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Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Poll on Facebook

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on November 4th, 2022 11:27 am | 4-min read
How to Create a Poll on Facebook (with Examples!)

Creating a poll on Facebook, whether for your business or to interact with your family and friends, is not only fun but also a quick way of gathering the information on social media that would have been difficult to find out in other ways.

There are various polls created on Facebook, some by the companies, to know which product you like the most and some by your family or friends to gather opinions in order to make some major business decisions or to decide whether to buy Samsung or an I-phone. There are even polls aimed at finding a specific expert, e.g., photo retoucher jobs in 2022, or a person interested in a one-off project.

Polls are a kind of an interactive content that take place to create user engagement using opinion-based questions that have no specific right or wrong answers. There could be opinion-based, voting, product and feature polls.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook (with Examples!)

In the blog further, I am going to talk about the benefits of Polls, types of Polls with examples and how can you create a Poll on Facebook in few easy steps.

Benefits of Facebook Polls

Facebook Polls are a kind of a free quiz that helps brands make major business moves with the help of social following. There are so many benefits of creating Poll on a social media platform such as getting you the customers’ feedback, building community, generating content and many more. There are some major benefits of Facebook Polls mentioned below:

  1. Products and Services Feedback

    Companies usually spend a lot of money to get the social listening tools in order to check what people are saying about their brand and its products. They have outside services to generate surveys for the customers to get the product feedback.

    Why not create a poll, be direct to the customers and ask them about the products on a social media channel?

    In case the user follows your brand on any social media platform, there’s a chance that they you’re your product and think highly of your brand. You can get some lengthy and honest feedbacks with these people only as they will be glad to do that. Feedback helps the brands improve their products.

  2. Deep Understanding of the Customers in Real-time

    Polls help you get the soliciting opinions that can help you understand the customers and community in a better way. You will be able to find out the types of products they enjoy using. It provides deep insight into your customers and readers that can improve the development of advertising and marketing campaigns.

  3. Find out, if your customers like Samsung more than Apple or may be if they are big fans of World Cup.

    Users share their thoughts on specified topics, various products and services related to your industry.

  4. Content Generation

    Another factor that beautifies the social media polling is that it creates content. First content is the one in the poll itself and the other one is when you declare the results. You can also get the user opinion on the already generated content and gather insights.

  5. There are several ways of getting a content generated. For example, in the beginning, you could use poll to assess user’s thoughts on any of your products or a recent industry change, where in the middle, you could survey them on the existing issues that they are facing.

    Benefits of Facebook Polls

  6. Lifts Traffic

    With the content that gets generated in two parts and encourages the users to share the poll, you can experience the increased traffic for your blog. Social polling is a good way for the marketers to drive an extra traffic.

    Porter Haney, the CEO of Wedgies, defines the flow of the traffic as, 25 percent of the readers vote on the poll, 20 percent of those voters share the poll, resulting in a 3-4 percent share rate of the page.

    Each social share or vote on the poll increases the traffic to the page and in this way, you could end up with a 20 to 25 per cent boost in traffic to a page with a poll.

  7. Builds Community

    Polls spark engagement and conversation between the users. They show the users that no social communication channel is a one-way street, they invite users to join and have fun. The community also seeks input as they are aware of that you are listening and willing to make your brand, website and products better.

    Showcasing the results, states that you want the whole world to know what the community thinks about a certain product or topic. It makes the customers happy if you use their inputs and feedback to make the products better.

    And that is all you want, right?

    It makes you happy, the happy customers, who make an amazing community.

How to encourage fan participation using Polls?

Successful companies communicate with the audience to increase their participation. There are many ways to do that such as making them ‘share’ or ‘like’ the post, creating a poll, ask for the same, give a sneak peek or offer an advice and many more.

Creating a Poll is the one we are going to talk about. How we can increase the user participation by creating polls on Facebook?

Facebook users are very fond of sharing their opinions. Adding an image to the poll and some options to make it easy and encourages the users to participate. Users’ opinion matters, in making the brand and its products better.

Examples of Polls on Facebook

Polls could be of two types, a simple one question poll or market research survey poll.

Benefits of Facebook Polls

Talking about a Market Research Survey Poll, lets take an example of poll created on which type of shoes do you like the most. Test the exciting pictures for the polls, instead of placing an image of the shoes on the table, make it with the models, children or add a traditional look to it. Add eye-catching subjects to your poll such as

  • Which one did you like as a kid?
  • Which one would be suitable for a picnic?
  • Which one do your kids love?

Another example for a Market Research Survey Poll would be of Appy Pie, the company that provides various features for creating Mobile Apps, Websites, Chatbots and much more. The company can create a poll on Facebook for their audience to find out which feature they like the most and add more helpful content to the website to improve the products and services.

Further, about the Simple One Question Poll, for example, you create a poll with a list of various books or movies and ask the users that which one they like the most. This is a simple one-click process, so works even faster.

Steps to create a Poll on Facebook

Polls are an amazing way of establishing relationships with your audience. By creating Polls, you can show the users that their opinion makes a difference and we care about it. You can add creative ideas and pictures to make your poll more effective.

For example, you have a restaurant and you ask your audience, if you should add some more vegan options to the menu and the response is overwhelmingly ‘Yes’, you should go for more veggies, in that case.

Another example would be if you own a footwear store, ask the women, Heels or flats and check for the response.

Polls help you know ins and outs of your audiences’ minds. They are becoming very much successful on the social media platforms nowadays.

Some easy steps to create a poll on Facebook business page are mentioned below:

  1. Login to your account

    Login to your Facebook business account in order to start the process of creating a Poll.

  2. Expand the Create Post Section

    Expand the Create Post Type section on your account homepage and select Poll from the different Post types.

  3. Type Question and Selective Answers

    Next to your profile picture in the Post type section, type your question and selective answers.

  4. Duration for the Poll

    There are four options for the duration- 1 day, 1 week, never and custom. Set up the duration for how long you want the poll to last. Select the date if you have selected custom.

  5. Publish it

    After you have set up your Poll, click on Publish it to share it with your audience.

Keep a check on what kind of Poll gets the better response and don’t forget to have fun! This is just another way of understanding your audience better so just sit back and enjoy the process.


To conclude, we can say that Polls are the great way to get the product feedback and a deep understanding of what consumers want. Polling helps generate the content, increase the page traffic.

There are various online tools to learn how you can implement polling. In case you need to check yours customers’ opinion and don’t have much time to spend, you can simply create a Facebook poll.

Polls let the audience choose the option they like from the various available options and that is how you get to know your customers. The showcased feedback and results of the polls help brands improve their products and make the customers realize that their opinion is very important to them.

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