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Top 10 Mindbody Integrations To Boost Productivity

Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on August 6th, 2023 10:16 am
Top Mindbody integrations

If you’re in the wellness industry, you probably use scheduling software like Mindbody to operate your business. You might also be using software for managing accounts, marketing, or business processes. If that’s the case, then you might be aware of the time wasted every day in dealing with disconnected records, outdated payment systems, or managing customer data efficiently.

Your predicament is understandable. Often, this occurs due to Mindbody not being in sync with others as closely as you would like. This results in constant switching between platforms to make updates which can be quite jarring and even annoying at times.

Here’s where Appy Pie Connect comes into the picture. Connect helps you enhance your productivity by creating meaningful integrations between Mindbody and some of the most popular applications that help you reduce repetitive tasks.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Mindbody integrations on Appy Pie Connect that you can use to manage your business processes with ease.

Benefits of Mindbody Integrations

  • Streamlining business operations and workflows
  • Integrating Mindbody with other tools and platforms can streamline various business operations and workflows. By connecting Mindbody with scheduling software or calendar apps, businesses can seamlessly sync appointments and classes, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing scheduling conflicts. Integrations with payment processors enable smooth and secure payment transactions, automating the process and reducing administrative tasks. Furthermore, integrations with marketing automation tools allow for targeted and personalized communication with clients, automating marketing campaigns and saving time for businesses.

  • Enhancing customer experience and engagement
  • Integrating Mindbody with customer relationship management (CRM) systems empowers businesses to gather and centralize customer data, enabling personalized interactions and enhancing customer experience. Through CRM integrations, businesses can track customer preferences, purchase history, and engagement data, providing insights to deliver tailored services and recommendations. Integrations with email marketing platforms enable automated email campaigns, allowing businesses to engage with customers, send targeted promotions, and nurture relationships. These integrations contribute to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall engagement.

  • Expanding functionality and capabilities of Mindbody
  • Integrations with other tools and platforms expand the functionality and capabilities of Mindbody, allowing businesses to optimize their operations and provide additional value to their clients. For example, integrating Mindbody with video conferencing platforms enables businesses to offer virtual classes or remote consultations, reaching a wider audience and accommodating clients’ preferences. Integrations with e-commerce platforms facilitate online product sales, allowing businesses to sell merchandise, memberships, or digital products directly through their Mindbody platform. These integrations enhance the versatility and flexibility of Mindbody, enabling businesses to adapt to changing needs and market demands.

Top 10 Mindbody Integrations

1. Mindbody + Xero

Track all transactions in real-time

Leverage the Mindbody-Xero integration, to visualize cash flow in real-time and analyze business transactions. Evaluate your business process and perform an in-depth analysis of your data to make better financial decisions.

Best Mindbody-Xero Integrations

  • Create new Xero invoices for new Mindbody paid orders
  • Add new Mindbody subscribers for every new contact in Xero
  • Create Xero bills in Xero for every new product in Mindbody
  • Create Xero invoices for new Mindbody sales
  • Create bills in Xero automatically for new registrants in Mindbody.

2. Mindbody + QuickBooks

Streamline all accounts and finance tasks

With Appy Pie Connect, enterprises can reduce repetitive tasks and overhead with versatile and dynamic integrations that help streamline business operations. Connect can take care of integrating Mindbody and QuickBooks, leaving you the time to focus on other business-critical applications.

Best Mindbody Quickbooks integrations

  • Add a new sales receipt to QuickBooks Online from each new sale in Mindbody
  • Create a customer to QuickBooks Online automatically for every new enrollment added to Mindbody
  • Update an invoice to QuickBooks Online when a registrant is updated on Mindbody
  • Create a new purchase order on QuickBooks when a new sale is entered on Mindbody
  • Update an invoice in QuickBooks Online when a new class is created on Mindbody

3. Mindbody + MailChimp

Redefine email marketing automation

There is no limit to what you can achieve with the Mindbody-Mailchimp integration. Superior campaigns, bidirectional data flow, better cooperation between departments, and in-depth insights, are all just a few clicks away.

Best Mindbody Mailchimp Integrations

  • Create a campaign on MailChimp for every New Product in Mindbody
  • Add a subscriber on MailChimp whenever a new sale is created on Mindbody
  • Update a subscriber on MailChimp when a registrant is updated on Mindbody
  • Send a campaign on MailChimp when a new product is added on Mindbody
  • Add a subscriber to tag in MailChimp when a new enrollment is created in Mindbody

4. Mindbody + Shopify

Automate eCommerce business tasks

Make the most out of Shopify with Mindbody to sell your products and services to people all over the globe. You never have to worry about manually entering the same information again. With real-time data syncing, all information stays updated be it products, customers, sales or inventory.

Best Mindbody Shopify integrations

  • Automatically create an order on Shopify for every New Sale on Mindbody
  • Create a customer on Shopify for every New Class on Mindbody
  • Add a product to Shopify whenever a new product is created on Mindbody
  • Create a customer on Shopify for every new enrollment on Mindbody
  • Create a customer on Shopify for each new registrant on Mindbody

5. Mindbody + Hubspot

Say goodbye to time-consuming data entry

Set up a one or two-way data sync to make sure that all updates are reflected equally in both applications. No need to enter data manually anymore, keep data organized with custom field mapping. Update contacts, deals, company details, and more with automated triggers that you can set up with ease.

Best Mindbody HubSpot integration

  • Create or update a contact on HubSpot CRM for every new staff appointment on Mindbody
  • Create a deal on HubSpot CRM for every new sale in Mindbody
  • Automatically add a company to HubSpot CRM for every new class created on Mindbody
  • Create or update a contact on HubSpot CRM for every updated registrant on Mindbody
  • Add an associate deal in HubSpot CRM when a new enrollment is created on Mindbody

6. Mindbody + WhatsApp

Streamline personalized communications with customers

Bring all your communications onto a single unified platform. Integrate Mindbody with WhatsApp and find the best and most useful resources at your fingertips. Trigger new messages on WhatsApp instantly whenever a certain action is implemented. Share notifications, updates, recommendations, and more with prospects directly on their WhatsApp accounts and expand your customer base with this integration.

Best Mindbody WhatsApp integrations

  • Send a new message on WhatsApp whenever a new class is created on Mindbody
  • Create a new message on WhatsApp when an appointment is made on Mindbody
  • Send a message on WhatsApp if a new registration is made on Mindbody

7. Mindbody + Salesforce

Streamline your lead management process

Manual data re-entry is a thing of the past! Set up automatic data mapping between Salesforce and Mindbody to drive enhanced data connectivity. Create new campaigns, and update contacts and leads instantly every time new data is entered on Mindbody.

Best Mindbody Salesforce integration

  • Create a contact on Salesforce for every new staff appointment on Mindbody
  • Automatically add a lead on Salesforce for every new registrant on Mindbody
  • Update a record in Salesforce when an updated registrant is added to Mindbody
  • Create a record on Salesforce for every new sale in Mindbody
  • Create a custom object on Salesforce for every new class in Mindbody

8. Mindbody + Stripe

Reshape your payment infrastructure

Evolve your business to the needs of the future. Set up a hybrid wellness experience with a multi-faceted Mindbody and Stripe integration, that lets your customers participate regardless of their location. Facilitate in-studio and online payments with Mindbody and Stripe and manage all transactions from a unified platform.

Best Mindbody Stripe integrations

  • Add a sale to Stripe for every new sale in Mindbody
  • Create a customer to Stripe automatically for new enrollment in Mindbody
  • Add a sale to Mindbody for every New Invoice in Stripe
  • Create new customers to Stripe for every New Registrant in Mindbody

9. Mindbody + Square

Transform payment data into insights

Set up a seamless data transfer between Mindbody and Square, and make data-driven decisions to create the most efficient campaigns, promotions and strategies to boost your business revenue. Analyze your business operations with this integration, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your future prospects.

Best Mindbody Square integrations

  • Automatically create customers in Mindbody for every new customer in Square
  • Add orders in Square for new enrolments in Mindbody
  • Create new customers in Mindbody from new Square transactions
  • Add a new order in Square when a new registrant is updated on Mindbody
  • Create orders in Square when a new product is added to Mindbody

10. Mindbody + Klaviyo

Amplify lead generation and customer engagement

Create automated workflows between Mindbody and Klaviyo to set up personalized campaigns for your customers. Generate more leads and drive higher sales through integrated promotional events. Access in-depth analytics that helps you strategize and implement special campaigns to enhance engagement and expand your customer base.

Best Mindbody Klaviyo integrations

  • Add subscribers in Klaviyo whenever a new sale is made on Mindbody
  • Notify Klaviyo members when a new product is added in Mindbody
  • Add a new subscriber in Klaviyo every time a new sale is created in Mindbody
  • Automatically send Klaviyo emails when a new class is created in Mindbody
  • Automatically add new Mindbody registrants to your Klaviyo list


By creating automated workflows between Mindbody and other popular applications, you can not only reduce the need to re-enter data manually but also accelerate business operations. Tap into the benefits of business automation, with Connect, and generate higher sales and revenue to keep your enterprise on the right track.

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