Event Chatbot Maker

Top Frequently Asked Questions

An events chatbot is an application that allows event planners to save resources and time on event related one on one communication. An AI powered events chatbot not only helps you automate and personalize the user communication, it also provides all event related information, and instant answers to frequently asked questions in addition to collecting customer feedback. With 24/7 availability, events chatbot improves customer service and increase audience engagement of your event.

Yes, you can definitely use Appy Pie’s events chatbot template for free and make chatbots without writing even a single line of code.

Yes, you can edit the events chatbot template, add the questions and answers you want, and integrate the chatbot in your website and mobile app for free without any coding in just a few minutes.

Appy Pie is a no-code DIY chatbot maker using which you can create your own events chatbot all by yourself. We offer 24/7 support and you can easily reach out to our customer support over live chat through our website, send us an email at [email protected], or call us on +1 888 322 7617 for free assistance.

Yes, you can change the language of the events chatbot template as per your needs and create chatbots in your preferred language for free in a matter of minutes without any coding.

Listed hereunder are some of the most amazing advantages of events chatbot –

  1. Instant event registration
  2. Real time updates and navigation to venue
  3. Improves attendee engagement
  4. Personalized services
  5. Multilingual assistance

Here are some of the features of events chatbot –

  1. Event details including time, venue, etc.
  2. Frequently asked questions
  3. Direct communication and social sharing
  4. Ticketing system and live chat
  5. Ratings and review