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How to make a Legal Chatbot in 3 easy steps:

To make your own Legal Chatbot, follow these steps:

Create a user account on Appy Pie Chatbot
Choose the name for your Legal chatbot Select the name for your Legal chatbot.
Choose the type of your bot
Select the type of Bot Select the type of bot that you wish to create for the website.
Publish your text chatbot
Publish the Bot Check the performance and launch it.
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What are the benefits of a Legal Chatbot?

Legal chatbots are important as they help the legal firms to establish their niche. They work like robots and chat with a live person via messaging applications, websites, mobile apps and the mobile phones. Some benefits of a Legal chatbot are as follows:

  • Acts like a virtual receptionist Chatbots for the legal firm work like a receptionist. For example, you handle divorce cases and someone calls in for some property related case, you have to tell them that the same doesn’t fall under the area of your expertise and you might have to handle multiple calls of that nature. A chatbot can simply be set up with a response for that kind of interactions.
  • Simplifies legal information In case your website has multiple pages of information about the legal matters, prominent cases, acts and regulations and so on, Chatbot can make it easier and show the filtered information to make it easy to understand.
  • Great use of the content Best legal chatbots scan the existing content such as blogs, articles, news features, informational videos and so on, and extract the useful snippet in order to deliver them to people who visit the site in search of any legal assistance.
  • Understands the needs of clients Legal chatbots understand the queries first and then respond to the user. It saves these chats for the future reference. You can access them later and get the useful data from those chats.

What are the features of an Appy Pie Legal Chatbot Builder?


Simple Navigation

Chatbot built by Appy Pie chatbot builders are simple to navigate. They are computer and mobile compatible and conduct conversations through auditory method.


Book Appointments

Appy Pie chatbot builder creates chatbots that offer users an option of booking appointments as per their preferences. It has an inbuilt calendar with date and time option to select.


Customized Chats

Chatbots built using Appy Pie chatbot builder offers users customize the content and make it appropriate as per the queries in the chat.


Design customization

Chatbot builder creates chatbots with Landing and Widget pages designs for the users.


Audience targeting

Appy Pie Chatbot builder builds chatbots that target audience according to their location and time. Users contacting from different locations get different content on the website.


Transfer to Live agent

Chatbot created using Appy Pie Chatbot builder initiates chat with the users and transfers them to live agents as per the user preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a legal chatbot?

A legal chatbot is one of the greatest ways to save a lawyer’s time and money by optimizing their workflow. An artificially intelligent and fully automated piece of application, legal chatbot has the ability to conduct a conversation with the prospects via “auditory” or “textual” methods, while qualifying leads and increasing the efficiency of legal operations to a greater extent.

Can I use this legal chatbot template for free?

Yes, you can definitely use the legal chatbot template for free and make your own chatbot with your own customized set of questions and answers in just a few minutes without having to write a single line of code.

Can I edit this legal chatbot template?

Yes, you can edit the legal chatbot template, add your own set of questions and answers, and create a chatbot without any coding. You can even integrate the legal chatbot on websites and mobile apps of your choice.

Can you build a legal chatbot for me?

You can build a legal chatbot all by yourself and that too without any coding using Appy Pie Chatbot. In case you face any challenge, we are available for you round the clock! You can reach our customer support over live chat through our website, send us an email at [email protected], or call us on +1 888 322 7617 for free assistance.

Can I change the language of this legal chatbot template?

Yes, you can change the language of the legal chatbot template as per your needs. You can add questions and answers in your preferred language and build an efficient legal chatbot in minutes.

What are the advantages of legal chatbot?

Listed hereunder are some of the advantages of legal chatbot

  1. Answers basic queries about legal rights
  2. Sets up meetings between attorneys and potential clients
  3. Helps with onboarding and employee management
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Gives valuable insights about legal issues; and much more.
What are the features of legal chatbot?

Listed below are some of the unique features that your legal chatbot must include –

  1. Booking appointments
  2. Live chat transfer
  3. Frequently asked questions
  4. Ticketing system
  5. Bot analytics; and many others.
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