How to Design an Invoice: Professional Invoice Design Templates to Inspire you

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | November 1, 2022 5:53 am
How to create an invoice

Every small business must prepare a professional-looking invoice template for designing an invoice. Creating an easy-to-read, organized invoice structure will promote your brand and encourage clients to pay promptly.

Even if the invoices are not a front-facing aspect of the company, it shouldn’t imply that they have to be uninteresting and plain. To provide a sense of customization to the invoices, there are many websites available providing Free invoice templates that can also get customized as per the needs of business owners like Appy Pie.

A guide: What is an invoice and What is Included in it?

An invoice is a detailed account of the services rendered to a client and the total amount due. They are excellent for the following things in addition to asking for money for your goods or services:

  • Finances and taxes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Work Completed
  • Legal Records

Email is the most popular, efficient, and straightforward method of sending invoices. Design & deliver the invoices in PDF format as read-only to avoid fraud. While uploading the invoice, ensure to add a detailed description of the company so that the clients recognize the received financial document. The other ways of sending an invoice are downloading it and taking a printout or directly sending it with the help of invoice generator websites like Appy Pie.

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What to include in an Invoice?

Writing an invoice can be tricky as, generally, many companies skip adding essential details to the invoice. Therefore, it’s critical to understand the fundamental components of an invoice before moving on to the steps to prepare an invoice.

  • Choose a suitable Invoice Template
  • Profession-free invoice templates can save the business owner’s efforts and time. There’s no need to start from scratch when creating the layout or to consider where and how to put each section. Instead, that time can be invested to focus on other crucial tasks, like expanding your company.

  • Input the brand details and quote Invoice ID
  • The next thing of writing an invoice involves two major parts:

    1. The details of the company for both; the client’s company as well as yours:
    2. This comprises contact details, the name and address of your brand, and those of your clients.

    3. A specific invoice id:
    4. An invoice number or invoice ID is a unique identification number that makes it easier for business owners to track them. One can choose to label the invoices with an ascending numbering scheme like 001, 002, 003, or more, or combine characters and numerals.

  • List the service or products offered
  • After adding the essential details, including information regarding services or products rendered to the client, a table is an ideal format to present the sold goods list as it helps the clients go through every detail in an organized manner.

  • Add total Amount
  • Customers will find it simpler to understand quickly how much money they need to pay if the total due payment is added at the end of the product list. It is suggested to highlight the amount using a custom color or bold.

  • Insert Important Dates
  • Any invoice without dates is insufficient. Based on the nature of the company, can add one of three sorts of dates to the invoice:

    1. Invoice date: issuing date of voice
    2. Supply date: the date when goods were sent
    3. Due date: the final date on which the client must pay
  • The Terms & Conditions
  • Ensure to include any previously agreed-upon payment terms with your client. This covers the ways of payment that will be accepted and any penalties or discounts that could be charged on the bill amount.

  • Customize
  • An attractive invoice can give your company a professional appearance. Even better, including the company’s logo and trademark colors may further strengthen brand identification in customers’ eyes.

How to Draft an Invoice with Appy Pie’s Free Invoice Maker?

Are you looking for the best free invoice template for your business? Appy Pie Design contains a pool of invoices to prepare an invoice that appears professional to the clients. Design an invoice for the company, personal use, customers, and more. Then, follow these simple steps to prepare an invoice right away:

  1. Start with a free invoice maker

    Yes, Appy Pie Design Invoice maker is free and easy to use for writing an invoice. First, open the Appy pie design and head to the categories section. Then, select the “Invoice Templates ” option and start the invoice writing.

  2. Go through the pool of available Free invoice templates

    Choose the free invoice template that best suits your company from the variety of options available in Appy Pie Design Library. The professionally designed invoice templates contain at least one for every kind.

  3. Personalize the invoice

    The Appy Pie Design consists of various customization options. Either choose from their library of design components or insert the pictures related to the business for adding backgrounds, borders, flourishes, and more. It also contains features like adding a color scheme, classic fonts, and basic information related to the industry, including contact number, address, name, and other significant details.

  4. Embrace the brand identity

    After customizing the invoice, add the slogan or logo related to the business on the invoice to give it a personalized look.

  5. Finally, Download the invoice

    Do not forget to review after you prepare an invoice using Appy Pie’s free invoice templates. When the invoice is finalized, click on “Save Setting” and then on “Generate Invoice.” Finally, click the “Send Invoice” option to either download or send the invoice to the customer.

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Wrapping Up

Whether using software to prepare an invoice or creating it manually, Always remember to include a support contact number & return policy description for the clients. Additionally, the invoice tends to be the last documentation to the clients, so try to be appreciative and kind to maintain good relations.

Using Appy Pie Design Invoice Generator can surely solve the confusion on “How to draft an invoice,” as well as save a lot of time while creating these vital documents, mainly if the business deals with various clients at one time.

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