ms team bot

MS Teams bots are automated programs that allow teams to connect with members of other teams automatically. Bots help various teams manage tasks, scheduling meetings, conducting polls, and much more efficiently.

How to create an MS Teams Chatbot in 3 easy steps?

To create a bot for Microsoft Teams on your own, follow these steps:

  1. Select the name
  2. Enter the unique name of your MS Team bot.

  3. Choose a type of Bot
  4. Select the type as “MS Team Chatbot”.

  5. Publish your Chatbot
  6. Test, customize, and publish chatbot.

Benefits of Chatbot in Microsoft Teams

  • Acts as a collaboration platform
  • Chatbot for Microsoft Teams acts as a conversation bridge between teams working together in a company. The bot lets teams automatically update the status of projects, send and receive files and much more. It thereby serves as an active collaboration platform.

  • Improves productivity of team
  • There are various types of MS teams bot like MS Teams reminder bot, MS teams messaging bot, etc., that help increase the productivity of teams. Microsoft Teams bot sends messages to channel automatically, remind teams of deadlines, and even directly interact with teams to send relevant information.

  • Serves as a springboard for internal processes
  • MS Teams Bots help in automatically making requests to other teams, smoothening approval processes, generating tickets, and much more. These bots reduce the time consumed in routine tasks and make them smooth and seamless when connected to appropriate channels in MS Teams.

  • Reduces support teams’s workload
  • MS Teams chatbots reduce the support teams’s workload by automating lower-level tasks like answering common queries of other teams and clients, connecting customers with relevant live agents, and handling simple to complex requests of teams.

  • Enhances knowledge base
  • Chatbots in Microsoft Teams fetch information from websites and transmit it to various channels and groups in a more conversational way. This enhances the knowledge base of team members without switching between various tabs and teams’ channels.

Why Choose Appy Pie Chatbot Builder?

  • Codeless development
  • Appy Pie chatbot builder lets you develop and publish MS Teams bot on your own without writing a single code of line. You can build a chatbot with drag and drop functionality irrespective of the technical knowledge you possess.

  • Cost-effective tool
  • You can create a chatbot for MS Teams without spending a huge amount of money and within a limited budget. Appy Pie chatbot builder is an affordable tool that offers premium plans to everyone.

  • Editable Templates
  • Appy Pie chatbot builder offers you a gallery full of professionally designed templates so that you don’t have to build your MS Teams bot from scratch. You only have to select a template, tweak the design and conversation flow, and voila your chatbot is ready.

  • Customer Support
  • Appy Pie offers round-the-clock support to build and publish your MS Teams chatbot. Wherever you are stuck in the process of chatbot building, you can drop your query to their team and they assure you to resolve it within 24 hours.

  • Chatbot Analytics
  • To analyze the data from conversation or creating metrics out of it, Appy Pie chatbot builder offers you an analytics feature. With chatbot analytics, you can analyze the conversation, understand the needs of team members and further improve your chatbot.

Why do you need an MS Teams Chatbot?

The MS Team chatbot is a new way of communication between the team members. It is a computer program that simulates human conversations with users, via text or voice messages and helps businesses to automate various external and internal processes.

MS Teams bots are the latest technology that is being used by many companies to provide a better channel for internal communication between different teams. From scheduling video calls to managing routine tasks, MS bots take care of multiple tasks in any organization to assure that internal coordination among teams remains intact.

In short, every business needs an MS teams chatbot for better conversation channel and task management.