Health Insurance Bot

Gather insurance seekers’ data efficiently.

How to make a Healthcare Chatbot in 3 easy steps?

To create your own Healthcare Chatbot, follow these steps:


Select the name for your chatbot

Choose the unique name for your bot to help it stand out


Type of Bot

Select the type of hospital bot that you wish to create


Publish the Bot

Test, customize, and publish your chatbot

What are the Benefits of Using a Healthcare Chatbot?

Chatbot technology in the healthcare industry has improved the efficiency of various processes. From resolving queries of patients to automate data entry at the time of admission in the hospital, chatbots are doing well. There are several benefits associated with medical bot. Here are a few of them:

Resolve Simple Medical Issues

Healthcare chatbot can resolve simple medical issues of patients. Some of them are also programmed to suggest a first aid for serious health issues.

Help in Emergency Situations

Medical chatbots are fast enough to deal with emergencies if required. They are used for various services like booking appointments, calling an ambulance, or contacting doctors, when required.

Support for Professionals

A healthcare bot is smart to support professionals. Not only the patients but doctors can also use them when they need to know about the use of medicines. Chatbot also help doctors to check alternative treatments for a specific disease.

Works like a Personal Assistant

Health chatbots can also acts as personal assistant of doctors. For this, chatbot medical assistant should have an inbuilt flowchart for common issues like baby healthcare, pregnancy, diabetes, blood pressure problems, and many more. This can help the chatbot work efficiently as an assistant. 

Assist in Health Insurance Process

Health insurance chatbots can ease the process of health insurance for both insurance seekers and companies. Chatbot can initiate the conversation with insurance seekers and provide them details of insurance packages.

What are the features of an Appy Pie Health Insurance Chatbot Builder?

Appy Pie’s Health chatbot builder offers the following features:

Easy to Navigate

Appy Pie’s chatbot builder offers an easy to navigate and user-friendly interface. It can conduct conversations using both, textual and auditory methods. 

Customized Chats

Appy Pie’s chatbot builder allows users to add the content as per the relevance. Users can customize the chat flow according to their needs.

Design customization

Appy Pie’s chatbot builder allows users to choose their preferred design and customize the bot as per their choices. Users can design the content in Widget pages also.

Streamline Health Insurance process

Appy Pie’s chatbot builder provides an interactive platform for insurance seekers. Just like a live agent, chatbot initiates the conversation with insurance seekers, inquire about their health, gender, age, etc. It also collects the information related to amount they wish to invest. The data collected by bots further used by health insurance companies to complete insurance process.

Why do you need a Healthcare Chatbot?

Chatbots and healthcare are inseparable in the present era of digitization. AI healthcare chatbot is a tool that has the power to resolve the problems of doctors, patients, insurance seekers, etc. associated with the healthcare industry.

Healthcare chatbot is a customer service software that sounds like a real person. It improves the digital healthcare experiences of users. Chatbots can be conveniently use for 24/7 support in healthcare sector.

You need a healthcare chatbot to help your patients, assist the doctors, and support health insurance seekers. In short, chatbots are essential to revamp the healthcare sector.