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About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform that gives you everything you need to build, run and grow your online business. From unlimited categories, products, and customers to mobile commerce and marketing tools to powerful back-office and reporting features, BigCommerce has everything.

About Zendesk

Zendesk is the world's leading cloud-based customer service software that provides a single platform for businesses to improve their customer service, support and experience across multiple channels, such as email, social media and helpdesks.

Want to explore BigCommerce + Zendesk quick connects for faster integration? Here’s our list of the best BigCommerce + Zendesk quick connects.

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Connect BigCommerce + Zendesk in easier way

It's easy to connect BigCommerce + Zendesk without coding knowledge. Start creating your own business flow.

  • Triggers
  • Inventory Updated

    Triggers when an update for Inventory comes

  • New Customer

    Triggers when a new customer is added.

  • New Order

    Triggers when a new order is placed.

  • New Order With Line Item

    Triggers when a new order is placed (with line item support).

  • New Product

    Triggers when a new product is added.

  • New Shipment

    Trigger when new shipment comes.

  • New/Updated Product

    Triggers when a new or updated product occur.

  • Shipment Update

    Trigger when updated shipment comes.

  • Updated Product

    Triggers when a product is updated.

  • New Group

    Triggers every time a new group is created in Zendesk.

  • New Internal Note

    Triggers when a internal note is created in Zendesk.

  • New Organization

    Triggers once a new organization is added to Zendesk.

  • New Ticket

    Triggers every time a new ticket is added to a view.

  • New User

    Triggers when a new user is created in Zendesk.

  • Updated Ticket

    Triggers every time when a ticket is updated. (Note-Zendesk might take an hour to make tickets available via their API with this trigger).

  • Updated User

    Triggers when a user is updated in Zendesk.

  • Actions
  • Create Coupon (Category)

    Creates a new coupon attached to a category.

  • Create Customer

    Creates a new customer.

  • Create Customer Address

    Adds a new address to an existing customer.

  • Create Product

    Creates a new product.

  • Update Customer

    Update a customer.

  • Update Product Inventory

    Update a new product to an existing product.

  • Create Organization

    Create a new organization.

  • Create Ticket

    Create a new ticket.

  • Create User

    Create a new user.

  • Update Organization

    Update an existing organization.

  • Update Ticket

    Modify an existing ticket status or add comments.

  • Update User

    Modify an existing user.

How BigCommerce & Zendesk Integrations Work

  1. Step 1: Choose BigCommerce as a trigger app and authenticate it on Appy Pie Connect.

    (30 seconds)

  2. Step 2: Select "Trigger" from the Triggers List.

    (10 seconds)

  3. Step 3: Pick Zendesk as an action app and authenticate.

    (30 seconds)

  4. Step 4: Select a resulting action from the Action List.

    (10 seconds)

  5. Step 5: Select the data you want to send from BigCommerce to Zendesk.

    (2 minutes)

  6. Your Connect is ready! It's time to start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

Integration of BigCommerce and Zendesk

The need of an integrated platform for any e-commerce website is essential. For example, if a customer has placed an order on BigCommerce and needs to contact the support department about an issue with their account, they will need to leave the website which impacts the conversion rate of the purchase. The customer can also be left waiting for a reply from the support team and in some cases, the customer service representatives may not be able to answer the questions that the customer has due to the fact that they are not familiar with the system.A company should integrate their e-commerce system with an all-inclusive platform that offers customer support, marketing campaigns, and a communication hub for all sales, marketing, and customer service teams. This company is Zendesk. According to the website, "Zendesk is the leading cloud-based customer service software." Zendesk offers a single interface where an organization's business can manage all of their interactions with customers, including online and offline channels. Zendesk allows organizations to provide a consistent experience across all channels of communication including email, social media, phone, mobile devices, and more.Zendesk is different from other customer service software because it is not just focused on providing support for your customers but also for your internal team members. Organizations can collaborate with each other through Zendesk to share expertise and knowledge to give better support to their customers and improve their sales.Zendesk helps companies of all sizes become more efficient by handling every customer interaction from one place so no matter where a customer contacts the company or how they contact it (email, phone, live chat), they will receive a seamless experience.

    What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform for businesses that want to start selling online without having to deal with IT or programming issues. It provides companies with all of the tools that they need to create and manage their online store including "a shopping cart, checkout page, payment gateway integration, multi-currency support, shipping rates calculation, inventory management tools, order management tools, SEO capabilities, detailed reporting and analytics..." Companies that use BigCommerce do not have to worry about creating their own backend or setting up their own servers because BigCommerce handles all of that behind the scenes.BigCommerce also offers a WordPress integration so companies also have access to WordPress plugins that can help enhance their website's performance such as caching and load balancing.

    What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is an all-inclusive platform that provides businesses with a "single interface" to manage their customer relationships. Through its software, companies can provide customer support through email, phone, social media channels and more. Zendesk also offers a "live chat" feature where customers can communicate directly with a member of a company's support staff through a pop-up box on their screen while they browse the company's website. Zendesk also provides companies with marketing campaigns through its software where they can create different messages based on their customers' behavior such as when someone adds an item to their cart on an e-commerce website or if they abandon their cart before completing their purchase. Zendesk also provides companies with other features that can assist them in growing their business such as its communication hub and it provides internal collaboration features where multiple departments within a company can communicate about their customers and learn from each other.BigCommerce and Zendesk IntegrationCompanies can integrate BigCommerce with Zendesk through API data feeds. These data feeds allow information from one system to be sent directly into another system. The two data feeds that are available for BigCommerce are the following:

  • Orders

2. ProductsIf an organization is using BigCommerce to sell products from its website and wants to display those orders and products on its Zendesk dashboard, it will need to get an API key from BigCommerce for each product, collection, or category that it plans on accessing through Zendesk's data feeds. The organization then needs to set up its data feed by going to . Once this is completed, users can access the products that they have added on Zendesk under the "Product" menu in the navigation bar under "Integrations." The following screenshot shows what this looks like within the Zendesk interface:Once a user selects "Add Product", they will be presented with a list of all of the products that they have access to within BigCommerce. They can then choose which products they want to add to Zendesk and click on "Add Products." If there is a product that was not added because it does not exist or was not listed in BigCommerce's API feed, users will see an error message and will be asked if they want to add it under "Add New Product." The following screenshot shows what this process looks like within the Zendesk interface:Once a user clicks on "Save Data Feed," they will see a confirmation message stating that the data feed has been saved successfully. The following screenshot shows what this process looks like within the Zendesk interface:Benefits of Integration of BigCommerce and Zendesk

There are many benefits associated with integrating BigCommerce and Zendesk together including:

1. Better Customer Support Experience:When a customer has an issue with his/her account on an e-commerce website, he/she will usually contact customer service through email or phone call. When customers contact customer service about different issues on different platforms (e.g., email or phone), there is no way for them to know if they are talking to the correct person or if they are being handled correctly because both systems are not integrated together. This may lead to poor customer experiences especially if both accounts were experiencing different issues when contacted at different times by different people assigned from two separate platforms. However, when both systems are integrated together through APIs, customers' issues can be handled efficiently because all of their information will be available within one system. For example, if a customer calls customer service about an issue with his/her account he/she will be connected directly with the individual handling his/her account instead of calling multiple people in different departments who might not even know about what is happening on their end if they are working from separate systems like BigCommerce and Zendesk. This will result in happier customers who will likely return to the site again in the future.2. Improved Collaboration:When different departments within an organization work off of two different platforms (e.g., BigCommerce and Zendesk. there is no way for them to collaborate with each other on improving their overall support unless those platforms are integrated together through APIs. When organizations work on improving collaboration within their company by working on projects together through different platforms (e.g., BigCommerce and Zendesk), they are limiting themselves only to those two platforms which might prevent them from finding new ways for improvement within their company and could also limit them in other areas as well (e.g., if there is something new that came out within another platform such as technology. However, when organizations work together through one single platform (e.g., Zendesk. that offers all of these features, there are endless possibilities of improvements that can be made within a company's operations especially in support and sales operations especially when every department works together collaboratively through one single platform rather than working separately through two different systems like BigCommerce and Zendesk which limits communications between departments within a company which is why many organizations choose to integrate both platforms together through APIs instead of choosing one over another so they can take advantage of both platforms' strengths while still maintaining the ability to collaborate within their own organization effectively without having multiple systems to work through in order to achieve results like increased efficiency as a result of improved collaboration between departments within a company like sales and support teams.3. Improved Sales Operations:Many organizations use sales tracking software such as HubSpot which offers features such as inbound tracking which allows users to track conversations with potential leads throughout each step of the buying cycle such as identifying leads, nurturing leads through email marketing campaigns until they reach sales ready or closed/won stage or any stage after a conversation has reached its end after the lead has decided not to proceed any further with his/her business transaction because of something that happened during that conversation or stage in his/her buying cycle.4. Improved Support Operations:Many organizations use CRM's (Customer Relationship Management. such as Salesforce which offer features such as case management which allows users to track conversations with customers throughout each step of the purchase process such as identifying leads, nurturing leads through email marketing campaigns until they reach sales ready or closed/won

The process to integrate BigCommerce and Zendesk may seem complicated and intimidating. This is why Appy Pie Connect has come up with a simple, affordable, and quick solution to help you automate your workflows. Click on the button below to begin.

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