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The 6 Best Transcription Apps in 2023

By Snigdha | September 18, 2023 3:31 am

Are you looking for the best transcription app for your needs as a knowledge worker or content creator? Transcription tools have become indispensable for instantly converting audio and video content into written text, be it meetings, podcasts, or videos. However, with a plethora of options available, finding the best transcription software for your specific needs can be a daunting task. In this blog, we’ll explore the best online transcription services and apps that have impressed users the most, while highlighting their unique features and benefits like app integrations, editing options, and more.

Do You Need Transcription Software?

Before getting deeper into a discussion about the qualities that define exceptional transcription services, it’s crucial to consider whether you need a standalone transcription tool. Many existing tools and platforms offer built-in transcription features:

  • Video Conferencing Apps: Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams offer native transcription options, although they may lack some advanced features.
  • Screen Recording Apps: If you use tools like Loom or Vidyard for screen recording, they often provide captioning and transcription features without the need for additional software.
  • Video Editing Apps: Applications such as VEED and Clideo often include auto-transcription options, simplifying the process of converting videos into text.

Integrating transcription into your existing software stack can be more efficient than adding another tool. Therefore, check if your current tools already offer transcription features before opting for a standalone solution.

Qualities of the Best Transcription Software

As you are looking for the best online transcription service, it would do you well to consider the following key factors:

  • Accuracy: The ability to produce accurate transcriptions is paramount. Test the software with a sample audio or video clip containing various speakers, natural conversation, and specific terms or brand names.
  • Speed: Prompt turnaround time is essential. Waiting for days to receive a transcription defeats the purpose of using AI-powered services.
  • AI Transcription: Ensure the software offers AI-driven transcription, as it is faster and more convenient than human transcription. However, human transcription can be valuable in specialized fields.
  • Value for Price: Assess the pricing structure and determine if it offers good value for the features provided. Prices can vary significantly between standard transcription software and meeting-focused apps.
  • Editing Options: Look for software that offers basic editing features within the platform, facilitating collaboration and making the editing process more straightforward.

Top Transcription Services

We have talked about the importance of finding the best online transcription service for your business and the top qualities that make the best online transcription service. Now, let’s explore the best transcription software, considering these criteria.

  1. Sonix – Best Transcription Service for Accuracy
  2. Top Features

    • Exceptional Accuracy: Sonix offers high accuracy, making minimal to no mistakes, even with challenging terms and brand names.
    • Customization Options: Users can customize the transcription process, including speaker identification and a personalized dictionary.
    • Confidence Score: Sonix provides a confidence score, indicating the accuracy level of the transcription.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
    • Lightning-Fast Turnaround: Sonix provides fast transcription turnaround times, often within minutes.


    • Exceptional accuracy with zero mistakes, even with brand names
    • Customization options and a confidence score
    • User-friendly interface with advanced editing features


    • No integration with Google Meet or Microsoft Teams for meeting transcription
    • AI summaries are not exactly top-tier

  3. Rev – Best Transcription Service for Affordable Recurring Transcriptions
  4. Top Features

    • Affordable Pricing: Rev offers competitive pricing for transcription services.
    • Human Transcription: Rev provides the option for human transcription services, ensuring accuracy and quality.
    • Speedy Transcription: Rev delivers quick transcription turnaround times.
    • Large Subscription Needs: Rev offers cost-effective pricing for larger subscription needs.
    • User-Friendly Platform: The platform is easy to use and navigate.


    • Affordable pricing structure
    • Offers human transcription services
    • Speedy transcription turnaround


    • Limited customization options
    • Slightly less accurate than Sonix

  5. Descript – Best Transcription Service for Podcast and Video Editing
  6. Top Features

    • Seamless Editing: Descript allows seamless podcast and video editing using transcripts.
    • Audio Customization: Users can enhance audio quality with features like noise reduction.
    • Overdub Feature: Descript offers an Overdub feature for voice cloning and editing.
    • User-Friendly Editing Tools: The platform provides user-friendly editing tools for content creators.
    • Quick Editing: Descript simplifies the editing process, even for users with limited video editing experience.


    • Seamless podcast and video editing using transcripts
    • Audio customization options
    • Overdub feature for voice cloning


    • Less accurate than other options
    • Accuracy may vary with specific terms

  7. – Best Meeting Transcription Service for Efficient, AI-Powered Meetings
  8. Top Features

    • Sentiment Analysis: includes sentiment analysis to gauge the tone of meetings.
    • Accurate Summaries: The platform generates accurate and detailed meeting summaries.
    • AI Chatbot (Ask Fred): Users can interact with the AI chatbot to retrieve information and insights from meetings.
    • Soundbite Conversion: allows users to create soundbites from meeting clips for sharing.
    • Organization and Search: Users can organize meetings into channels and search for keywords within transcripts.


    • Sentiment analysis of meetings
    • Accurate and detailed meeting summaries
    • Built-in AI chatbot for meeting insights


    • Slower transcription speed
    • Many AI features require paid plans

  9. Grain – Best Meeting Transcription Service for Clipping Audio and Time-Stamped Notes
  10. Top Features

    • Fast and Accurate Transcription: Grain provides fast and accurate meeting transcriptions.
    • Audio Clipping: Users can easily create clips of meetings for sharing internally or in marketing assets.
    • Time-Stamped Notes: Grain allows for time-stamped note-taking during meetings.
    • Highlighted Segments: Users can highlight specific segments and receive summaries for those portions.
    • Collaboration Features: Grain facilitates collaboration with team members for note-taking.


    • Fast and accurate transcription
    • Easy audio clipping for sharing
    • Time-stamped notes for efficient note-taking


    • Slightly higher price
    • Limited AI insights compared to some competitors

  11. MeetGeek – Best Meeting Transcription Service for Useful AI Meeting Insights
  12. Top Features

    • Detailed Meeting Insights: MeetGeek offers detailed meeting insights with over 40 KPIs for analysis.
    • Accurate Transcription and Summaries: The platform provides accurate transcription and AI-generated summaries.
    • Organization and Tracking: Users can organize meetings into channels and track common meeting topics.
    • Custom KPIs (Business Plan): The Business plan allows users to create custom KPIs using meeting templates.
    • Meeting Word Clouds: MeetGeek generates word clouds to visualize the content of meetings.


    • Detailed meeting insights with over 40 KPIs
    • Accurate transcription with AI summaries
    • Organized meeting channels and topic tracking


    • Custom metrics require a Business plan
    • Limited transcription credits in the free plan

  13. Additional Options: and OpenAI’s Whisper
    • Offers quick transcription with skimmable AI summaries and voice notes, making it suitable for dictation needs.
    • OpenAI’s Whisper: An API-based solution that integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, enabling automated transcription and translation.


The list of the best transcription apps above tells you about the features that make each of them unique. It is a good idea to have your own requirements listed clearly before choosing the best transcription software. Naturally, it is quite possible that none of the apps meet all your requirements. This is when you can find the one that is best suited to your needs before looking into some meaningful app integrations.


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