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Mobile application development has improved leaps and bounds in recent years. Creating an app is no longer an experimental investment but is an actual solution to a business problem. From simple music apps and stock market apps to marketing apps for business, mobile application development has become very useful.

To help meet the worldwide demand for apps, starting a mobile app development business is a lucrative opportunity for people that want to make apps for a living. Having a passion for your business is good whereas going into a business without planning can often set you up for failure.

Why should you choose Appy Pie’s App Reseller Program?

Appy Pie is the best white label app builder. One of the reasons why this program is so popular is because of the following reasons:

  • Low cost of development
  • Opting for a white label app builder will save you tons. You can build an app with the app builder at a fraction of the cost of custom app development.

  • Dedicated technical support
  • We offer round-the-clock support for any kind of technical snag or any question you may have. You can call, chat, or send an email, and you can get help in minutes!

  • White label marketing material
  • App marketing is almost as important as building a good product. This is why we offer marketing materials like Facebook Banners, Display Ads, and Business Cards.

  • Decide your own pricing
  • You have complete control over your app, and you can decide the pricing. There is no commission, no one to tell you how to price your app.

  • No ads
  • The mobile apps you build on our platform show no ads! This means your customers will have an app and a fabulous user experience.

  • App submission support
  • Our support team not only helps you build apps but also sees that you do not have any issue with app submission. We offer step-by-step guidance in app submission.

It is important for you as a mobile app development business entrepreneur to be careful, wise, and adaptable to ensure that your business is successful. To make sure that your business grows, you must build up your business piece by piece. You must invest money, time, and resources carefully and create a development process that suits your style.

Sure, it involves a lot of effort but it’s better to be prepared. A good app idea isn’t enough to launch your business to stardom. Here’s how you should start your mobile app business.

Steps to Start Your Own Mobile App Business

Once you start investing time in planning your mobile app business, you should make your development cycle efficient and easier. This might help you get a competitive advantage over your future competitors. Planning your mobile app development business requires a simple master plan. Here is what you need to do:

  • Research Your Market
  • No matter how good you are as a developer or how talented your workforce is, there will be some types of apps you cannot create. You must stick to a certain standard and types of apps.

    You need to essentially fill a ‘gap’ in the industry. Begin with what kinds of gaps you can fill in the app development space and follow it up with a unique solution that only your business can provide.

    • Study Your Competition
    • Once you find a ‘solution’ that your business will strive to provide, the next step is to study your competition. Find alternative development businesses that provide a similar solution.

      Study what they do, how they do it, their pricing, their USPs, and their weaknesses. Make sure your business can cover up those weaknesses.

    • Create a Strategy
    • Use the knowledge you have gained on your future competitors and create a brand strategy.

      Know that this strategy will guide you ahead as you set up your mobile app business. Ensure that the strategy covers for your competitor’s weaknesses and provides you the ability to focus on turning them into your core strengths.

  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Once you’ve researched and found your main niche, it’s time to move on and create an efficient elevator pitch. You must be able to create a solution that people want. You must be able to explain it properly to your audience. You can do this by creating a website and explaining your ideas, solutions, and creative process. The website can also bring other benefits to your business.

    The ideas and solutions you provide must also be ‘marketable’. What this means is that each and every person must be able to understand what you are trying to sell. The next part of creating this elevator pitch is knowing who to sell to. Your target audience is extremely important. They will determine the right marketing path for the mobile app business

    When you research your competitors, you will naturally have an idea of the audience you are targeting. Remember to tailor your elevator pitch in a way they understand.

    Be honest about what you’re offering and simplify your revenue model so that your audience knows what it’s getting into.

  • Choosing a Technology
  • This is an important part of your business journey. There are two things you will need to choose as a mobile app development business:

    • Type of Code
    • Type of App

    Let me explain. With how far mobile application development has come over the recent decade you can essentially create an app without coding. Appy Pie provides a unique no-code app development tool for both individuals and businesses called AppMakr. Check it out!

    There are three development paths a modern-day application can follow –

    1. Native development
    2. Normal coding path following a traditional SDLC.

    3. Low-code development
    4. Specialized proprietary software that offers simplified code to make development faster.

    5. No-code development
    6. A completely codeless environment that can be used to make mobile apps.

    Choosing a development path for your mobile app business will help simplify your development strategy. The good idea is to include all three types of development within your mobile app business. This has been discussed later in the blog.

    Coming to the other part, you can either create a native, a hybrid, or a web app. Just like your coding techniques, it is a good idea to include all three types of apps in your portfolio. Appy Pie’s no-code tool Appy Pie AppMakr can be used to create all three types of apps.

  • Branding and Marketing
  • What gets the gears turning, in the end, is how you brand your business and how you market that brand. There are many things you can do to market your brand. Begin by defining your brand. Define everything like colors, tones, logos, and create a brand slogan.

    Make sure that you maintain this brand’s theme when you develop your apps and market your business. Use every marketing strategy and tool that your budget can afford.

    Here’s a simple list of the various avenues you can use to market your brand –

    • SEO Marketing
    • Content Marketing (Blogs, PRs, Outreach Articles, Paid Content)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Offline Banners
    • Email Marketing
    • Event Marketing

    Appy Pie has a free marketing course that can help you learn everything about mobile app marketing.

    Another unique way to market your brand is through the app designs you make. Since you’ll be creating many apps for your clients, having a unique app design element can help potential clients to recognize your brand. One way to get started is to imitate what your top competitors are doing.

  • Other Development
  • When beginning a mobile app business, you will likely focus on a niche and filling a place in the market. This app category will be your ‘niche’.

    However, servicing a niche is never enough for an app making business. This is why it’s important to serve a wider audience. This brings two major benefits to your mobile app business –

    • It helps you popularize your brand further and connects you to more clients. With time, this can help you define a reputation for your business.
    • It brings in extra revenue, that you reinvest in your USP niche and also dedicate time to R & D.

    One problem with servicing normal app development requests is that they can overwhelm you. This isn’t good as many mobile app business companies lose their path due to this overenthusiasm.

    But low-code development and no-code development can help save your day. These tools are meant to decrease app development time and also make your work easier. They will help you dedicate your best resources to the more important projects. Many of these tools also provide white label reseller support. It means you can create normal apps easily without spending too many of your resources.

    Appy Pie AppMakr provides an industry-leading no-code mobile app reseller program.

  • The Little Things
  • Once you follow the steps given above, your business will slowly begin to gain clients. Converting those clients into leads may be a bit difficult. However, with the right sales strategies, you can get those leads and improve your mobile app business.

    However, that’s not where it ends. You can improve your business by providing smaller but essential services. This can help round out your business a little bit. You don’t need to offer these services but these services can certainly turn your business into a more lucrative choice for your clients.

    These services include:

    • Submission Support
    • Providing users support while they publish their apps on play stores can help improve customer experience.

    • Regular Maintenance
    • App maintenance can be a costly affair. However, if you are ready to offer maintenance services for a price, it may just get you more clients.

    • Analytics
    • In-app analytics can help your clients get more usability out of their apps.

    • In-App Monetization
    • Providing ads and in-app purchases can be used as an extra source of income both for your business and your clients.

    • Marketing Support
    • Marketing an app can be a difficult affair. Providing marketing expertise to your clients is a good way to increase your brand’s reputation.

  • Security & Privacy
  • Last but not least, every app your business creates will require a lot of user data. As a developer, it will be your job to ensure that this data is protected at all costs. Ensure that you are up to date with privacy laws and security measures. Get the latest in cybersecurity to prevent legal problems in the future.


Once you go through all these steps carefully, you’ll be ready to take your dream to the next level and start your own mobile app business. If you still feel that you may not succeed in your journey as a mobile app development business, here are some statistics to motivate you.

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Get out there and begin your business journey. Become the next big thing in mobile app development!.

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