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How to Promote Apps on Social Media?

Originally Posted By appblogger  | September 8 2014  | 4-min read
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Have you created a mobile app and about to launch it? But do you have any app promotion plan to market your app? Marketing your app can be a pain if you do not strategize properly. According to researches, most apps fail to capture the market due to poor marketing strategies. Confused of what to do next, which tool to use and how to promote your app?

Social Media is an effective tool for app promotion. Marketing an app on social media is not a difficult task at all. To promote your app on social media, you need to increase your app’s visibility. But, if you have no idea about app promotion on social media, just go ahead with the blog. In the end, you will be equipped with several ways of promoting your app on social media.

Before moving further, let us have a quick review of a few statistics:

Promote app on social media - Appy Pie

Effective Ways of App Promotion On Social Media

To promote your app on social media, you must first make business accounts on all the social media platforms you wish to use. Then, you need to use simple and unique ideas to engage your audience. To go with tried and tested ways of app promotion on social media, you must read the ways listed below:

  1. Feature App On Social Media Posts
  2. Social media posts can be anything from simply an image, gif, screenshots, quoted text to blog posts. Schedule and publish regular social media posts to promote your app. Feature your mobile app in every social post. You can also add Call-to-Action buttons to your post so that users can conveniently download your app.

    You can make a calendar to maintain the schedule of your social posts. To understand more about this, you can check out the following video:

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  3. Deploy Engaging Images
  4. An image speaks louder than words. Using images in your social post can be an engaging way to promote your mobile app. Images with attractive screenshots of your app, or with a countdown timer for an anticipated update that you are about to launch, can captivate the attention of scrollers. To diversify your user base and promote your app in a better way, you can post a daily “tip or trick”, famous quote, memes, anything related to ongoing trend, etc. in the form of image with your app logo on every image.

    For editing your photos for creating the better impacts of your audience, you can use the Appy Pie Photo Editor tool.

    Get Started

  5. Make a Demo/Promo Video
  6. Video is an easy and beautiful way to highlight the basic features of your mobile app. You can create various short videos and post them on social media channels. Make sure your video sticks to the purpose. It must be engaging and directly call for action at the end of it. You can take the help of scriptwriters, designers, and video editors to make your video more appealing for your audience.

    To know more about how you can use video to promote your app on social media, you can watch the video below:

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  7. Disclose The New Updates
  8. Your users and other potential customers must know that you are striving to make the best app for them. Keep improving your app and update your users in personal along with posting the updates on social media. Regularly notifying your audience what you are up to might motivate them to install your mobile app.

    To notify your users of every new update with the help of push notification, you can create your app with Appy Pie AppMakr and launch it on Play Stores.

  9. Answer All The Reviews
  10. To retain your users for a longer amount of time, answer their reviews regardless of whatever they say. Some users might appreciate it while some may criticize your app, consider every review worth answering. Other people on social media may get influenced by the value you give to your users by looking at your quick response mechanism. You can even use WhatsApp Business to communicate with your users and provide them with better support and service.

  11. Showcase Ratings and Reviews
  12. Whenever a new user downloads your app, request him/her to give a review or rating. You can use the best reviews to target potential users on social media. Displaying your reviews for app promotion on social media is a way to showcase valuable social proof of your app.

  13. Captivate Attention With Social Cause Campaigns
  14. If you can incentivize your users to donate for social causes, it can indirectly promote your app on social media. Social cause campaigns can not only raise money for the cause but improve your users’ engagement across social media channels. Before promoting any social cause, you must carefully think about how it can help you in highlighting your mobile app and involve a large audience.

  15. Generate Traffic With Hashtags
  16. Hashtags (#) are turning out to be an effective tool to maximize the visibility of your brand on social media. By using them strategically and carefully, you can easily promote your app on social media. They can be used on almost every social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to diversify the expanse of your audience. Remember to use them as per your needs and avoid overstuffing in any caption or notification of your post on social media.

  17. Collaborate for Influencer Marketing
  18. Influencer marketing is all the hype these days. Influencers have a huge number of followers on their social media account. A huge fan base of influencers can be used to promote your mobile app. For marketing, your app among thousands of people, you can collaborate with influencers and ask them to market your app. You can choose the influencer which suits best to target your audience.

    You can easily track the results of influencer marketing. To know more, just watch out the video given below.

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  19. Incentivize Audience On Social Media
  20. Who does not like gifts? If you readily offer gifts in the form of cashback, coupons, discounts, and free trials, there are higher chances of user engagement with your app. You can conduct simple and easy contests on your social media channels to raise awareness and encourage users to download your mobile app. Offering the ways to “ promote the app and earn money” is the most effective way of app promotion on social media.

  21. Spend Some Money on Paid Ads
  22. Sponsored posts and paid social ads are effective tools to reach your targeted audiences. To promote your app on any social media, you can spend some money on the app installs of the social media platform for paid advertising options. Remember to study your audience before using any social media for app promotion.

  23. Join Various Groups On Social Media
  24. You can increase the visibility of your mobile app by becoming a member of various social groups. You need to send a request to the admin for adding you to the group. In social media groups, you can have a conversation with like-minded people and got a good chance to promote your mobile app. You can post your app in those pages for feedbacks related to features, future updates, etc. Also, you can explain the benefits and striking features of your app among the people.

  25. Pair With Other Brands
  26. Pairing with another company to promote each other’s app is one of the excellent ways to diversify your reach and get new customers. You can enjoy the advantage of another company’s audience by collaborating with them. These cross-promotion or co-branding techniques work well in social media campaigns. You and your partner company can work together for promoting a cause or anything along with highlighting the importance of your app.

  27. Pump Up Social Media Content
  28. Social media is meant for socializing and engaging with people. You can use social media for app promotion in a way that can indulge your audience. With the help of funny quotes images, catchy captions, attractive posts, try to portray the unique features of your app. Highlight the benefits of your app which can encourage your audience to download your amazing mobile app.

  29. Do not Compel Your Audience
  30. Your content or social media posts must not force customers to download your app. Instead your posts must contain useful information or something that your audience wants. In this era, everybody is targeting the high conversion rates and pushing their content and social media. So, you need to take care that your content must be genuine and engaging to users.

    Thus, social media can prove to be a highly affordable and convenient medium to promote your app. You just need to consistently share, engage, and reengage with the audience regularly. Always try to push freshly brewed content for your app promotion on social media.

Summing Up

If any of the mentioned ways helped you in promoting your app on social media, do let us know in the comment section!

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