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Top Online Logo Makers To Brand Your App

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 11th, 2024 8:13 am

App Builder Appy Pie: Most of the small business owners do not have the time and the right kind of resources to develop their own logos or hire one of the top-notch design studios. It is also quite natural for them to be clueless about how to create a logo for their company that would stand out among the rest. Fortunately there are a whole lot of online tools that can help a business of any size, scale, and budget get going on their way to building a great logo for their brand. The idea here is to remember that it does not really have to be the final version. You must remember how big conglomerates like Google, Apple, PepsiCo and so many other have evolved their logos in tune with the changing times and aesthetics. The idea here is to develop at least the first version of your logo on paper, website, storefront, and any other place of marketing, promotions, business or wherever you feel necessary. You can of course delve into the creative process yourself with an art package like Photoshop or even something as rudimentary as PowerPoint and dip your fingers in it. This may save you some money but may result in something that would look obviously amateurish. At this point you might consider opting for a free automated design tool that might get you over your creative block and help you get a fabulous logo for yourself. Let’s take a look!

1. Appy Pie Logo Maker:

Appy Pie’s AI Logo Maker is the best tool to create your company logo in 2021. Unlike tools of the past, Appy Pie Logo Maker comes with a library filled with the latest templates in logo design. With Appy Pie’s Logo Maker, you can get the best of the best and create a completely custom logo without much effort.To use Appy Pie Logo Maker, simply choose a template you like, edit it to match your business needs, and export it in a format and size you prefer. Create your logo today!

2. Creative Market

android application makerThis is a great tool for some one looking to build a unique logo for their business. Here you can browse through numerous pre-made templates and take them over to photoshop then, to develop something that is truly unique, truly yours. This platform has a huge range of templates that be modified for a customized look and appeal. However, to truly harness the power of this platform, you would need the support of software like Photoshop and a working knowledge of how the designs can be edited and tweaked on the program. The best part about using this platform is that all the templates are of very high quality, which means the logos you would build with them would look amazing and easily resonate with your consumers.

3. SquareSpace

android app makerThis is not really a name that we need to explain much about. Known for a huge range of services that they have been offering for online businesses, they can take care of almost everything that you might need when you are trying to launch your own digital identity beginning with a website. They have a brilliant and free online logo maker. Here you can browse icons and customize the design of your logo. Whether you are simply looking for an inspiration to get working on your own logo or are planning to create a completely customized logo, this free logo maker can help you out. You can download the low-resolution version of your creation for free or pay $10 for a high-resolution version.

4. Canva

build your own appCanva has established themselves as a name to be reckoned with, especially in the free design market. They have a great range of templates for social media images, promotional flyers, invitations, business cards, etc. Their free templates can be as appealing as the paid ones, so you never know when you’d strike gold with them. However, if you do not like the available templates, you can upload your own graphics or explore their library of free elements that can be combined with the logo templates. The drag and drop interface is quite simple for anyone to use and create their own brand identity.

5. Design Wizard

build your own app

Design Wizard is an excellent graphic design software which helps you to edit high-quality images and videos in seconds. Currently, it holds over 1 million images and tens of thousands of video templates. And there is no attribution required. You can browse through the various logo templates Design Wizard holds, including restaurant logos, gaming logos and band logos. Standout features on Design Wizard include custom color palette, resize button and free font library.

6. Design Hill

app creator freeAmong the massive range of services offered by Design Hill, their free logo generator is definitely worth a mention. There literally are a thousands of icons to browse through and as many options to customize the text and colors to create and download your own designs to be used for free on any forum.

7. ProDesigns

Appy Pie - Top Online Logo Makers To Brand Your AppProDesigns is a pre-eminent company famous for their quality of work. They have a team of expert and highly skilled designers who are always ready to adopt the latest technology and deliver the best logo design for your brand. ProDesigns has created designs for plenty of companies which includes MNCs to small businesses. Along with logo design service, they provide social media design, T-shirt design, business card and other graphic design services as well. They also offer a wide range of WordPress themes to develop a website for your business with rich functionality and better user experience.

8. Vectr

make appThis is an amazing logo design software and the best part is, you do not need any design experience to use the software. Though the software can be used when you are online, but you also get the freedom to download it and install it on your computer for free! The software allows for collaborative ventures where you can do some cool live editing and share the progress with your team members. What’s more all the files that you create can be downloaded in high resolution for free. They even have some really helpful guides and tutorials to assist you in the process.

9. Logo Garden

make appsA one of a kind free online logo creator, Logo Garden would let you create a logo for your business in just a few minutes. On this platform you would be able to browse through hundreds of different logo design samples that would befit myriad industries. If you are looking to build a truly unique brand identity with an appealing logo, you can easily create one after exploring thousands of brand symbols and layout options. The logos designed here can be used on multiple platforms including your stationery, promotional material, t-shirts, and most importantly your digital materials including your website and your brand new mobile app.

10. DesignMantic

create an app for freeThis is one of the more organized approaches to designing a logo for your business. Here you begin by picking the logo style that you prefer, the kind of fonts you want to use, and the color palette that best suits your brand personality. After entering your business name, you get to choose from one of the 30 industry categories that you belong to. If you like a logo, you can then begin customizing it by choosing the colors and font to go on it. Though you can create your logo here for free, but in order to download the logo you would have to pay an amount. Paying this fee would get you a high-resolution file and a vector file in case you need to go for large scale printing. There is a download limit here, and if you do not want to pay the fee, you can use this platform as a place to get inspired and create your own logo by yourself.

11. Graphic Springs

making appThe numerous templates on Graphic Springs are divided into a number of suitable categories making it easy to find exactly the one that you like. All you have to do here is input the name and tagline of your business, then choose the suitable category of images. You can now pick the logo that you like before going on to edit and tweak it and make it perfect for your brand. You can go really elementary and create a logo from scratch using basic geometric or other shapes or can superimpose them on the templates for a decorative touch. If all you want to do is create your logo, it’s free to use the software, but they do charge a fee for you to download the logo in different formats. The good thing is they have unlimited edits and downloads, which is great if you have a tendency to be a tad indecisive or want to keep an option open to make changes in the future.

12. Logojoy

how to make android appThis is one of the more fancier tools and makes use of Artificial Intelligence to design your logo. What you need to do here is supply a little bit of information about your business, the industry that it is a part of, the color palette you intend to use, and ‘Hey Presto!’ you have your logo. You can always make some changes to it with the easy to use toolkit. However, to view the custom logo designs, you would have to enter your contact information.

13. Design Free Logo

create a appTheirs is a 3D logo maker that lets your logo come alive on any screen or space. They have a rich library of some beautifully designed logo templates for you to explore and choose from. Whether you are looking for an electron shaped logo or a logo that represents the entire planet, they have everything that a business owner might look for in a logo. When you use a 3D logo maker, you get to stand apart from the rest of the competitors.

14. PhotoADKing

PhotoADKing's - Appy PiePhotoADKing is the logo maker for novices and professionals. Its multipurpose software helps design pictures for anything, ranging from Facebook advertisements and infographics to website logos and blog images. Select your kind of site and pick the proper logo design. After that, customize its skins to make it even more appealing. PhotoADKing is an entirely free logo maker. Users can access and edit 10 free templates for a lifetime.

15. Free Logo Creator

logogenMake your startup look more legit and professional with a sleek and modern business logo. Each logo design is created fresh by a human designer and served by our custom AI. Free Logo Creator gives you unhindered access to the entire gallery of industry logos and allows you to work on your logo design without worrying about a design fee. Simply add your company name, choose an industry, and start creating your logo design. Our designs are available in hundreds of styles: abstract, vintage, modern, wordmark, logomark, and more. To fully help you set up your brand for success, we offer complete branding kits that include business card design, merchandise design, stationery design, and more. This ensures that your logo design is represented consistently across your brand, giving you a leg up against the competition with no branding. The best thing about Free Logo Creator? It’s free for brands that only need logo design for digital platforms.


That was our list of the best online logo makers available in the market today. A business logo is something that doesn’t need to be designed everyday. Use the tools given in the list and create the ultimate logo for your business. Try out every tool and find the one that helps make your logo best. Before designing your logo remember that your business logo is the spearhead of your brand. It is extremely important that you are careful while designing your business logo. To help you design the perfect logo, we have a dedicated guide on how to design a logo. This guide will help you ensure that the logo you design is a good fit for your business. Good luck!

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