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How to use AI in Web Development

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on March 7th, 2023 1:50 pm | 5-min read
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We are living in an era where digital information keeps on streaming around us. Emails, notifications, advertisements, sponsored posts, etc. have become a part of our digital food. Amidst all this, when we land up to any website, we expect its interface to grab our attention and its services to nurture our needs as soon as possible.

Creating a website that can catch the maximum eyeballs and make the user experience seamless has become highly important. Various research showed that there is a huge fight in the digital market to grab the user’s attention.

So, how to catch the customers’ attention with your website? How to develop a website that can enhance the users’ experience and encourage them to become loyal customers? Artificial Intelligence in web development can help in making any website more productive.

Artificial Intelligence and Web Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the technological advancements that have no sign of losing momentum. AI is a section of computer science that helps in creating intelligent applications capable to act like actual humans. It is a combination of logic and algorithms successfully deployed into hardware and software. Undoubtedly, AI together with human intelligence can lead to innovations and discoveries. But how AI can power web development?

AI in web development is not new. Many of the successful businesses are already deploying AI-based solutions into their websites. Consider our favorite eCommerce website, Amazon. When you search for a product on Amazon, it automatically recommends similar products to you. This is because Amazon has powered its website with AI to better understand the search queries of customers.
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The present-day consumer expects a more customized experience (than ever before) from each business website they log in to. To satisfy the needs of every user and give each of them personalized touch, web developers are inclining more towards artificial intelligence. They are continuously trying to realign websites with the logic and algorithms of AI.

AI is the need of the web development industry. It can easily fulfill the needs of secure, scalable, and feature-packed websites. AI cannot only reduce the human workload, but it can spare more time for business owners to strategize. Incorporating artificial intelligence will certainly revolutionize the traditional web development process and improve the end user’s experience.

How to Use AI in Web Development?

Artificial Intelligence is meant to make web development an efficient process for all. From developers to designers to web analyzers, everyone gets empowered by AI. Let us explore how!

AI and Web Developers

Web developers play the most important role in creating a website. They need to keep many things in mind while creating a website from scratch. They need to take care of how users will interact with the website, how fast and light the website should be, and much more. AI tools for web development help developers take care of things required with ease. These tools ensure that developers can create codes for smarter websites and make their prototypes in less time.

Presently AI-based no-code platforms are helping both coders and non-coders to develop their websites in no time. They ensure that everyone can create their own websites without even coding a single line. Appy Pie’s Website Builder is one such platform.

AI and Web Designers

In the present times, designers struggle a lot to create a perfect user interface for the website visitors. Besides being creative, designers need to assure that the design of a website is crisp, clear, and easy to develop a user’s interests. A growing industry of Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tools is changing the way websites used to be designed. These tools are helping designers to decide better color combinations, the theme of the website, and the style that caters to brand needs. AI in website design helps to understand users’ needs and recommend according to the latest web design trends to designers.

For instance, designers wish to tweak the theme to any website as per the upcoming festival. They need not redesign the website from scratch to customize the theme of the website. Designers need to sign on to a graphic design website powered by AI-based tools. With the help of these tools, designers can better customize the outlook of the website.

AI and Web Content Curators

A website without good content is no of use. Businesses hire content curators to develop relevant, SEO-based, and easy-to-understand content for their websites. AI-based tools play a significant role in helping these curators. These tools help in-researching the keywords for SEO optimization, removing the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, checking the plagiarism of content, translating the content to multiple languages, and much more.

Presently, AI-based content management systems (CMS) are also getting popular. These systems help businesses successfully manage and modify their website content without any need for technical knowledge. Once CMS integrates with any website, it suggests flexible and user-friendly content to add to a website.

AI and Web Analysts

The web development process is not only restricted to creating the website. It further extends to maintaining and constantly updating the website. To update any website, businesses require to analyze various data and metrics. AI-based web analyzing tools help in obtaining real-time information and insights related to users’ experience. This data can further help in changing the elements and optimizing the website. This is how AI in web development is deployed.

For instance, analysts wish to know if the new web design is engaging more people to their business website or not. Then, they can take the help of either AI-based data-centric CRO services or perform various tests like A/B testing on their own. Analyzing website data perfectly adopts AI and provides insights accordingly.

AI and Web Visitors

Web visitors are indirect contributors to the web development process. Their experience with website measures the success rate of any website. But how AI helped web visitors? Actually, it is about how users interact with AI-based tools integrated into the website. When users interact with these AI-based tools, various metrics and analytics will be calculated based on their interaction. Analysis of the data helps businesses in redesigning a website.

Tools like virtual assistants, chatbots, voice search optimizers, etc. are powered with AI that helps in improving the customer journey with a website. AI-based tools are customer-centric and constantly strives for their better experience.

Summing Up

Creating a website that can cater to all your business and customer’s needs is not at all difficult. You can easily sign-up to AI-powered no-code platforms and make your website within a few clicks. We recommend you try Appy Pie’s Website Builder that best uses AI in web development and helps in designing your dedicated business website. It is the leading website builder that empowers everyone to design your website.

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