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How to Create a Museum App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Choose your app name

    Select the app category that suits you best.

  2. Add desired features to your app

    Create a Museum App in minutes without any coding.

  3. Publish your app on app stores

    Test your app and launch it on your preferred app store.

Now that you know how you can create an excellent museum app using Appy Pie’s Museum App Builder, let us check out the must-have features for your app.

Features for Your Museum App

Here are a few great features that can make your app invaluable for the users.

  1. Informational Guides: An ideal museum app should have an informational guide into it. This guide should include event locations, posts around each piece, and free audio guides. Let us take an example of a historic site. The app should contain information such as the detailed information of the related battlefield, trails done around that site, a digital timeline of the events that took place there, or other interesting tidbits and anecdotes.

  2. Live Directions: With live directions in your app, you can help users find popular museums easily. This feature also reduces the use of brochures and paper maps and offers valuable digital information to the users. This feature should include step-by-step navigation and give users directions to the next event, exhibition, or site.
  3. Digital Tours: In your application, in addition to various knowledgeable and informational guides you can offer guided tours to the app users. You can make this feature customizable to help your app users reach their preferred places and sites on their own. For example, in case of science museums, you could offer a self-guided audio tour for each event and exhibition, with an ability to skip over segments if users have limited time.
  4. Event Management: Almost all the national parks, museums, monuments, and historical sites hold events at various points in time during the year. It could be a performance, an exhibition opening, a day of remembrance, or a holiday celebration. These places have plenty of events to manage. Using an app could be the best decision for them to promote and manage these events better. You can also include calendars in your app for the users so that they could see when the next big event is scheduled.
  5. Digital Ticketing: Digital ticketing is another amazing feature that you can include in your app. People who use their mobile devices for payments and purchases can use this feature to book tickets online. With this feature, it is easy for users to secure their tickets for special exhibitions and other museum events. The feature offers a more secure platform giving both visitors and the museum a greater sense of safety when compared to a mobile website.
  6. Social Media Integration: Integrate Social Media to your sign-up page only, to help users register using their social media profiles. This will give you access to user’s social media accounts and you can contact them later even after they have finished their visit.
  7. Push Notifications: You can add push notifications feature to your app and send all your users critical information in one go. With the help of this feature, you can update hundreds of users about your latest deals and offers, upcoming events, or even fun facts in just a single click.

Now that you have learned about the must-have features of an ideal museum app, let us go ahead and check out the benefits that you can get from this app.

Benefits of Creating a Museum App

Here are a few benefits of creating a museum app.

  • Detailed info on the artifacts: With a museum app, your app users can get detailed information on the artifacts, anytime anywhere. You can add this information to your app, or you can also give an option to the knowledgeable users to add something interesting.
  • In-Person Tours: Most of the tourists and visitors prefer self-guided tours. An organized museum app can offer this service. With a museum app, users can also book tour times in advance and familiarize themselves with the new guide. The guide can also help them to know which spots they would be covering on the tour, from where the tour starts, how long it might take, what information you would need during that time, and where the tour ends. In case your app offers push notifications feature, users can even get reminders and messages before the tour starts and notifications if anything is running off schedule.
  • Group discussions: You can add group discussion boards to your app for the users to get quick answers to their queries. You can put together a team of experienced professionals who can hold and moderate discussions on any highbrow issues that might arise. By adding this, you can help your users get familiar with the places they are visiting. Group discussions help you create a transparent community and connections between members. Your app users can share their ideas, theories, reactions, and experiences within your app. Also, if your app offers services in multiple languages, other visitors who speak the same languages can help each other out.
  • Brand Awareness: When people share their experiences with their friends, family, and colleagues on various social media channels, it can act as an indirect source to increase your brand awareness.
  • Promotion on Social Media: An excellent museum app allows users to experience the arts and wonders from a multiple perspective. When they share their experiences with their family, friends, and other art-lovers on social media, it can become a channel of your brand promotion.
  • Mark as a favorite: A museum app allows users to mark a piece of art they like, as their favorite. They can save information about paintings, art pieces, and display them in their virtual art collections helping them read and recall it whenever they want.

After learning about all these excellent features and amazing benefits of creating a museum app, you must be excited about creating one for yourself.

With Appy Pie’s Museum App Builder, you can create your own museum app without using any code. No programming or technical skills are required for using this no-code platform. You can create your museum app in just a few minutes, test it and publish it on your preferred app stores with guided assistance from us. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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