Top Reasons why your business needs Pinterest marketing

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on January 12th, 2024 8:43 am

App Builder Appy Pie: We are visual by nature and Pinterest is a visually stimulating social media service that can be a great addition to your social media presence. Pinterest for Business is a great way to engage users and customers helping all kinds of businesses whether it is a real estate business or a couture brand of clothing and accessories. Every business can now showcase their offerings in the best light and expose it to an audience that, today is increasingly receptive to a visual medium.

When you have a collection of some interesting and good quality images, you would definitely motivate more and more people to buy products and help them remember you and your brand name better as compared to those brands that are making use of text heavy posts on the social media and websites.

Businesses are focusing heavily on marketing themselves through a curated collection of images on Pinterest. I have compiled here a list of reasons why your business needs Pinterest marketing, so that you know what you are getting into!

1. Boosts the traffic

Pinterest has a hover button feature that is responsible for leading traffic directly to your site, thus boosting the traffic.

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This is great when users want to pin images directly from your site and can also check your site as well. Pinterest is a fabulous tool to increase links back to your traffic, thus driving more traffic to your website.

2. Increases Customer Engagement

Pinterest is different from the other social media sites, where it is all about getting followers. On Pinterest the users are quite content with simply finding interesting stuff and sharing it with small groups. On Pinterest, the users have a keen interest in all things trending and what’s hot, what’s not. This bodes well for marketers as the influencers with this trait can do wonders for their brand.

3. Treasure Trove for Market Research

Pinterest has a massive amount of material available for research and can give you a great sense of what works the best with your customers and prospects. Now, just because there are more women on the platform does not mean that they cannot buy stuff for their husbands, brothers, friends, sons, or even neighbors! Once you study the pinners’ behavior and the pinning patterns, you would be able to see how they think and what’s trending!

4. Higher Number of Inbound Links

Every pin includes a link, which means that it is a lot easier to lead it back to the source of the image. This means that you would be able to bring in a whole lot of visitors simply by posting product images on Pinterest.

5. Strengthens your brand

This can be a great additional channel for you to assert your brand image by making good use of your brand logo and the name of your company. The profile you build on Pinterest would be consumed by image hungry individuals, who would remember you, your brand, its logo, and the name a lot better strengthening your brand in the process.

6. Free Channel of Marketing

Quite like Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest is great in making use of their followers and images in order to increase their popularity.

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The more interesting the photo or image, higher are the chances of them being pinned by other users. Your fans or followers can turn your Pinterest account into an additional, free channel of marketing.

7. Helps Acquire Customers

If you are able to manage getting your pin ‘pinned’ by various pinboards, you would gain a huge amount of popularity. Now, even if your pin is not really getting heavily pinned, you are still going to get a whole lot of eyeballs. A billboard on the highway is going to be visible to all the passersby as long as it remains there and the chances of you winning them over would still be high. The more your pin is ‘pinned’ and shared by other users, the higher are your chances of bringing in new customers.

8. Integrates with Website, Facebook, & Twitter

Pinterest can be easily integrated with your website and your social media profile on Facebook and Twitter. Now, let’s talk about how it is going to help you. It lends the users an ability to automatically post new pins to their news feed which is there for everyone else to see! Cross-platform posting has been known to do wonders for many people and can be a great way to bring in some much-needed automation to strengthen your social media strategy.

9. Increases Product Exposure

Like we discussed in the point above, Pinterest is often connected to other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This means that the chances of gaining numerous customers from just the one pin are a lot higher. There is no need to keep reposting or re-pinning the same post over and over again in order to increase exposure for your product or offerings.

10. Enhances Sales

When you generously scatter your product photos all over the platform, your exposure to other pinners increases which in turn boosts your product sales. You an even have different boards for different target user groups and then entice the potential categories with appropriate names that they’d relate well with. It is important to acknowledge that Pinterest is for more than just hobbyists, the audience is ripe for picking here and can positively impact the sales.

11. Helps You Establish Yourself as An Authority

Pinterest offers you a better opportunity to conduct thorough and deep research, which means you are also afforded a bright chance to orient your ways on how to become an authority in Pinterest. Now you can employ just the right number of photos and descriptions in order to target them easily to align with what the majority of users on Pinterest are looking for.

12. Works Wonders with SEO

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Pinterest works in a way that keywords enjoy a whole lot of importance. Whenever you Google keywords, you would see a Pinterest page come up in the search results with a whole lot of pinboards in it which contain the product or the search term.

13. Higher Conversion of Browsers to Buyers

Pinterest is notorious for the simplification of conversion process by having the lowest number of steps between discovery and conversion. It is for this reason that the visitors from Pinterest convert a lot faster than on any other social media.

14. Pinners Ready for Marketing Pitch

Did you know that about two third of the content saved on Pinterest comes from businesses and that is definitely not a mere coincidence? Pinners are excited about connecting to the brands and are more interested in interacting with their favored brands than any celebrities or individuals when on Pinterest.

15. Offers Long Exposure for the Post

According to a recent report by WebpageFX, on an average, the lifespan of a pin on Pinterest is about three and a half months! Now this is 1,600 times that of a Facebook post. As time passes by, and your pin is passed around by pinners, it keeps spreading and showing up on the platform from time to time. There is no need to re-pin your post on Pinterest again and again in order to achieve the exposure you are aiming to get.

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