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10 Best tools for Advertising your Mobile Apps in 2021[Expert Opinions]

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The technological advancement around the world has pushed the limits of mobile apps beyond another boundary. The increase in the number of Mobile apps has pushed a newer market for the advertisers - Mobile Apps Advertising.

10 Best tools for Advertising your Mobile Apps in 2021 [Expert Opinions]

It must be done in the best way to ensure that the target mobile apps reach to the pinnacle among the several available apps in the world.

Let’s take a close look at the best tools for advertising your Mobile Apps in 2021:

1. Facebook Mobile App Ads

Facebook mobile app ads is a great way to promote your mobile app in front of all Facebook users. Target your audience based on the demographics, age, location, and many others depending on your choice.

It helps you to reach out to the users who are interested to install and use your mobile app. You can easily track activities people do in your app and measure the success of your campaign.

2. Google Universal App Campaign

Want to get your app into the smartphones of more users? Google’s Universal App Campaign helps the Mobile Apps Promoters to advertise their apps in the best way and thus reaching out to the maximum people.

The best part? It allows you to promote your app across search network, display network, Google Play, and YouTube.

According to Google, Advertisers that optimize for in-app actions with Universal app campaign, on average, drive 140% more conversions per dollar than other Google app promotion products.

3. Adjust

Helping the Mobile Apps advertisers, the Adjust is one of the best mobile analytics companies which allow the advertisers in analyzing the ROI of the different campaigns.

Adjust Appy Pie

The ‘Adjust’ offers various features like mobile attribution, behavioral segmentation and other analytics features - which is helping the mobile apps advertisers in judging the campaign at the best.

The best thing? It allows you to run re-targeting campaigns to existing users and you can easily measure the success.

4. Apple Search Ads

Apple search ads is relatively a new platform as mobile apps advertisement is offering indeed a very fine solution to the advertisers. It helps your target audience to find your app on the App Store. 65% of downloads occur after a search on the app store.

Apple Appy Pie

With easy set up and high conversion rate, the Apple Search Ads is indeed a very fine tool for advertising your Mobile Apps in 2021.

5. Twitter App Cards

Twitter offers app card to advertise your mobile app and get more installs and users. It can be a great platform in 2021 to promote your app. According to Twitter, 83% of people on Twitter are on mobile and they’re looking for apps to download.

App cards show users app preview and rating. And users can install the app directly from their timeline.

6. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads can offer something very reasonable in terms of results when it comes to the mobile apps. Location based exposure is just another feature, which advertisers may find associated with the Snapchat!

Snapchat Ads Appy Pie

According to Snapchat, advertisers getting 5x higher click-through (swipe-through, really) rate than other platforms.

Show your app in action (a few shots of your app). It will help viewers to understand your app.

7. Tune

With Tune, Mobile App advertisers can keep a complete track of the results and performance across various platforms and networks. It comes up with features like integration with multiple ad networks and real time reporting.

Tune Appy Pie

With Tune marketing console, the Advertisers can measure the engagement and can better track the data at every step of the advertisement journey!

8. AppsFlyer

Just like Tune, the AppsFlyer offers complete insights over the mobile apps marketing. However in the case of the AppsFlyer; it’s more comprehensive in nature! Measure user retention, real time data and various aspects of the retargeting, the AppsFlyer offers one of the best ways for advertising your Mobile Apps in 2021.

9. Tatango

Tatango is another tool, which is involved in the SMS marketing campaigns, and thus can prove to be handy for the advertisement of your Mobile Apps in 2021.

Tatango Appy Pie

You can send a simple text message with your app download link directly to users’ mobile phones. Remember to use actionable calls to Action (CTA).

10. Kiip

The last tool (but surely not the least in terms of quality!), Kiip offers the moment of delight options for the better advertisement of the mobile apps! It’s among the best tools to capture better awareness for the mobile apps among the target audience!

Kiip Appy Pie

Hope you find these tools helpful to promote your mobile app. Which one is your favorite?

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