No Coding App Builder

How to make an App without Coding in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Choose the perfect layout for your app

    Customize its design to make it appealing.

  2. Add the best features for better user engagement

    Make an Android and iPhone app without coding.

  3. Launch your mobile app in just a few minutes

    Let others download it from Google Play Store & iTunes.

Build an App without Coding

The No Coding App Maker from Appy Pie is unique and is most favoured by developers because of following reasons:

  • No Coding Apps can be built for Free.
  • Create an App without Coding in Minutes.
  • No Coding Skills Required.
  • No Coding Apps get Published & Shared on Apple’s App Store and iTunes Store.
  • Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads, earn from your apps while you sleep.
  • App publishers get real-time App Analytics, make changes to increase the user base of your app.

Irrespective of whether you have app development knowledge or not, with Appy Pie’s no coding app builder, making amazing apps for iOS and Android is just a 2-min deal. Yes! It’s true. Backed by drag and drop interface, Appy Pie’s no coding app builder has a wide range of features that are sure to help you efficiently convert your unique app ideas into a reality. Create your App with Appy Pie’s No Coding Android or iPhone App Maker Online Today!

What Features Do Appy Pie’s No Coding App Maker Offer?

Whether you are looking to develop a mobile app for a restaurant, church, education, online business, fitness, real estate, taxi business, entertainment, or anything else under the Sun, Appy Pie’s no coding app creator software can get your task done, without any hassle. Listed hereunder are some great features of our free no code app builder that will surely take your mobile app to the next level, helping you deliver enhanced user experience.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality is one of our top features that helps you provide your app users with an amazing virtual world experience within the real world. With AR/VR features added to your app, not only can you keep a track of in-app user behavior, but can also help your customers easily make the right buying decisions. The apps equipped with AR/VR feature have the capability to:

  • Scan and recognize real-world objects and augment their display with a label
  • Track a person’s location down to a street address utilizing the smartphone’s GPS technology
  • Immerse app users in an imaginary world through 3D virtual reality
  • Virtually transport the users to a different world through a panoramic or 360-degree viewer


One of the most popular features of Appy Pie’s no code mobile application development platform, Website has been widely used by many app owners to increase their website conversion through mobile devices. With website feature, you can easily link your website to your business app, making it more accessible and discoverable. The plus point of making an app with a website is that you don’t need to bother about its functionality, users can access your website without any hassle, in quite the same way as their desktops.


Ideal for business and personal use, the Photo feature makes it easy for you to share photos with your friends, colleagues, family, etc. Whether you want to share a memory from Facebook, a Pinterest pin, Instagram selfies, or any random photo from your laptop, Appy Pie’s photo feature is your instant solution. All you need to do is – simply add the feature to your app, upload your photos, and start sharing them with the world from anywhere at any time.

Form Builder

Want to receive inquiries right from your mobile app? Simply add our form builder feature, and your task is done. With this feature, you can easily create an inquiry form the way you want, and allow users to schedule an appointment or send inquiries to you.

About Us

Kind of self-explanatory, the About Us feature allows you to introduce your business to your audience. With this feature in your app, you can let your users know about your organization’s history, core business operations, the company’s mission and vision, its achievements, etc. So, it’s crucial for you to create a powerful ‘About Us’ feature for your app that helps you to effectively reach out to your audience and gain their attention.


With our Video feature in your app, your app users can easily upload and share their videos through YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Vimeo, and many other different platforms. What’s even more amazing is that Appy Pie’s Video feature also support 360° videos, Facebook Live videos, and YouTube Live videos, making it easy for users to upload and share videos in real-time.


Another great feature from Appy Pie, Contacts provides a convenient way to your users to get in touch with you, no matter where you are. In Contacts section of your app, you can provide your contact number, email address, WhatsApp number, Skype ID, business address, and much more, making it simple for your customers to communicate with you, or find your business location.

Food Court

One of the most coveted & sought-after features for restaurants and other food outlets, Food Court helps you to take your restaurant business several notches higher by simplifying your food order and delivery management system to a great extent. You can utilize Appy Pie’s food court feature to create an amazing app with multiple restaurants or standalone restaurant efficiently in three easy steps. With food court, we provide three different apps – one each for the restaurants, the customers, and the delivery persons. Each of these three apps have their own core functionalities and let users perform various actions listed below.

  • Allows restaurant owners to
    • Manage food inventory and track delivery persons
    • Send push notifications to the assigned delivery person and customer when the order is accepted and ready for delivery
  • Allows delivery persons to
    • Register themselves, and accept or reject new order request within a given time frame, while showing them pickup point with distance from current location and also the travel distance between pickup & delivery point
    • Track order history, including cancelled orders
  • Allows customers to
    • Place food orders, make payments, and track the status of the delivery person in real-time
    • Rate and review the restaurant or food meal

Not just these, Appy Pie has a vast range of other features too, which are sure to help you bring your app idea to reality in a just a few simple clicks.

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