The Ultimate Guide to the Best Meeting Scheduler Apps of 2023

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Meetings can consume a significant portion of your workweek, and the process of scheduling them can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, meeting scheduler apps are here to streamline the scheduling process, making it easier for both event organizers and attendees.

You can integrate these apps with your calendars, sync with popular tools like Zoom and Google Meet, and even allow guests to book meetings on their own. With a plethora of options available, you're sure to find the perfect meeting scheduler app to match your needs, work style, and budget.

What Sets the Best Meeting Scheduler Apps Apart?

Here are the main factors that make the best meeting scheduler apps:

  • Ease of Use: Meeting schedulers should be user-friendly for both event organizers and attendees. Bonus points go to apps that display an invitee's real calendar, showing their availability while selecting a meeting time.
  • Integration with Other Apps/Services: The ability to connect the scheduler with your calendar application is crucial. We also favored apps that seamlessly integrated with project management software and automation tools like Appy Pie.
  • Automated Video Call Setup: Quick access to video calls is more important than ever. Many meeting schedulers not only add events to your calendar but also generate video call links through popular services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Appointment Reminders and Follow-ups: Good meeting schedulers should send reminders to all attendees, ensuring they show up on time. Some apps even allow automatic follow-up emails with meeting summaries.
  • Value for Money: While core meeting scheduling features are often free for a limited number of users, additional features like reminders, video call setup, automation, or scheduling multiple meetings may require a subscription. We weighed the value of these features against the cost of paid plans.

5 Best Meeting Scheduling Apps in 2023

Here are the top 5 meeting scheduler apps of 2023:

  1. Neo Bookings: Simplified Meeting Scheduling Solution
  2. Neo Bookings provides an efficient platform for setting up and managing meeting schedules, perfect for businesses aiming for streamlined meeting organization along with its email hosting service. Clients, customers, and team members can conveniently find and book meeting times using a personalized booking page that integrates seamlessly with the Neo calendar, ensuring consistent availability.


    • User-Friendly Interface: Easy for the organizer and participants to navigate and use.
    • Automatic Synchronization: Direct integration with the Neo calendar, ensuring real-time updates and avoiding scheduling conflicts.
    • Customizable Booking Page: Allows for personalization to align with business branding.
    • Affordable Pricing: Accessible as part of the Neo Email Plan, starting at a budget-friendly $1.99/month.
    • Payment Integration: Supports popular systems like PayPal and Stripe for convenient transaction handling.


    • Only synchronized with the Neo calendar, which may not suit users relying on other calendar services.
    • Need to buy an email service to get this scheduler
  3. Calendly (Web, iOS, Android)
  4. Calendly is a go-to meeting scheduler known for its reliability and user-friendliness. The free plan offers robust features and allows you to set up a booking page with various meeting types, availability options, and even intake forms. You can seamlessly integrate Calendly app with Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook. With paid plans, you can enjoy advanced features like automated reminders, SMS messaging, and feedback surveys. Calendly is a top choice for those who frequently receive meeting requests and need a straightforward solution.


    • Trusted and reliable
    • Supports multiple calendars


    • Free plan limits you to one meeting type

    Pricing: Free (with limited features); paid plans from $8/month

  5. Calendar (Web, iOS, Android)
  6. Calendar is more than just a meeting scheduler; it's a comprehensive calendar app. It offers web and mobile versions and provides features for creating customizable scheduling time slots and shareable booking links. Unlike some competitors, Calendar offers many of these tools for free. You can create multiple workspaces for personal and business schedules on paid plans. Calendar's standout feature is its extensive statistics section, which tracks meeting data, attendance records, and more. While the app's navigation may not be as intuitive as some others, it's an excellent choice for in-depth meeting analysis without breaking the bank.


    • Full-fledged calendar app with scheduling
    • Extensive meeting statistics


    • Customization setup can be labor-intensive

    Pricing: Free; from $20/month for additional features

  7. (Web)
  8. (formerly Harmonizely) is an excellent option for those seeking a powerful, free meeting scheduler. It allows you to create multiple meeting types and share a single link for guests to schedule appointments with you. The free plan includes generous features such as unlimited meeting types, video meeting integrations, and up to 500 scheduled meetings per month. Customization options are extensive, including secret meetings, intake questions, notifications, and more. Each booking page looks professional and automatically displays times in the invitee's timezone. also integrates with various calendars, including CalDAV options.


    • Generous free plan (unlimited meeting types, 500 meetings/month)
    • Professional booking pages


    • Lacks unique standout features

    Pricing: Free for individuals; paid team plans from $9.99/month per user license

  9. Sidekick (Web)
  10. Sidekick is an ideal choice for those who conduct in-person meetings frequently. You can integrate Sidekick with popular video conferencing tools and also save your favorite physical meeting locations. Whether you prefer to network at a local cafe or host interviews at your office, Sidekick makes it easy to share location details with guests. The app offers a minimalist and intuitive dashboard, and you can set your availability preferences and default meeting durations. For paid users, Sidekick offers an AI meeting scheduler called "Forward to Schedule," simplifying the process of setting up meetings through email forwarding.


    • Save favorite physical meeting locations
    • Minimalist and intuitive dashboard


    • AI features are not as advanced as some competitors

    Pricing: Free for up to 3 scheduling pages; $5/month for more features

  11. Google Calendar (Web, iOS, Android)
  12. Google Calendar continues to be an indispensable tool for users from all walks of life. Whether you're a professional juggling meetings, a student managing assignments, or simply seeking a more organized life, Google Calendar offers a versatile solution. The app has an effortlessly navigable and user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design caters to users of all technological backgrounds, making it a superb choice for those new to digital calendars. You can set up recurring events, reminders, and notifications to ensure you never miss an important date or appointment.


    • Cross-platform accessibility
    • Integration with Google ecosystem


    • Complexity for some users

    Pricing: Free, Business Starter for Google Workspace starts at $6/user/month


Choosing the right meeting scheduler app can significantly enhance your productivity and streamline your scheduling process. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Calendly, the integration capabilities of Calendar, the generosity of, or the versatility of Sidekick, there's a perfect meeting scheduler for you in 2023. These apps cater to different needs and budgets, so explore them to find the one that suits your work style best.

By utilizing these meeting scheduler apps, you can make the most of your valuable time, avoid scheduling conflicts, and ensure your meetings run smoothly. Incorporating tools like Google Calendar and Acuity Scheduling into your scheduling arsenal can further enhance your productivity and help you stay organized in today's fast-paced work environment.

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