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14 Top Social Media Trends to Watch in 2024

Anupam Tiwari
By Anupam Tiwari | Last Updated on May 23rd, 2024 10:05 am

Most of us feel a little overwhelmed by the new social media trends springing up every other month. With new features, algorithms, and user behaviors constantly altering, keeping pace with the latest trends can be a task. In this blog, we will be understanding the social media trends that will dominate 2024 with some tips to use AI Design Tools to enhance your content’s reach and engagement.

In the cluttered space of social media, saturated with content, staying ahead of the curve is essential to grab your audience's attention and achieve your marketing goals. So, get ready to explore the latest trends in social media marketing, including the rise of social media trends video formats and the growing importance of building strong, niche communities on platforms like Instagram.

The way we consume content on social media is constantly evolving, and we must not forget that design and layout of your content plays an important role in capturing attention and sparking engagement. As we move ahead with the discussion on the 14 social media trends for 2024, let us understand that social media can work wonders if you learn to use it as per the algorithms and experiment with new ideas to boost your content’s reach. There are many design templates available online which can serve as a backdrop for developing your post idea. 

  1. Short Video Content Reigns on Social Media

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    Instagram may have been built on photos, but the latest social media trends on Instagram have changed the game. Short-form video is taking center stage and creators have started using features like Reels and YouTube Shorts for storytelling and brand awareness.

    Here's the twist: While Instagram sizes traditionally favored squares, these new trends work best with vertical video ( 9:16 aspect ratio). Moreover, this trend is not only restricted to Instagram, it has taken over Facebook and YouTube as well.

  3. Micro-Learning on the Go

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    People have shorter attention spans these days and thus social media allows us to share knowledge in bite-sized pieces is something trending the most these days. You should try using an AI Carousel Maker to create visually engaging carousels that break down complex topics into easy-to-understand parts. 

    Each panel could focus on a specific aspect, making the information clear and easy to grasp. You can utilize a design template to ensure that the entire content appears cohesive. This approach is perfect for modern audiences who want quick, informative content and in the present scenario, there is no better platform than social media with a diverse user base to enhance your brand awareness. 

  5. Interactive Storytelling on Instagram

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    Instead of using boring static images, you can elevate your Instagram posts. You can incorporate ideas like adding fun polls to gauge your audience's opinions on new product ideas, challenging quizzes to test their knowledge of your industry, or interactive product sliders for them to explore various features. 

    You can use an Instagram Post Maker to make such posts. These interactive features will boost audience engagement by encouraging participation and even provide valuable data for you to analyze and produce content on a similar line in future. 

  7. Behind-the-Scenes Access for Building Trust Among Audiences

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    If you want to establish a deeper connection with your target audience audience? You can change your generic social media content format and show your brand’s true identity! A Facebook Story Maker gives you the ability to create fun-looking Facebook stories. 

    For example, you can incorporate ideas like highlighting professional talent through animated reviews, documenting an exciting tour of your creative process, or even hosting a live Q&A session where viewers can be with your team have communicate directly. By showing the trustees the real people behind the brand, you build trust and loyalty among your audience.

  9. Gen Z Scours Instagram for Brands: How to Get Discovered 

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    You need to think beyond traditional marketing now. A recent study revealed that 87% of the Gen Z population uses Instagram to discover new products and brands. This social media trend highlights a massive opportunity for businesses to connect with young consumers.

    So, how do you get on their radar? You should move ahead of the static product shots and create interactive content like Reels showcasing your brand's personality and behind-the-scenes action. User-generated content (UGC) is another goldmine, helping you post customer photos and stories featuring your products to build trust and authenticity. Remember, Gen Z craves connection and values brands that feel real, so be mindful of your Instagram presence to make sure that your content addresses their desire for discovery and community.

    You can even try using online Instagram post templates for more creative ideas.

  11. Spark Engagement and Community with User-Generated Content

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    According to Socialinsider, 62% of users say they're more likely to follow a brand that runs contests. You can take your user-generated content (UGC) strategy to the next level by leveraging online Instagram story templates

    You can offer your audience design elements or branded filters within the templates. This elevates user submissions and ensures visual consistency with your brand identity.

    By doing this you remove technical barriers and encourage participation. This further develops a sense of community as users share their experiences and stories related to your brand and solidifies your brand identity.

  13. YouTube is Still Not Off

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    The statement "YouTube is dying" hints at a platform past its prime. But the reality is far more nuanced. YouTube still remains a popular video-sharing platform with over 2 billion monthly users. Short-form video platforms like TikTok haven't dethroned YouTube. Instead, creators are adapting to offer a mix of long-form content (tutorials, reviews) alongside snackable videos (challenges, clips) that cater to diverse user preferences. 

    YouTube prioritizes viewer engagement and in turn, pushes creators to use features like end screens and cards to keep users glued to the platform. It also offers a robust monetization system, making it a lucrative platform for creators to boost their content creation. While traditional YouTube sizes (16:9 landscape) might still be relevant, creators are experimenting with captivating vertical video formats (9:16) to cater to mobile viewers.

  15. Hyper-Local Tweets: Geo-targeting Twitter

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    Social media advertising has become all about personalization and reaching the right audience at the right time. This makes geo-targeting Twitter Ads a major social media trend. Twitter enables you to target users based on their physical location (zip code, city, radius around a specific address). This ensures your ads reach people most likely to be interested in your offerings.

    A study by Social Media Today found that location-based targeting increased click-through rates by 2x. Moreover, to make your Twitter ads more enticing you can use an online Twitter Ads Maker and enhance your ad designs.

  17. LinkedIn Gets Real: Beyond Resumes and Suits

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    LinkedIn too is transforming and has moved ahead from just being about resumes and job postings. Professionals are using the platform to showcase their personalities, experiences, and expertise more authentically. Users have started sharing insightful articles based on career advice, and even injecting a touch of sarcastic corporate humor to connect on a more human level.

    Educational content too is booming with informative posts and videos that demonstrate an individual’s expertise and attract potential clients or employers who value well-rounded individuals. With the coming of this trend, professionals are empowered to establish themselves as thought leaders, and ultimately stand out in a competitive job market. Moreover, a professional LinkedIn Banner Maker can help you create a visually appealing profile banner that reflects your personality and brand. This tool enables you to work on a pre-designed template of your choice and saves time which can be utilized in focusing on the quality of your content.

  19. Pinspiration is Back: Pinterest's Creative Comeback

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    Pinterest is experiencing a major resurgence, particularly among Gen Z. Users have now started experimenting with the platform's ability to curate visual mood boards and in-depth project plans. This shift also signifies a desire for long-lasting inspiration and a return to intentionality in content consumption.

    Pinterest thrives on saved content and utilizes vertical "pins" for optimal mobile viewing as per standard Pinterest sizes. This format enables users to better comprehend ideas and create highly personalized visual roadmaps for their goals.

  21. AI Powering the Next Wave of Social Media Engagement 

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    Social media is gradually witnessing an explosion of creativity with the introduction of AI tools. Online AI tools like an AI Image Generator have transformed content creation, enabling users to create unique visuals from just a text description. Social media posts with dreamlike landscapes or quirky characters can be made in minutes with such tools streamlining content creation.

    Quite similar is the ability of an AI Video Generator which has significantly transformed short-form video content. By feeding the AI a script or storyboard, you can produce engaging social media videos without needing any complex editing software. These tools have democratized content creation and have even injected a wave of fresh perspectives onto social media feeds.

  23. Shoppable Live Streams

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    Live shopping streams are the new retail craze. They have charismatic hosts showcasing products who also answer questions in real-time and offer exclusive deals – all while you can simply purchase items with a click. This interactive format arouses a sense of urgency and excitement, making shopping an engaging experience.

    A prime example is Amazon Live. Influencers and brands host live streams where viewers can browse products, ask questions about features, and instantly add items to their carts. This innovative approach is blurring the lines between entertainment and shopping, captivating audiences and driving sales.

  25. Gamified Social Media Posts

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    Gamified social media posts are the hottest trend that has transformed passive consumption into interactive experiences. You can incorporate ideas like answering trivia questions about your brand to unlock a discount code or participating in a photo challenge with friends to win a prize. These playful elements boost engagement, keeping users glued to your content.

    Take Duolingo, for example. Their gamified language learning app uses points, leaderboards, and streaks to keep users motivated. This concept is translating beautifully to social media, instilling a sense of community and fun while memorably promoting brands.

  27. Social Data Empowers All Departments

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    Social media data isn't just for marketing anymore, as its insights are valuable for businesses across all departments. An analysis of social conversations helps companies glean customer preferences, identify emerging trends, and gain a deeper understanding of brand sentiment. This intel empowers departments like product development to create offerings that address the needs of target audiences, customer service to address pain points proactively, and sales teams to tailor their outreach for maximum impact.

Wrapping Up

Social media is highly dynamic, and these fourteen trends will serve as a roadmap to figure out your way. While content remains king, by incorporating these strategies you can foster meaningful connections with your audience, and take your brand to new heights.

Moreover, you need to be mindful of the fact that social media thrives on creativity and experimentation. Don't be afraid to try new things but do track your results and refine your approach. For an extra boost of design magic, you can explore the AI design tools offered by Appy Pie Design! These innovative tools help you create highly personalized visuals for your social media posts and save you much time and effort. 

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