Appointment Bot

Let visitors book meetings and appointments

How to Create an Appointment Booking Chatbot in 3 Easy Steps?

To create your own appointment booking chatbot, follow these steps:


Enter your chatbot’s name

Choose a name for your appointment booking chatbot


Select your preferred bot type

Add your brand name and create the best appointment bot


Launch your Appointment Bot

Test and launch your appointment chatbot

Benefits of Using Appointment Chatbot

Here are a few major benefits that an appointment chatbot offers.

Full-time Availability

Your appointment scheduling chatbot would be available round the clock for the users. They can get in touch with the bot anytime and book appointments.

Saves Time

The appointment scheduling bot saves users from the trouble of waiting in a queue to book appointments. It gets the same job done just in a few clicks.

Hassle-free and Fast Booking

An appointment bot offers simple navigation for the users to book quick appointments. The bot manages requests and confirms the appointments right away.

Up-to-date Contact Information

An appointment bot asks users for their name, email, and contact information every time they try to book appointments. This helps you keep latest information for all the users who have booked appointments. 

Top Must-have Features of Appointment Booking Chatbot

Here are a few major features that a useful appointment booking bot must have.


Not all the users who interact with the appointment bot are technically inclined or aware. The appointment scheduling bot must be easy-to-use so that users can book appointments in just a few clicks.

Real-time Booking

Real-time booking feature lets users know if the requested time slot is available for booking or not. If not, the appointment booking chatbot alerts the user about it.

Unlimited Conversations

The bot must-have the capability to save unlimited conversations. This helps you keep a record of the details of all the users that the bot has ever interacted with.


A chatbot for appointment booking has an in-built calendar to help users select the dates that they want to book an appointment for. Users can simply click on the date to book the appointment.

How does Appointment Chatbot Work?

The first step in setting up the appointment bot is to add your brand name to it. Adding your business name helps users recognize your brand. Next, the meeting bot allows you to customize the bot flow as per your business requirements. And, in the appointment section, you can customize your time slots and availability.

Let us now check how it works for the users. As soon as the user initiates the interaction, the bot asks for their basic details like name, email address, contact information, etc. Next, it shows the users the calendar and allows them to click on the desired date for booking an appointment. The bot then checks the availability of the requested or any other slot on that day. It books the appointment or asks users to select a different available date or time slot. The bot then shares these appointment details with the client via email.