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Generate a link that your visitors can click to start a chat with you via WhatsApp without having to add your phone number to their contact list. Appy Pie Chatbot’s WhatsApp link generator lets you quickly generate a unique link that you can share with your customers and prospects

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How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Link?

Step 1

Enter your country code and WhatsApp Business Number

Enter your country code and WhatsApp Business Number

Type the correct county code and the phone number for which the link is needed.

Step 2

Add your own message

Add your own message

Personalize your user experience with custom messages.

Step 3

Click the Generate WhatsApp Chat Link button

Click the "Generate WhatsApp Chat Link" button

Appy Pie’s WhatsApp link generator will automatically create a shortened link plus a QR code for you to share.

Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Links

Reach a Wider Audience

Reach a Wider Audience

WhatsApp Links allow you to share your business or promotional content with a wider audience than just your WhatsApp contacts. This is because anyone who clicks on the link will be able to view your content, regardless of whether or not they have your phone number saved in their contacts list.

Increased Engagement

Increased Engagement

WhatsApp Links also tend to result in higher levels of engagement than other forms of sharing, such as posts on social media. This is because people are more likely to read and respond to messages that have been sent directly to them, rather than those that they see while scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Enhanced Branding

Enhanced Branding

WhatsApp Links provide you with an opportunity to promote your brand or product to a new audience more effectively. When people click on your links, they will be redirected to your website or app, which gives you a chance to showcase your brand and what you have to offer.

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