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How to Make an Online Clothing App Like Zara?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on January 10th, 2024 1:16 pm | 5-min read

We buy everything online, from grocery items to high fashion. Though customers had started dabbling with online shopping for luxury for a long time, it was during the pandemic when the concept truly took off. Movement was restricted, no one was stepping out much, and all events, from weddings to conferences, were going online. So, why not shop online to look great for the next virtual event?

Now that the restrictions have been lifted, everyone can go to the physical stores. But the convenience of shopping online has prevailed, with most people continuing to shop online, at least partially. Though we buy a variety of products online, clothing, especially fashionable clothing, is one area where online shopping has gained tremendous popularity recently.

By 2025, the online fashion retail sector is expected to bring in almost 300 billion US dollars in sales. This presents an extremely lucrative opportunity for a business owner or an aspirant. The scope of the online clothing industry is promising, and it is only natural that enterprising entrepreneurs would want to acquire a chunk of this market by creating their own online clothing store.

Creating a mobile app from scratch involves monetary investment and months of hard work from skilled professionals. Naturally, it is a challenge for small businesses to acquire and invest all these resources so easily. Hence, Appy Pie’s no-code platform presents itself as the perfect solution.

What is Zara?

Zara is a Spanish multi-national retail clothing chain that focuses on fast fashion and sells a wide range of products, from clothing to accessories, shoes to beauty products, perfumes, and more. In 2021, the Zara brand was valued at about 13.2 billion US dollars.

How does Zara work?

Like any other modern online clothing store, Zara has an app where people can register and log in to browse through the collection, search for an item they want to buy, add it to their shopping cart, and pay for it. However, one defining difference lies in their manufacturing and delivery process. Zara claims it needs only a week to create a new product and get it to stores. This is in big contrast to the six-month industry average. Also, the brand produces around 12,000 new designs every year.

What makes the Zara app so popular?

Zara is one of those unique brands that have managed to combine high-tech experiences with their brick-and-mortar stores. The app has some of the most amazing features and an intuitive interface.

  1. Intuitive navigation

    The app does not have the onslaught of popups and drop-down menus. Instead, the app has a highly intuitive panel at the bottom of the screen that helps the users move through multiple screens. The app has a block-based layout where all the items are grouped in a grid.

  2. Custom interface

    While most eCommerce or online store owners convert their websites into mobile apps without changing much of the interface. This often leads to multiple usability and navigation issues, creating friction. Zara mobile app is entirely custom created. The app has enough breathing space, avoids clutter, has a powerful visual interface, and has big blocks and panels that are easy to tap and navigate.

  3. Elaborate listings with multiple views

    While shopping for clothing online, it is important to have multiple views of the same clothing article. The buyer or the customer should be satisfied with the listing so that they can move ahead to make the purchase. The app also has videos or reels in addition to photographs from multiple angles, allowing the app users to zoom in and out as they need.

  4. Multiple payment gateways

    The app has a long list of payment options, including a variety of credit cards, PayPal, and gift cards. This is critical to the success of the app. Online shoppers may be comfortable shopping online, but they will always have reservations about an unfamiliar payment method or gateway. Hence the more options you include in an online shopping app like Zara, the greater the chances of customers converting.

  5. Multilingual support

    By including multilingual support, Zara has ensured that the brand acquires customers from all over the world. The app currently provides support in 20 languages across 47 countries across the world. Breaking the language barrier in such a manner opens up new demographies to the brand.

  6. GPS integration

    Zara has an extensive network of physical or brick-and-mortar stores all over the world, and their mobile app works fabulously well in guiding users to the nearest store. The GPS feature integrated into the app as a feature has helped the app improve customer acquisition and retention. Since the users can easily find the nearest Zara store, they are motivated to make a stop.

  7. AR support

    Zara has an AR fitting feature in its mobile app. The user only needs to point their camera at any item in the store, and it will come to life. The app will scan and read the item and present a 3D hologram of a person wearing the item.

How to make an online clothing app like Zara?

Earlier in the post, we discussed Zara as a brand, how the brand and its app work, and the features that make the app so popular. The next step is to address the question – how to build an online shopping app like Zara.

Traditional app development typically has been associated with big players in the industry who have deep pockets and can spend months working on the app development project while hiring the best resources and agencies with specialized skills and resources.

Appy Pie’s no-code app builder presented a solution to counter these requirements. The platform lets anyone with an internet-connected device make an app in minutes! It needs no coding and does not require you to pump in thousands of dollars on a project.

  1. Enter the name of your app

    Give your app a name, then choose the right app category, design theme, and app layout.

  2. Add the right features

    Consult the list above and add all the features listed here using the convenient drag-and-drop interface.

  3. Test your app and go live!

    Edit your app and then test it on a real device for any potential bugs. Your online clothing store is now ready to go live on app stores of your choice.


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