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How to Create a Weather Forecasting App Like AccuWeather?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on November 11th, 2022 10:01 am | 4-min read

Weather is more than just small talk in our lives. It affects several aspects of our lives, from work to vacation. The weather decides which route you would take to work, what clothes you would pack for the upcoming vacation, and even the trip dates.

The most convenient way to find all the weather information is the Internet or, more accurately, weather apps.

In fact, the in-app purchase revenue in the weather segment is expected to cross US$256 million in 2022. Who wouldn’t want a chunk of this promising pie? In 2020, the top 5 weather apps in the U.S. were downloaded more than 11 million times.

These numbers are promising enough to get small businesses to sit up and take note. However, traditional app development requires evolved knowledge of coding and programming, a generous budget, and a flexible timeline. For this reason, most small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs are short on all these resources and often shy away from app development.

With its mission to democratize technology, Appy Pie’s app builder has made it possible to create an app without coding in minutes, without spending a fortune.

What is AccuWeather?

AccuWeather is a popular weather app that is often claimed to be a ‘complete weather app’ for tracking weather conditions while keeping an eye on the forecast. The app offers excellent customization options to the app users so that they can get highly personalized forecast tracking.

The wildly popular weather app AccuWeather also offers an API for developers to create their own weather app. However, this API won’t be of much help for a business user or anybody who is not a highly skilled tech expert.

The app offers weekly, daily, and hourly weather reports. The app users can choose whether they want the temperature to be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The app also collects and offers data about humidity, precipitation, wind speed, and more!
The app also gives you information about the timing of the sunrise and sunset, in addition to any information or alert about an impending storm.

Top features you must add to make an app like AccuWeather

For any app to stand above its competitors, it must provide the best user experience, an easy and intuitive interface, top-notch features, and exceptional visual appeal. Apart from this, you can also make sure that the app is as customizable as possible, making the entire app personalized.

The features play a massive role in making your weather app more popular among the app users. If you plan to create a weather forecasting app like AccuWeather, you must study the original with significant consideration and see which features make it tick. Consider the features listed below and add them to your own weather app.

  1. Smart notifications

    Let the app send out smart notifications about any extreme weather conditions like meteorological weather changes, storms, tornados, hurricanes, avalanches, earthquakes, or other conditions which require alerts to be sent out. Apart from the alert, the app can also send out notifications about staying indoors, vacating certain areas, or maybe just carrying an umbrella.

  2. Hyper-local weather forecast

    Predicting and relaying information about the weather is important. But it is crucial to add a hyper-local forecast that predicts temperature, rain, storm, or any sudden changes in the weather conditions with real-time accuracy based on the app user’s location.

  3. Weather visualization

    Weather forecasts and predictions of current and future weather conditions are important. But it is also a good idea to offer your app users some stunning maps that let them explore the weather conditions of the recent past or impending future. This feature gives your app users an overview of the weather in the past and present.

  4. Temperature trends

    Offer your app users information about the current weather while adding some of the historical weather information, trends, and changes.

  5. News

    Add the news feature or a blog to give information about all that is happening on the weather front. This increases user engagement and keeps the app users on your app for longer, consuming relevant information and content.

How to create a weather forecasting app like AccuWeather?

In the blog above, we have already talked in detail about the weather app AccuWeather, how it works, and have also listed the top features, you must add to make your own version of the AccuWeather local forecast app. Now that we have all these critical details, it is time to address the most crucial question of them all – how to create a weather forecasting app like AccuWeather.

Though businesses and entrepreneurs have often asked this question, most stay away from app development because they do not have the money, time, or skill to create an app from scratch. Hence, Appy Pie is the perfect solution that checks all the boxes. It is entirely no-code, it is easy to use, it is affordable, and it takes just a few minutes to create an app from start to finish.

  1. Enter the name of your weather app

    After giving your app a name, choose the right app category, design theme, and layout of your app. You can also add a brand logo to make the app look more professional.

  2. Add the right features

    Use the list of features above to decide what features would make your weather app like AccuWeather or even better.

  3. Test your app and go live!

    After editing your app to perfection, you can test the app on real devices to debug the app. Now you can go live on any app store of your choice.


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