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About GitLab

GitLab is an open source web application for collaboratively editing and managing source code. It can be used to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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GitLab Alternatives

Looking for the GitLab Alternatives? Here is the list of top GitLab Alternatives

  • GitHub Integration GitHub
  • Bitbucket Integration Bitbucket
  • Beanstalk Integration Beanstalk
  • Azure DevOps Integration Azure DevOps

Choose the app you want to connect with GitLab

  • Wave Integration Wave
  • Nutshell Integration Nutshell
  • Databox Integration Databox
  • crown Premium Google Groups Integration Google Groups
  • Jira Software Cloud Integration Jira Software Cloud
  • MongoDB Integration MongoDB
  • Accelo Integration Accelo
  • crown Premium Google Contacts Integration Google Contacts
  • Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart) Integration Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart)
  • Daylite Integration Daylite
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration Microsoft Exchange
  • Integration
  • crown Premium Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Canny Integration Canny
  • nozbe Integration nozbe
  • OneNote Integration OneNote
  • AllClients Integration AllClients
  • Zoho Inventory Integration Zoho Inventory

Here is a list of GitLab Triggers and Actions

How to Integrate GitLab with Appy Pie Connect

Follow these steps to Integrate GitLab:

  1. Go to Appy Pie Connect

  2. Create an account or login if you already have an account

  3. Search for the GitLab App in the App directory

  4. Select a trigger event from the list

  5. Click on ‘Connect an Account’ and enter GitLab account API key

  6. Your GitLab app is now ready to integrate hundreds of apps supported on Appy pie Connect.

GitLab Integration Details

GitLab enables teams to collaborate and work with a single conversation, instead of managing multiple threads across different tools. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring, GitLab is a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application. GitLab has everything you need to take your project development from start to completion. With Appy Pie Connect, GitLab is far more than just a project management tool. When GitLab with Appy Pie Connect, you reduce your development life cycle time in GitLab. Appy Pie lets you integrate GitLab with a range of third-party applications, such as Gmail, ServiceNow, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Mailgun, Google Calendar, and more.

Using GitLab with Appy Pie Connect can help developers compile all their work into one tool that can be accessed anywhere. Our automation platform has more than 150 GitLab integrations to provide developers with a single DevOps experience. Appy Pie Connect also encourages integration partners to make and maintain the integrations to provide its customer all GitLab integrations in one place. Using GitLab with our automation platform will help you manage your development project cost, schedule, and quality. Make everything from project planning and source code management to monitoring and issue tracking as easy as pie by using GitLab with Appy Pie Connect.

Here is how you can use GitLab with Appy Pie Connect

  • Track new issues in your favorite to-do apps. Appy Pie Connect automatically creates Trello cards whenever issues are opened, updated, or closed in GitLab.
  • Get your GitLab commits organized automatically. When you integrate GitLab with Google Sheets, Appy Pie Connect will automatically add a new row to a Google Sheets spreadsheet every time a new commit is created in GitLab.
  • Do you ping your team every time you have a new merge request in GitLab? Connect GitLab with Slack and Appy Pie Connect will automatically post the merge request to a Slack channel of your choice without any manual effort from your end.
  • Integrate GitLab with Twitter and share your development team's updates with the world by posting them to Twitter the moment they're committed. This GitLab-Twitter integration will automatically post your GitLab commits to Twitter.
  • Connect GitLab to ClickUp and automatically create new tasks in ClickUp every time a new issue is created in GitLab. With this GitLab-ClickUp integration, developers can save their time and improve the overall quality of the product.
  • Integrate GitLab with Jira and automatically create a new issue in Jira whenever a new issue is updated in GitLab. This GitLab-Jira Integration will help you keep your team updated about new works.
  • Automatically send emails with Gmail for new GitLab merge requests by integrating your Gmail with GitLab. Using this GitLab-Gmail integration you can automatically create GitLab issues from starred Gmail emails.

Appy Pie Connect brings together Triggers (like "New Issue") and Actions (like "Create Task") to complete an action in one app whenever a trigger occurs in another. This phenomenon is called “Connect” and these Connects help you automate repetitive tasks saving you the trouble of doing them manually.

Step By Step GitLab Integration Guide

To integrate GitLab with Appy Pie Connect follow the steps given below:

  1. Selecting the GitLab App

    Search and select the GitLab App from Appy Pie Connect App Directory.

  2. Connecting the GitLab Account

    You will need to connect a valid GitLab account to Appy Pie Connect to give proper access for the integration to work. For this, select the service required and click “Continue”.

  3. Click “Connect an Account” (For first-time users) and the form will ask you to fill the particulars (Application ID & Secret).

    Generating Application ID & Secret

    1. To generate Application ID and Secret you need to visit GitLab and login with the valid GitLab account (no need to enter the details if already logged in). Once landed on the dashboard, go to the Settings option available in the top-right dropdown.

    2. In the Setting page the Applications option is available, click and you will be navigated to a new page to Edit Application.

    3. Enter the Name of the Application (As per your choice) along with a Redirect URL” (Note: Kindly copy-paste the same URL to access the Application ID and Secret for Appy Pie Connect.

    4. Select the checkbox for the Scopes required to operate the desired part of the application in the integration at Appy Pie Connect (you can select one or multiple scopes as per the requirement). Click “Save Application” to generate Application ID and Secret.

    5. You will get the Application ID and Secret. Copy-paste the information in the required field of the Appy Pie Connect tab.

  4. Click the “Yes, Continue” button in Appy Pie Connect after filling the correct information in the form and your account will get integrated with Appy Pie Connect.

Common Issues With GitLab At Appy Pie Connect

Redirect URL Included is not valid

Kindly reconfirm the Callback URL, it must be “”, edit the URL and generate the Application ID and Secret for the same. Try again with Appy Pie Connect, if still facing the issue then need not to worry, our support team is available to assist you.

10 Best GitLab Integrations for Better Code Reviews

10 Best GitLab Integrations for Better Code Reviews

Gitlab is one of the widely used source codes that facilitate collaborative and repository software development. It provides the end-to-end ability for all the stages associated with software development. There are many advantages provided by this DevOps platform in IT deployment. These benefits will expand profusely when it is integrated with the other application.

Gitlab integration will allow the team members of an organization to collaborate in every phase of the project, especially in software development. Appy Pie Connect have initiated and also rendered these integration analyses below and also acquired patronization from our client end. Let’s go through the discussion in this segment that included the top 10 application integration with Gitlab which offers tracing from planning to the final phase of the project that ensures the achievement of the probable and positive outcome.

Let’s discuss some Top 10 apps to integrate with GitLab

  1. GitLab and SharePoint
  2. SharePoint is one of the leading business collaboration applications that helps to simplify business intelligence and content management. Integrating GitLab with Sharepoint will include various products that ease modern software development. It will increase the team efficiency by concentrating on faster production and also facilitate linking the issue management, code review, and version control. Moreover, the integrated application can also add content and manage all the documents in SharePoint.

  3. GitLab and Microsoft Teams
  4. The Microsoft team has an excellent track record for accelerating the business with the help of robust cloud infrastructure. Microsoft team-GitLab integration will be advantageous for both applications when it comes to the implementation of a hybrid cloud solution. The GitLab users also can avail advantage of a feature called “Team Room”. With this feature, the user can share their screen and be able to initiate the video call while they are working on another project which ultimately saves both money and time.

  5. GitLab and Notion
  6. The notion is another excellent platform that assists the user to manage, scheduling, and save the task. It allows the users to store their work in one place and edit in the other place after it integrates with Gitlab. For example, if a user writes in Notion then the user can edit the document in the Gitlab application. Therefore, the edited version will be stored in Gitlab and the unedited version will remain on Notion. This is the main reason users need not worry about the security of any documents because they can access them in the future.

  7. GitLab and ServiceNow
  8. Both GitLab and ServiceNow applications provide numerous benefits in software development. Integrating these two applications will bring seamless cloud facilities to scale the development process. The new integrated platform improves the process of software programming by reducing maintenance costs. It will also implement a cloud infrastructure where users can store information by ensuring security and safety. In addition, the integrated application also provides a built-in API that helps to collaborate with both the users in ServiceNow and GitLab in a single platform.

  9. GitLab and Slack
  10. Communication is one of the crucial aspects of the software development team. Slack is a trending platform for communication especially in software development because it maintains transparency. It will enhance its features when it integrates with Gitlab. For example, any team member can raise any question regarding the code in Slack and also can get back the answer from the same platform via the integrated application. Moreover, the developer can easily update the code from the “download the latest code” section.

  11. GitLab and Google Drive
  12. Google Drive is another efficient and useful tool for analyzing data. The integration between Google Drive and GitHub helps the user to arrange the contents, files and folders in Google Drive which will ultimately increase the automatic workflow. Therefore, integrated applications due to merging these two applications will be useful on one hand for product development and file backup and storage on the other hand. In that case, GitHub can be used for software development and Google Drive for storing those documents.

  13. GitLab and Microsoft-To-Do
  14. The integration of Microsoft-To-Do and Gitlab will mainly influence more users in the Microsoft to-do interface. Many people endorsed that Gitlab is one of the more complex software to understand and take into account for the application. Therefore, integrating Microsoft to do inside GitLab will bring more users into the service because it is one of the easy-to-use applications. In addition, the integrated platform also allows the users to synchronize their repositories on GitLab especially while they are away from the system.

  15. GitLab and Amazon CloudWatch
  16. If a user is utilizing the GitHub software for managing the code and developing the software, then they must incorporate a strong monitoring system to detect the problem. One such monitoring system will be incorporated inside the GitHub application if it integrates with Amazon CloudWatch. The integrated platform provides monitoring for the GitHub resources combined with other applications. Moreover, it will also let the user access system-wide visibility that will help to identify the proper utilization of resources. Thus, it ultimately saves the company’s expenditure and also increases the productivity of work.

  17. GitLab and Paypal
  18. The users and developers in a GitLab can include a payment gateway when they integrate GitLab with PayPal. To get paid from the GitLab application, the user can implement a payment gateway with the help of PayPal in this application. The user can access successful payment when they satisfy their customers with the help of a PayPal account. This is absolutely beneficial and also convenient to use because the user does not need to purchase any Paypal membership to use its feature.

  19. GitLab and Tableau
  20. The integration of Tableau and GitLab help the user to get a robust visualization and analytics platform. Tableau can act as a business intelligence software that ensures the security of all the data and information in GitLab. The integrated platforms also consolidate the GitLab data to the storage platform and warehouses and automatically report in the Tableau application so that the user can easily access and view all these data.


We hope this blog has helped you to understand the relevance of Gitlab integration in your organization. Now it’s your turn to select the best Gitlab integration for your organization for smoothing the project development process. If you are still stuck then contact us through the given contact number. We provide 24*7 hour assistance and our professional team will quickly get you to help in this backdrop.

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Top GitLab Integration Frequently Asked Questions

  • GitLab integrates with the tools you use every day, from Slack to JIRA, BitBucket to AWS. Check out our Integrations page for more than 100 integrations with the most popular apps today.

  • Yes. GitLab integrates with GitHub so you can connect your repositories and work together, whether your team is using GitLab or GitHub. You can manage your projects with GitLab and still sync code with GitHub.

  • Yes. GitLab integrates with JIRA, an issue or project tracking software application that allows teams to manage issues and support any project life cycle through the creation of issues (tickets) to tackle larger problems in a structured manner.

  • GitLab integrates easily with Jenkins, providing an auto-updating, full-text search index of all builds. When you commit a change within a GitLab, the activity is immediately reflected in Jenkins.

  • GitLab integrates with Visual Studio to create, manage, and deploy software from a centralized toolchain that puts your whole team on the same page. From issue tracking to code review, GitLab Visual Studio integration helps teams engage in the development process like never before.

  • Here is how GitLab integrate with LDAP:

    • Go to Appy Pie Connect
    • Create an account or login if you already have an account
    • Choose GitLab as a trigger app
    • Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List
    • Pick LDAP as an action app
    • Authenticate LDAP with Appy Pie Connect
    • Select the data you want to send from GitLab to LDAP
    • Now click on the “Run Test” button
    • Your integration is ready!