How Long Does It Take to Publish Your App on App Store?

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How long does it take to publish your app on app store - Appy Pie

After creating an app, you need to get it published in your preferred app store. Google Play Store and Apple App Store are the two major app stores where app developers launch their apps. There is a certain duration for both the app stores to review and approve your app.

Do you know how long it takes for an app store to accept your app?

Or, how much buffer do you need between submitting your app and going live?

If not, you are in the right place!

In this post, we have gathered all the information that you would need to get your app approved by the app store. Also, we have listed things that you can do to re-submit your app, in case it gets rejected.

Reasons Why Your App Can Get Rejected by the App Store

Even if you know how to submit an app to the app store, you still miss out on a few things. Here are a few major reasons why your app can get rejected on any of the app stores.

  1. Incomplete Information
  2. Make sure your app has updated contact information and all the details. If your app has a login portal, you must add a demo account for the review team to look at the app performance.

  3. Bugs and Errors
  4. App stores are a little uptight when it comes to app quality. If your app has bugs and it crashes, they won’t approve it. Make sure your app is free of errors and bugs.

  5. Broken Links
  6. App Stores don’t accept the apps with non-functional and broken links. All the apps should have user support and contact information link. A Kids app must include a link to the privacy policy.

  7. Inaccurate Descriptions
  8. Your app description must have detailed information about your app. And, the screenshots in the app must convey your app functionality. Mention the relevant keywords in the description and avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing.

    Here is a video to help you write an excellent app description.

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  9. Performance Issues
  10. If your app doesn’t perform well and is choppy or laggy, app stores will not approve it.

How Long Does it Take for your App to be Approved - Appy Pie

How to Avoid App Rejection on App Stores

Before you submit your app for the approval, make sure you check the things listed below to fasten the approval process for your mobile application.

  1. Test your app multiple times before you submit it
  2. Make sure your app has clear and accurate app information
  3. Mention the accurate contact information
  4. Create an active login for the review team to help them with demo
  5. Add detailed explanations for the features to help review team understand your app better

Go through this detailed post to check out what else you need to do to get your app approved by the app stores – How To Get The App Store To Approve Your App?

Things you Should Do If Your App Gets Rejected

If your app faces rejection, here are a few things that you can do to make it perform better and get approved the next time.

  1. Assess the Rejection
  2. If your app has been rejected, there needs to be a valid reason for that. Find out the reason and fix it before you re-submit your app.

  3. Validation of Features:
  4. Sometimes even when the app starts with an honest approach, users use its features for different spiteful activities. App stores make sure you can take action against them. To help them ensure this, you can send them your backend functionality details and credentials.

  5. Ask for Re-assessment
  6. If you have checked everything and find no error in your app, get in touch with the app store, and get the app re-assessed. Sometimes, the apps get approved in the second go without making any changes.

  7. Look for Experiences
  8. If you can’t find the reason behind the app rejection, go online, and find other people who have faced the same issue and check out the possible reasons.

  9. In-App Purchases
  10. If your app has in-app purchases, make sure your app has its own payment gateway. Or, this could be one of the reasons for getting your app rejected.

Now that you know how to get your app approved, let us check out the time the app stores take to accept your app after you upload app to app store.

How long does it Take for an App to be Approved on Apple App Store?

Make sure you go through App Store’s App Store Review Guidelines to prevent your app from getting rejected. To get your app approved, you need to mainly focus on your app content, design, and functionality. Submitting and publishing your app on the Apple App Store can take up to 2 days or longer, depending on your app. In some exceptional cases, the app store takes 4 to 5 days in approving an app.

Usually, 50% of apps on the app store get reviewed within 24 hours and 90% in 48 hours. After submitting your app for review, you can check the status in My App tab in iTunes. If you need an urgent approval or have some critical timing issue, you can request for an accelerated review.

If your app gets rejected, Apple will let you know the specific reason behind it. However, if they don’t, you need to ask them humbly and get the issue fixed to re-submit the app. The best that you can do to avoid app rejection is to follow all the guidelines and review your app yourself.

How long does it Take for an App to be Approved on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store has been taking a long time to review the apps thoroughly. They have revealed that three days is the standard time for a mobile app to be reviewed and approved. However, they take a bit longer for certain developer accounts.

As per Google App Review Guidelines, a few apps may be subject to extended reviews and result in approval times of up to 7 days or longer in certain cases. Google suggests you take a buffer time of 7 days between submitting your app and launching it.

Google may take around a week to approve your app, to avoid any last-minute hassle, you must plan your app release accordingly.

Final Thoughts

You must follow the tips mentioned in this article to avoid getting your app rejected. If you still need assistance with the app submission, you can create your app with Appy Pie. Appy Pie’s AppMakr team helps you not just with the app creation but also with the entire submission and review process.

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Appy Pie’s AppMakr offers an easy-to-use interface which makes the whole app creation process a piece of the pie that there is no space left for mistakes. Still, if you make any, we have a support team that helps you make changes to your app even after you have tested and submitted it.

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