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How to Make a Music App With Appy Pie AppMakr?

Originally Posted By Kyle Nazario  | June 9, 2014  | 5-min read
Jayraj on July 23, 2020  

Music has been a part of human civilization since the days of hunter-gatherers. From rhythmically banging random objects to complex pizzicatos on the violin, music has been played, enjoyed, evolved, and appreciated for centuries.

The importance of music continues to be a part of our cultures even today. Over time, how we share music, however, has evolved considerably. Before it was through traveling musicians and court musicians who visited villages, towns and cities, then it was through musical sheets in which the notes to a piece of music were written for recreation and learning. We then moved on to phonographs that played music on vinyls to cassette players like the Walkman. Then the ipod generation came along and soon, with it, music moved online.

Today, you can find billions of songs online on various platforms or even music apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, or iTunes. However, as someone who listens to music in over 10 languages, even the best cannot cover every single artist or song. This small limitation always leaves room for new music apps that can cover these artists.

Keeping that in mind, we’re going to teach you how to make your own music app. If you already know how to create an app using the Appy Pie platform, you can start creating your own music app by clicking the link below.

For people wishing to learn more about Appy Pie and how it can help you make a music app, read on. But first, here are some statistics related to the music app industry.

How to Make a Music App - Appy Pie

What Should You Include in Your Music App

Before you go into the step-by-step procedure of creating your own music app, you should know what you must include in your music app. Appy Pie AppMakr provides hundreds of potential features that you can add to your app, but we recommend sticking to the basic ones.

  • AutoPlay Screen
  • To ensure good UI design and make it easier for users to listen to music on your app, the first screen that your users see when they open your app should allow them to play music.

  • Playlists
  • You should always include a tab on which you can feature playlists for your users. You can use your playlist feature to monetize your app in the future. You can ask artists to pay you a fee to be featured on your playlist section. You can also keep featuring new playlists letting your users discover more music.

  • Profile
  • While not completely necessary, having a profile feature that is user customizable is a great way to increase user engagement and interaction with your app.

  • Push Notifications
  • Push notifications ensure that users keep coming back to your app. With Push notifications, you can send users the updates about their favorite artists and let them know when you drop new playlists.

  • Social Sharing
  • An app without social sharing is incomplete. Giving your users the ability to share their music is a key feature that you must include in your music app.

  • IAP
  • From a business standpoint, in-app purchases(IAP) are a great way to earn revenue. You can offer premium subscriptions for your music app that allows users to download music, or access more features.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Music App With Appy Pie AppMakr

While you can code your own music app from scratch, using a no-code application is, overall, a better idea. All the features that you will need for a music app are already a part of Appy Pie AppMakr. With AppMakr, you can not only create, but also publish and regularly update your music app.

Given below is the step-by-step process of creating a music app with Appy Pie AppMakr:

Step 1: Go to Appy Pie AppMakr’s website and click on ‘Create your free app’. You can also create a music app using our Radio App Builder. It is a special prebuilt template that includes all the features that you may need in a music app.

Make a Music App 1 - Appy Pie

Step 2: Enter the name of your business. This name will also be shared with your app. You can change it later if you want.

Make a Music App 2 - Appy Pie

Step 3: Choose Radio/podcast as your category.

Make a Music App 3 - Appy Pie

Step 4: Pick a color scheme. You will be able to change it later as you start testing your app. Appy Pie gives you complete color customizability.

Make a Music App 4 - Appy Pie

Step 5: In the next screen you can select the device you want to test on. You will get a similar experience on both Android and iOS and will be able to publish the app on any of them. This screen is only for choosing a testing platform.

Make a Music App 5 - Appy Pie

Step 6: You can customize the design of your app from this page. From your app’s layout to your icons, fonts, and backgrounds.

Every design element can be found on this page and customized to match your needs. You can add various icon styles, color your fonts. If you are looking for an app layout for a music app, I would recommend the ‘Bottom’ Layout. Play around and see what you can come up with!

Make a Music App 6 - Appy Pie

Once you’ve settled on a design for your app, click on ‘Save & Continue.

Step 7: A waiting screen will open up. Your app is being readied for editing. Wait for the software to apply your design settings.

Step 8: The next page that opens up, will ask you to download a test version of your app. The procedure is different for both platforms but steps and a video guide has been given. Follow the steps and install the test app.

Make a Music App 7 - Appy Pie

Appy Pie AppMakr provides real-time updates meaning that you can test your app while you’re adding your features in real-time.

Step 9: Once you’ve downloaded the test app, you can start editing and testing your new app at the same time. The app screen comes with a set of features preselected for you. You can either keep them or delete them as you please.

Step 10: Since you are creating a music app, the feature you will need most is the ‘Audio’ feature. Search for the audio feature and either click on it or drag and drop it onto your features tab.

Make a Music App 8 - Appy Pie
Step 11: In this step, you can start adding your tracks. There are various ways for you to add tracks to your app. From a simple soundcloud integration to uploading tracks yourself, choose whatever fits your business’ needs.

Make a Music App 9 - Appy Pie
You can keep adding tracks once your app is live. In the advanced settings you can set various permissions. The language settings allow you to adjust the various text that your user will see on the playing screen. You can edit them as you feel fit and remove them if they feel unnecessary.

There is no limit on how many tracks you can add to your audio feature. You could potentially have thousands of tracks that a user can just randomly play through.

Protip: If you will feature tracks from artists around the world in your audio section, use either Soundcloud integrations or media RSS formats for uploading their tracklists automatically.

Step 12: If you want to add a separate tab for playlist, you can use the same Audio setting and optimize it for playlists. One advantage you have is that you can use types of formats to add audio to your app. They can all be played together as long as they have been added with right links and extensions.

Step 13: Use the search feature to add the rest of the features that you want. All features such as Profiles, Subscriptions, Social Sharing etc can be added in a similar way to the ‘Audio’ feature. Experiment with the platform and create a unique music app.

Protip: Test your app as you add each new feature. This will let you know if your app is intuitive or not.

Final steps
Your app journey is far from complete. Simply adding features will not do. Keep testing your app until you even out the problems and settle on a design, features and how they are split. If you get stuck on a step or a feature feel free to contact Appy Pie’s excellent support guides & staff who will help you through your problems.

Once you are satisfied with your apps, it is time to start publishing it to a store.

  • Go to ‘My Apps’, click on ‘View More’ and then select ‘Go Live’.
  • This will begin your publishing process on the stores of your choice.
  • Our submission support, various guides and tutorials will rightly guide you through your app submission process.

How Long Will it Take to Create an App?

If you’ve made an app with Appy Pie before, you could have your app ready in a day. However, given regular testing and ironing out inconsistencies, your perfect music app can be ready within a week. This is still very less compared to the normal app development cycle.

Publishing your app will take more time since both stores require at least 2 weeks to approve or reject your app.


That was our guide on how you can create your own music app with Appy Pie AppMakr. One challenge not addressed in this blog is how you’re going to manage adding thousands of songs each day. Well, we’ve got a solution for that too. Check out our automation software – Appy Pie Connect. What Connect lets you do is create detailed workflows and co-ordinate various software by integrating them onto a single interface.

With Connect you can automate simple tasks like uploading, assigning, and delegating your workload with the help of various triggers. You can even create detailed calendars. Check it out!

To learn more about how our app builder works, you can take a free course and become a certified no-code developer with Appy Pie. Have fun spreading smiles and enhancing interaction with the power of music.

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