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12 Features Your E-commerce Apps Should Have

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 20th, 2023 12:23 pm | 5-min read
12 Features Your E-commerce Apps Should Have - Appy Pie

E-commerce apps have experienced an unprecedented boom in the last few years. This can be validated from the fact that mobile commerce has more than a 50% share in the e-commerce space. And according to experts, this figure is set to increase further.
The rising popularity of ecommerce app - Appy Pie
With e-commerce apps in high demand, developers are going the extra mile to enhance the user experience by adding intuitive features in these apps. This is because many mobile users often complain of inconvenience when it comes to shopping on their mobile.

Ideally, an e-commerce app should be equipped with features that make the entire shopping journey smooth – from visiting the app to making a purchase on the platform – and ensure a great user experience at the same time.

Further, the right features in an e-commerce app can contribute to:

  • An uptick in sales
  • High customer retention rate
  • Maintaining the competitive edge of your app

Now, let us look at some of the features that your e-commerce app should have:

  1. Simple registration and log in process
  2. A complex registration process is a big put off. Almost all users prefer apps that allow them to log in or register through external accounts, such as Google and Facebook. For create an e-commerce app that require a new user to fill in a registration form, the goal should be to keep these forms minimal and simple.
    E-commerce app login - Appy Pie
    An easier entry translates to better conversion rates and more sales.

  3. A shopping cart
  4. Of all the features of e-commerce apps, a shopping cart is a fundamental one. This feature gives users immense flexibility while making a purchase. For example, once the users add products to the cart and don’t want to check out right away, they can come back later for them. They won’t have to add the product again to the cart, thus saving time.
    E-commerce app my cart - Appy Pie
    Moreover, a shopping cart allows users the freedom to make a purchase only when they feel comfortable. To ensure that your e-commerce app has a shopping cart, you can use Appy Pie’s shopping cart app builder to create it.

  5. Google Analytics
  6. The primary goal of an e-commerce app is to generate revenue. In this context, understanding user behaviour and buying pattern is crucial. Google Analytics provides an in-depth analysis of your store. It can tell you which products are doing well, when does your app attract maximum visitors and how are the users interacting with your app.
    App Analytics - Appy Pie
    You can use this information to plan out your customer acquisition strategies.

  7. Multiple payment options
  8. Inadequate payment options are a major disadvantage for e-commerce apps. When a user is all set to make the, but can’t just because of the lack of the right payment option, it leads to a negative user experience. Not just that, you also lose a confirmed sale.
    E-commerce app payment - Appy Pie
    To prevent this, include multiple payment options in your e-commerce app. Moreover, you need to ensure that all payment options are secure and safe.

  9. Push notifications
  10. Another important feature of an e-commerce app is the push notification. This feature is very potent when it comes to driving up sales. For the customer, push notifications can communicate new product launches, latest offers and discounts, and reminders about product availability. It is a great way to engage and stay connected with your users.
    Push Notifications - Appy Pie
    It has been observed that a majority of users visit an app when they receive a push notification on their mobiles. You can use Appy Pie’s app builder to include a push notification feature in your e-commerce app.

  11. Feedback & ratings
  12. A feedback option is a great way to build trust among the users of your app. Feedback is important not just for customers, but also for you as it gives you valuable information. You can use it to gauge how users are responding to your app and improve it accordingly.
    E-commerce app rating and reviews - Appy Pie
    Structure your feedback option in such a way that it encourages users to give a detailed feedback. Ratings too are an important tool to engage with users. Since ratings are visible to everyone, good ratings can translate to higher customer acquisition.

  13. App customization
  14. App customization dramatically increases the chances of customer acquisition and retention. When a user finds that an app is personalized, they feel more inclined to make a purchase.

  15. Very few clicks
  16. Too many clicks create friction and customers don’t prefer apps that require too many clicks to make a purchase. This is why, such apps have poor conversion rates. Nobody wants to work hard particularly not your customers.

  17. Shipping status
  18. This is one of the features of e-commerce apps that customers look forward to. The shipping status feature tells customers about the estimated arrival date and time of the products they have ordered. It makes the shipping process transparent and the customers are happy that they know when they will get their deliveries.

    Shipping Status - Appy Pie

    Images are an essential tool for online stores to showcase their products. Unlike a conventional brick and mortar store, users don’t get to see the products they intend to buy from an online store. This is where a product gallery becomes vital.
    E-commerce app products - Appy Pie
    A product gallery that contains multiple images of a product from numerous angles makes sure that the customers can understand what the product actually looks like. Adding a 3D product visualization tool in your app enhances the whole viewing experience for the customer.

  19. Wishlist
  20. Users like adding items to a Wishlist, so that they can come back later without having to browse the store again looking for what they liked the last time. Moreover, it allows them to mark products they like and would like to purchase later. Think of it as a bookmark for a product that a customer uses to revisit an item.
    E-commerce app wishlist - Appy Pie
    Overall, a Wishlist enhances the app’s user experience.

  21. An easy checkout process
  22. After selecting a product, users don’t like to be bogged down by a long drawn out and complicated checkout process. This is why single click payments are hugely popular among e-commerce app users. These methods facilitate payments with just one click.

    An e-commerce app has to deliver in two areas – provide a powerful user experience and boost revenues for your business. Incorporate these features to ensure your app delivers on both counts.

    Do you have an e-commerce app for your business? No? This is the right time to create an app and grow your customer base. Check out Appy Pie’s e-commerce app builder and get started now!

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