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Best Age Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

By Snigdha | Last Updated on January 16th, 2023 12:57 pm | 4-min read

Age is just a number. But knowing the exact age can be important at times. It could be a conversation, a personal document, or an official form that needs you to specify your or a family member’s age. Often we only remember the date of birth and have to take a beat to calculate the exact age before we can respond. And let’s face it, we all struggle with quick calculations when we are in distress.

Think of a situation where you need to tell someone your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. What would you do? Simple! Look for the best age calculator apps and choose the one you like the most, or even use an app maker to create your own app.

What is an age calculator app?

The age calculator app is an app that can calculate the age or the interval between two dates. Typically the app displays age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. However, the important thing to note is that age is calculated differently in different cultures.

Keeping these different aspects in mind, we have compiled a list of the best age calculator apps. Choose the one that fits your unique needs perfectly.

Best age calculator apps

Though it might seem that an age calculator app is simple with just basic functionality, age can be calculated in many ways. Hence, there are several types of age finder apps available for perusal.

  1. Age Calculator: Reminder, Birthday, Anniversary

    This age calculator app has additional features that make it a big success and a popular choice among those looking for a helpful tool. The most popular feature of this age counter app is the birthday or anniversary reminder that takes the pressure off you to remember such special events. Calculating the exact age just from knowing the birth date may not be as easy as you think because the number of days in every year varies. This age estimation app removes the confusion and gives you the number quite easily.

  2. Age Calculator (GeekMindApps)

    This age calculator app from GeekMindApps is an excellent tool for finding out how long you have lived and how many days are yet ahead of you. These things may appear frivolous to some, while others may enjoy such facts and find them engaging. The app is simple to use and avoids clutter and flashiness. There are multiple options to calculate your age by varying the time units, and you can even calculate the number of minutes or seconds you have already lived till now with just a tap of the correct button.

  3. How Old Am I? – Face Camera

    It may sound like an app that involves psychics, magicians, fortune tellers, or charlatans, but this app is based entirely on technology and science. The app does exactly what it says, it predicts your age. The app – How Old Am I? uses the phone camera to calculate your approximate age using only a photo of your face. You may discover that you look like a small child or an old woman. This app has gamified an already interesting concept. You can start by uploading your photo to the application, and then the app analyses it and estimates the age of all the people in the photographs.

  4. Age Calculator Original by Rise Up Labs

    The entire design of the app Age Calculator Original is based on standard tools that you may have encountered before. The app lets you set your age in different units to know your age in months, weeks, dates, and more. You can save your and someone else’s age in separate tabs. The interface is quite familiar and intuitive, which means you won’t get confused while filling out data for age calculation.

  5. Age Calculator by Android Code Play

    Simple, concise, and effective, this Age Calculator by Android Code Play is designed specifically to calculate your age. Fill up the unnecessary data fields like date of birth and the current date. It’s true that this app does not fill in even the current date on its own, and the users have to enter it manually. However, once you click on the field, a calendar pops up. You can fill in the date just by clicking on it.

  6. Animal Years – Age Calculator

    Have you ever heard of the term dog years? Yes, their age is calculated differently from ours. Not just dogs, every specie has a different formula for calculating their age. This app gives you great insights into animals and lets you calculate the age of your pet bearded dragon according to the species. In the Animal Years app, you will have to enter details like the habitat of the animal and the type of the animal before getting the current age of the animal in human years.

This list of free age calculator apps should give you something that you can use for your unique needs. However, if you need something specific in your age calculator app, you have the option to create an age calculator app on your own.


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