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How to Create an app like Amazon?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on January 1st, 2023 12:07 pm | 4-min read

Online shopping has changed the way we buy things and even the things we buy. Yes, things have changed in recent times, especially since the pandemic restricted our movement and rationed the availability of goods. But, eCommerce giants like Amazon have been around for a long time.

The convenience of online shopping has made it the first choice for most millennials. In 2021 the global annual retail e-commerce sales crossed $4.9 trillion, which is estimated to cross $5.5 trillion by the end of 2022.

Amazon is the biggest name in the online shopping industry, with its online stores’ revenue crossing $222 billion in 2021. Naturally, these numbers are lucrative, especially to entrepreneurs, but they are often intimidated by the time and money required to build an app from scratch. Appy Pie, with its no-code eCommerce app builder, gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to build an app like Amazon in minutes!

What is Amazon?

Today, Amazon is the most popular global eCommerce platform that sells everything from books to fashion, jewelry to electronics, and more. What started in 1994 as a small book store has now evolved into an online store offering everything under one roof (well, virtual roof).
Whether you are looking for your daily essentials or an exotic perfume, Amazon can be the answer to all your shopping woes.

Apart from the massive list of products you can find on the platform, what makes the platform so popular is the customized experience offered to the customers.

Top features you must add to make an app like Amazon

Yes, Amazon is the bomb! Everyone wants to make an app like Amazon, but first, it is important to understand what makes Amazon the most popular among all the online stores – the features! If you are planning to make an app like Amazon, make sure that you consider adding the following features to your app.

  1. Review and ratings

    Allow your app users to rate the sellers and the products they buy from your platform. If the app users get to contribute to the platform and share their experiences for other app users to refer to before buying it themselves. This is a great way to add user-generated content to the platform and increase user engagement.

  2. Payments

    Let app users feel confident enough to use the platform to pay for their orders by letting the app users choose the payment gateway they are comfortable using. The more payment gateways and methods you add to your eCommerce app, the more app users you can expect to convert into paying customers.

  3. Push notifications

    Strong and timely communication can be the defining difference between an app that people love using and one that people will abandon after a single transaction. You can send details of any deal, discount, or offer with a single click. You can send targeted notifications to inactive app users and attract them to come back and use your app.

  4. User profile

    Creating a user profile is critical for your app users so that they can add all the details like their contact details, addresses, and more. This profile can also come in handy in personalizing the app content to the users’ in-app behavior.

  5. Social media integration

    Integrating social media into the app for registration and login is a great way to reduce friction. It makes your app users feel comfortable logging in. You can also let app users use social media to share the app content, including the products, with their network.

  6. Wishlist

    If your app users aren’t buying anything right now, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy it ever. Add the wishlist feature to your app and let your app users create wishlists of products they are interested in and may come back to buy later.

  7. Search

    The search feature or functionality makes it easy for the app users to type in the search terms and get relevant product options. Adding filters will make it even better for the app users, who would be able to narrow their search and get even more relevant product suggestions.

  8. Personalized recommendations

    Incorporate AI to create an algorithm that uses the user profile, data, browsing history, and buying behavior to develop personalized recommendations. The more relevant the recommendations, the longer the app users will stay and explore the app for products that pique their interest.

How to make an app like Amazon?

At this point in the blog, you have already learned all about Amazon and the features you must add to create shopping apps like Amazon. Now, let’s talk about the primary question – how to create an app like Amazon.

Making an app from scratch is time-consuming, expensive, and requires a deep understanding of programming. However, Appy Pie has come up with a solution to alleviate all these worries. Let’s see how.

  1. Name your app

    Once you have named your app, you can choose the right app category, design theme, and layout. Personalize your app and look professional by adding your brand logo on all the main pages of your app.

  2. Add the required features

    Take a look at the list above and add all the features with a simple drag-and-drop action.

  3. Test your app and launch it

    You can now edit your app to your specifications and then test it on real devices. After ruling out the bugs in the app, your app is ready to launch. The Appy Pie team will help you get your app published on the app stores of your choice.


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