Agency Chatbot Maker

How to make an Ecommerce Chatbot in 3 easy steps:

  1. Mention the name of your Ecommerce chatbotMention the name of your Ecommerce chatbot.
  2. Type of ChatbotSelect the type of bot that you wish to create for your website.
  3. Launch the ChatbotCheck the features of chatbot and launch it in sometime.

What are the benefits of an Ecommerce Chatbot?

Chatbots offer users better experiences in customer service, shopping, product selection and many more. Businesses and brands can keep the users engaged for a long time by creating a shopping chatbot. The major benefits of an Ecommerce chatbot are as follows:

  • Larger engagement capacity
    • Chatbots are designed in such a way that they have larger user engagement capacity. They can serve and keep the multiple users engaged at the same time.
  • Gather customer feedback
    • Chatbots are well-programmed software that interacts with the users and stores their feedback for the future reference and helps the brand improve their products and services.
  • Makes brands proactive
    • Chatbots represent the brand names and talks to the consumers as the company representative. They make the brand proactive by being available all the time and offers help proactively.
  • Reaches wider audience
    • Chatbots can reach a wide range of audiences in a very short time by sending pop-ups on the landing page of the website if a visitor is there. Chatbots offer help to almost every user who visits the website.

What are the features of an Appy Pie Ecommerce Chatbot builder?

  • Transfer to Live agent
    • Chatbot builder creates chatbots that transfer the users to live agents as per their preference.
  • Booking Appointments
    • Appy Pie Chatbot builder creates chatbots that have the feature of booking appointments as per the company and users’ requirements.
  • Customized Designs
    • Appy Pie Chatbot builder offers to create a chatbot on the landing page or in the form of widget.
  • Simple Interface
    • Appy Pie chatbot builder contains an easy to use Interface. It creates computer and mobile friendly chatbots that conduct conversations using auditory method.
  • Chat Customization feature
    • Appy Pie Chatbot builder provides users an option to edit the chat content and make it appropriate as per their queries and preferences.
  • Audience targeting
    • Appy Pie Chatbot builder makes chatbots that target audience as per their location. The content of the chat is different for different locations.

Why do you need an Ecommerce Chatbot?

Chatbots are becoming more popular for marketing, shopping, and many Ecommerce businesses. They are on the rise and have a direct impact on online sales.

They boost the sales cycle and make it move faster by offering help and assistance to every person that visits the website looking for the product details.

Chatbots scale and support business teams in their relations with customers and help them rank highly in their sector. Chatbots have the ability to communicate with thousands of people at a time. No matter how many people are contacting you or what time of the day it is, every user will be answered immediately.

Appy Pie’s Ecommerce Chatbot Builder helps users create responsive chatbots for their organizations. Even users new to development can easily create chatbots using this innovative tool.