VR-Enabled Apps
2. AR-Based Apps
3. IoT Apps
4. Blockchain Apps
5. E-Commerce Apps
6. Chatbots
7. Restaurant Reservation Apps
8. Healthcare Apps
9. Fitness Apps
10. Travel & Tourism Apps
11. Dating Apps
12. Cab Hailing Apps
13. Disaster Alert Apps
14. Cooking Guide Apps
15. Mall Navigation Apps
16. Tax Management and Invoicing Apps
17. Mobile Banking Apps
18. Language Learning App
19. Music Apps
20. Subscription Tracking Apps

  1. VR-Enabled Apps
  2. In due time, an advanced headset was needed to experience any VR product. However, the progress of the technologies alongside applications makes a mobile device engaging. Thus, you have the capability to relish VR experience, fantastic 360-degree visuals. Today, it’s commonly used for the gaming industry, though the potential of VR solutions is undiscovered to the end. There are innumerable ways to use technology to achieve your goals.

  3. AR-Based Apps
  4. It’s expected that the AR (Augmented Reality) market size will enhance up to more than 198 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. That makes the AR-based apps to be in the second place of the chart. Recently, the technology was used for entertainment only. The potential of AR is much bigger. Today, it can be used in different industries, including but not limited to education, medicine, marketing, e-commerce, and so on. Thereby, if you want to improve user engagement and boost awareness, then AR can be a pretty useful tool on your way to success.

  5. IoT Apps
  6. IoT solutions and applications have already made our daily routine and lives more convenient, but that’s the very beginning. Yes, technology is connecting house equipment, cars, tablet/phone, TV, other gadgets and giving you the capability to control them via a single recall point. Home automation, IoT-enabled ECG devices, systems for smart parking and smart office are just a few ideas to take into account in 2021.

  7. Blockchain Apps
  8. According to the forecast, the market size of blockchain will increase up to 23.3 billion U.S dollars by 2023. Blockchain is among the most invested technologies nowadays and has the potential to become extremely profitable if it takes hold. What’s more, it can be implemented in different industries from payment systems to education and healthcare which require to store data with high security. Being completely decentralized, blockchain innovative ideas are perfect for IoT, notary, distributed cloud storage, etc.

    Blockchain Mobile App Ideas for 2021 - Appy Pie

  9. E-Commerce Apps
  10. Being already a successful mobile app idea, e-commerce programs will be one the rise in 2021 providing a wide array of options for customers’ convenience. Such well-known brands like eBay, Dosh, Amazon, and other household names have already made a huge profit through the mobile shopping applications presented. However, there is room for improvement. Thus, you can realize some future apps ideas like brand, budget or collective shopping apps, pet care, and food applications, and so forth.

  11. Chatbots
  12. Chatbots are a critical tool for e-commerce companies to improve user experience. If successfully integrated, Chabot technology enables you to deliver 24/7 fast assistant for your consumers without additional expenses. The huge advantage of the solution is lively user interaction, the possibility to operate a large number of queries, better understand the customer’s needs and tastes. That makes Chabot an excellent mobile app idea to be implemented in the upcoming 2021.

  13. Restaurant Reservation Apps
  14. The booking of tickets to the cinema, train, airplane are common situations, while the ability to see the available tables in the restaurant and book them via the app is still unexplored, but it holds the potential to be the prospective idea in 2021. Such apps allow visitors to book a table they desire from the restaurant layout. That is bound to improve visitors’ experience by times. What’s more, such apps can make the functioning and managing of the restaurants much easier.

  15. Healthcare Apps
  16. Telemedicine is not a future, but the reality. The idea of getting professional help and consultation remotely is extremely popular today. The technology will reshape the industry and change the way people connect with the industry. Thereby, healthcare mobile apps are one of the best ideas for the upcoming year 2021.

  17. Fitness Apps
  18. Another promising and successful mobile application idea that is closely associated with the previous one is fitness apps. Users can get work out details, track progress, and get pieces of advice, etc. by launching a single application. Considering the high popularity of a healthy lifestyle, fitness mobile app ideas have great potential in 2021.

    Fitness Mobile App Ideas for 2021 – 3

  19. Travel & Tourism Apps
  20. Traveling becomes highly popular. People plan the trip, book rooms in hotels, buy tickets using mobile applications. That makes the idea of creation of the app that can give you a detailed overview of the sights, tourist spots, facts, restaurants, etc. in a specific location pretty fruitful.

  21. Dating Apps
  22. Being over busy, millennials don’t have time to meet new friends or perfect mate offline. However, smartphones and tablets can turn the world into a playground for dates, hookups, or even long-term relationships. Yes, today’s technologies can help you to find a soulmate through dating apps. Using applications of a kind like Tinder you can match with a chosen person, interact with him/her. Adding some features, options to your app, you’re able to create the next big thing!

  23. Cab Hailing Apps
  24. High technologies reshape lots of industries with the trucking one included. Uber, Lyft and other apps like these have revolutionized the on-demand industry. Hiring and booking a cab with such added features as price comparison, availability of child safety seat, etc. can bring you not bad profit though. Clear up the options you wish to implement before developing the app.

  25. Disaster Alert Apps
  26. Safety stands first. Thus, disaster alert apps hold the potential in the areas where natural calamities are common. This kind of apps can save lives by warning users about unforeseen emergencies, provide instructions to be safe. Such apps aren’t constrained to disasters. So, you can realize such mobile ideas as immediate assistance, tracking kids, suchlike safety apps.

    Disaster alert Mobile App Ideas for 2021

  27. Cooking Guide Apps
  28. With cooking becoming extremely popular, the range of TV shows appeared, cooking is a hobby for lots of users. Thus, the app idea with instructions, recipes, advice, food facts can be pretty successful in the future year. Think of the features you need to add to the mobile app to meet all the demands of your target audience (TA).

  29. Mall Navigation Apps
  30. There are huge malls with dozens of sections, and it’s impossible to remember where each section is located. It’s quite time-consuming, time-wasting and annoying thing to search for the needed product section. The idea of a mall navigation app is useful for customers of various brands like IKEA, Walmart, Target and other large stores. The listing of the product range can be a great added feature by the way.

  31. Tax Management and Invoicing Apps
  32. The idea of mobile apps for tax management is the next thing to keep into consideration. The apps can help you to maximize the speed, efficiency, and precision of your financial management workflow. Not only do they help to calculate taxable income and other data provided, but also you can add such features as generating invoices and reports about your finances, performing accounting and payroll tasks, etc. Thereby, it makes tax invoicing apps evergreen ideas.

  33. Mobile Banking Apps
  34. The idea of mobile banking apps is not new. Yes, the mobile wallets with their benefits like the possibility of online transactions, account tracking have already replaced the dealing with cash and plastic money. However, the idea of a banking mobile application that will act as a single POC (point of contact) is fruitful. These apps can be used for rent payments, mobile bills, EMI deposits, and so forth. It’s a thing to think about.

  35. Language Learning App
  36. Traveling and offshore working are highly popular nowadays. The language barrier is a primary problem that can be solved with the apps. Herewith, the idea to develop the mobile language learning applications shows enormous potential. Clear on the features and options, like word pronunciation, grammar, learning of particular words, etc. before starting the development.

  37. Music Apps
  38. Another quite fresh idea is mobile music apps. Such applications are on-demand lately. Creation of playlists, radio charts, search by brands, music sharing, and social media integration, these and a host of suchlike features are to be considered when developing an app of this kind.

  39. Subscription Tracking Apps
  40. Today users have dozens of subscriptions. Thus, there is an idea of an app to use for tracking all the subscriptions the user has. Not only will the app alert the user when the next subscription is due, its price, but also it displays what properties are offered. This is a way to manage the subscription, make up your mind in advance whether to continue or unsubscribe.

    Subscription tracking Mobile App Ideas for 2021

Bottom Line

Certainly, the range of mobile app ideas can be filled up endlessly and it’s just a start. There is much more to explore. However, these trends are what you’d mind in 2021. Discover an optimal mobile app idea to implement into your project, business, or startup for generating the highest revenues ever. Utilize that one that suits your goals best, use its hidden potential, find new ways to implement the existing technologies or add own ideas to the mentioned ones to perfect the project. Follow the trend, create and utilize innovations to stay competitive.

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