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Top Post-Event Survey Questions to Ask [with Examples]

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on September 21st, 2022 5:21 pm | 5-min read
Post Event Survey Questions to Ask

After you wrap up a major event, you can finally take a deep breath. You know more-or-less how it worked out. You’re happy, you’re exhausted and you’re curious. What did the attendees, stakeholders think about your event? What about the sponsors? Will they be supportive next year? And many more questions running in your mind.

Surveys answer exactly, what attendees liked about your event and what can be added up to make it better for the next time.

Gathering feedback after an event is critical. The results help businesses make future events better and meet expectations.

In the blog ahead, I am going to talk about post-event survey questions, the factors to keep in mind while creating surveys and the types of post-event survey questions with examples.

Post Event Survey Questions to Ask

Post-Event Survey Questions

Event Professionals use post-event survey questions to evaluate an event’s success. By asking post-event survey questions, we find out what attendees think about the event organized. Event surveys provide insights, unveil what went well and help the businesses improve things for the future event.

Ask the right questions in the right way to get the most useful feedback!

Surveys should not be too lengthy. They should be designed in a way that brands can send them to their users via e-mail or get them done using pen and paper. Businesses can also create an Event Marketing App and make surveys a part of it. There are three types of post-event survey questions – Multiple choices, Open-ended and Likert Scale Questions.

Factors to keep in mind when creating a Post-Event Survey

Surveys are the most effective way to seek usable feedback while the event is still fresh in minds. Keep the below-mentioned points in mind when creating survey questions to ask after an event.

  • Number of questions: Keep the event survey short, five to ten questions should be fine. Create questions based on the venue, audience, size of your event and gather user’s feedback for the areas that you are most curious about.

  • Start your Event Survey with a simple question: The first question of the survey should be a general question. Ask for the overall experience first, so that you could get the feedback even from the people who don’t take the whole survey.

  • Ask Net Promoter Score question early: Ask for the Net Promoter Score at the starting of the survey. The lower you ask this question, the worse the NPS score could become, due to its placement.

  • Ask limited open-ended questions: It is easier to select an answer from multiple choice than writing your responses. Although, open-ended questions work great for collecting details and understanding what the respondents think of, but there should not be a lot of those in the survey. Users can leave the survey incomplete because of so many open-ended questions.

  • Event Survey Length: Survey should be short and sweet. Mark the time length in the survey and that too an accurate one. For example, you can mention, ‘short five-minute survey’. Keep the survey concise if you are asking the guests to take it using a mobile app.

Use these factors in the post-event survey for your upcoming event. Measure your event satisfaction factors by asking post-event survey questions to the participants. Firstly, let us go through some examples.

Best Post-Event Survey Questions with Examples

Now when you are ready to create a survey, let’s decide what to ask and create post-event survey questions with the examples mentioned below. Many online free survey maker tools and event app builders help you plan the event, create surveys and enable you to enter the survey questions. These tools help the users send the survey link to their guests and check the results later.

Post Event Survey Questions to Ask

Let’s talk about the three types of post-event survey questions in detail with examples. You don’t have to ask all the questions that we are quoting here because it may make your survey too long or repetitive.

Go through the best post-event survey questions examples mentioned below and learn how to write a post-event survey. Use selected questions as a springboard while creating your post-event survey.

Open-ended Survey Questions

Open-ended questions help businesses know what respondents have in their minds, as if they are having a regular conversation with them. On the other hand, the other types of survey questions provide users with multiple options to select.

Don’t ask too many open-ended questions. Keep them limited, as it takes longer time for the respondents to answer these questions.

Examples of Open-ended Survey Questions

  • What did you like the most at this event?
  • Why did you decide to be a part of the event?
  • What would you like to share as your experience from the event?
  • Is there anything that you dislike about this event?
  • What we could have done to make your event experience more convenient?
  • Anything that you enjoyed the most about the event?
  • How organized was the event today?
  • What would be the future growth opportunities for the event?
  • How did the training at the event help you improve your professional skills?
  • What would you suggest as a topic or speaker suggestions for future events?

Do not forget to add the question – ‘How was the event useful for you?’ Every business must be open to the feedback and not just assume that the event has a positive impact.

Rating or Likert Scale Survey Questions

Rating Survey Questions are the most popular type of questions to ask in your post-event survey. These questions provide respondents the scale on which they can rate for how much they agree with a statement. For example, you could tell the attendees to rate the event on a scale from 1-5 or 1-7. It is good to mention the odd number so that there would be a middle point available.

Examples of Likert Scale Survey Questions

  • How would you rate the overall performance of the event?
  • How likely would you recommend this event to a coworker or friend?
  • How likely is the event valuable for you?
  • How satisfied are you with the catering at the event?
  • How would you rate the networking quality of the event?
  • How useful were the data and information presented at this event?
  • How much will this event impact your job positively?
  • How would you rate the event’s agenda?
  • How likely was the venue perfect for the event?
  • How satisfied are you with the knowledge of each speaker?
  • How likely were the speakers and presenters prepared?
  • How likely are you to attend our upcoming events?
  • How comfortable were you in asking questions at the event?

You can also craft a grid, or a matrix, asking the respondents to rate multiple factors within the same question. Creating a grid for multiple questions can make it feel shorter.

Multiple Choice Survey Questions

Multiple Choice questions give the respondents multiple options to select a specific answer. They can select one fitting answer or all those apply.
Make sure the answers include ‘N/A’ to get accurate results.

Examples of Multiple-Choice Survey Questions

  • How did you first get to know about the event?
  • Have you attended our event before?
  • Did this year’s event meet your expectations?
  • What all the sponsors you recall from the event?
  • What activities at the event did you like the most?
  • How likely are you satisfied with the event’s agenda?
  • What factors of the event determine your professional development?
  • Did the information provided in the event fit your role?
  • Who was your favorite presenter?
  • Were the sessions too lengthy?
  • Do you think the event achieved its goals?
  • Was the event likely to what you expected?
  • Did you get enough time for asking questions at each presentation?

In the survey questions to ask after your event, you can also add demographic questions based on the title of the event, related industry and many more.


Events, if done right, can prove to be the most impactful marketing channel for the business.

Gathering feedback can be critical and hard. Positive feedback makes us feel great. Who doesn’t want to hear you did a great job? It is always good to know that all your hard work has paid off.

But we don’t like admitting mistakes, it is difficult, especially when you’ve put your best into anything – including the events.

Surveys are there as it is not easy to be accurate and honest while assessing your learnings and successes. Include the post-event survey in your event planning checklist. Execute it with the confidence that you have put all you could to make it a better event and you will continue improving and learning.

Make the survey path smooth for the potential survey takers, so that you collect the valuable information you need to make better business decisions.

Get in touch now, create a survey maker app using Appy Pie App Builder and craft a survey for your upcoming event.

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